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  • boreing....

    Emeril Live is, in my opinion, one of the most boreing cooking shows on TV today. Now, I love the food network and I watch a lot of shows, but Emeril is just boreing. He has his cheesy "kick it up a notch" and "bam." It's really annoying. He tries to act all cool and he's not. Also, he just cooks. He's not interesting to me at all. He never seems to have good stories or anything like that. He just talks about the food and doesn't really seem to really make anything interesting. I don't know, I guess I just don't like his style. His live band is pointless and is really just over kill. On a good note, he cooks good food, but it's just not interesting and entertaining like several other cooking shows.
  • Love it, Love him!

    If you like to cook, then watching Emeril is like drinking water. You have to get some every day. From his trade marked "BAM" to his quest to put garlic and hot sauce into everything (kicking it up a notch), Emeril is smart, funny and an excellent teacher.

    When he says, "its not rocket science", you believe him. The recipies he produces are excellent and easy to prepare at home, I know I have made several of them.

    What makes the show realy work, is that you understand that he is passionate about cooking, and teaching. Emeril has captured the sprit of the past greats and taken cooking shows up another notch!
  • Emeril Live

    Emeril Live is one of my favorite cooking shows out there. Emeril Live goes along with Emeril as he cooks food for the surrounding people. Emeril Live shows step by step of how to perpare a weel cooked dinner. I like how it goes slow enough to follow to cook food. And of course my favorite time is always when he says bam!
  • Love the show!

    This is probably one of the best cooking shows there are. The food that Emerils makes just look so deliciouses. He easily explains on how to make the food and everything. I would recommend this show to anyone that enjoys cooking or just likes watching cooking shows like I do.
  • my mom and i love your show,also have a question on how to keep food in new mexico,moist and not have every meal dry up like the wheather. yours truely from new mexico kathy,and isabel.

    your show is one of the best cooking shows to watch. mom watchs everyday without missing it. from the first show ive always learn another new way to cook a new meal.hope to see a show on how to keep our meals as moist as the sea coast.being out in the dessert its hard living,plus being in high elevations,would love to hear your ideas on this.so we can be a big hit with our family,and friends. oh and how do you keep bread from drying out. thank you so much for having a wonderful show to watch in the middle of the afternoon.kat