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  • ha ha ha ha ha

    Welcome to the Emeril guide at TV.comThe Fairly OddParents is a totally out-of-this-world cartoon about a 10-year old boy named Timmy whose life isn't exactly normal. The Fairly OddParents has been shown from three different channels throughout the world, Jetix and Disney Channel, in Nickelodeon. Being bossed around by his bossy babysitter, Timmy can't stand it anymore, so his Fairy Godparents are there to help. His Fairy Godparents go by the name of Cosmo and Wanda, who grant Timmy's wishes. Of course, these fairies aren't exactly geniuses. Watch their wacky adventures you'll wish for more!
  • You don't know who you are messing with do you. Emeril Lagasse is a millionaire. Maybe if you gave Emeril Lagasse a chance maybe you would get to know him. He is not like Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay hit his head and went ape on Food Nation with Bobby Flay.

    I think you should take your words back right now. You can't judge someone if you don't know them. do you think Emeril would judge you even though he doesn't know you. He could make fun of you in a blink of an eye. Take your words back or else you will regret you said that in the near future.
  • Emeril is the best chef and tv host around and I have to give him 2 thumbs up. Who know a chef could host Emeril Live, Essence of Emeril and Emeril's NBC all in one shot. Keep it up and Kick it up another notch for me....BAM!

    "I give Emeril 2 thumbs up and a 10 star rating"
    Emeril is nothing without support from his fans and his buddies at the Food Network in New York. I wish I could have been there to see what Emeril's career was like and interviewed him myself and met him and got a piture with him all in one shot.
  • Emeril is one of the greatest chefs and tv host of all time and all he ended with is that lousy sitcom like this?

    This has got to be one of the worst tv of the decade, Emeril Lagasse one of the greatest chefs and tv hosts I\'ve ever seen is wasted in this one, the rest of the actors are really bad too, lisa ann walter was never a good tv actress to begin with, all and all it is a dead zone.

    Linda Bloodworth thomason producer of one of the greatest sitcoms I\'ve seen (Designing Women) tanks this one.

    I Hated this show.

    I\'m glad it didn\'t last a year.

    Big Thumbs down for me.
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