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  • Season 1
    • Cocktails for Entertaining
    • Celebrate in Style
      Celebrate in Style
      Episode 48
      Emeril is celebrating in style with dishes that are ready to impress. He makes a rich Lobster Thermidor, and for dessert, a mountain of cold, sweet goodness'?Baked Alaska!
    • 12/6/11
      "Emeril makes entertaining easy with simple, sophisticated hors d’oeuvres that will impress your party guests. Serve up smoked-salmon spread in cucumber cups, deconstructed spring rolls, pistachio and goat cheese-stuffed figs, and blue-crab claws.
    • 12/5/11
      Emeril invites butchers from Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats to explain how to find the right cut of meat. Plus, try flavorful recipes for seared tri-tip steak with bearnaise sauce and a grilled flat-iron steak with an avocado-red onion salad.
    • Easy Brunch Dishes
      Easy Brunch Dishes
      Episode 45
      Feed brunch for a bunch with Emeril’s delicious recipes for starting off a leisurely morning: a cheesy country ham omelet, fresh popovers with creamy Creole shrimp, and a refreshing cocktail of Prosecco and homemade orange sorbet with Cointreau.
    • Emerils Favorite Cookies
      Bake up Emeril's most popular cookie recipes for decadent chocolate-chunk cookies and crisp sugar cookies with royal icing that are perfect for the holidays. Plus, chewy chocolate macadamia-nut blondies and gluten-free peanut-butter cookies.
    • Healthy Kids Meals and Snacks
    • Light and Easy Does It
    • Dips and Chips
      Episode 35
    • Do-Ahead Desserts
      Episode 34
    • 11/13/11
      Learn how to make a laid-back Thanksgiving feast, Emeril-style, with succulent roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, braised brussels sprouts with shiitake mushrooms, and homemade gravy. Plus, an easy-to-prepare chai-spiced pumpkin pudding for dessert.
    • 10/28/11
      Discover Emeril’s favorite kitchen gadgets that will make your cooking whole a lot easier. Learn about his go-to tools for preparing chicken-fried steaks with oysters and gravy, a quick broccoli-and-cheese soup, and homemade gnocchi with marinara sauce.
    • 11/6/11
      "A recent trip to a farmers’ market inspires Emeril to create today’s menu: creamy turnip and parsnip soup garnished with crispy parsnip chips. Plus, a flavorful recipe for super-juicy roasted chicken breast with acorn squash and braised pears.
    • Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh
    • 10/26/11
      "Tired of making the same old chicken recipe night after night? Emeril shares two exciting new chicken recipes to shake up your dinner repertoire: tagine of chicken with preserved lemons and olives, and a tasty chicken roulade wrapped in prosciutto.
    • 10/25/11
      "Stir up your child’s interest in cooking with easy recipes for kids of all ages. Emeril’s kids E.J. and Meril join him to make some of their favorites: mac and cheese, French bread pizza, and grilled almond-butter sandwiches
    • The Ultimate Roast Chicken
      Emeril gets back to the basics with essential cooking lessons and recipes that any novice cook or advanced chef will love. Make a simple and flavorful roast chicken served with roasted carrots, beets, and potatoes, plus a comforting vegetable soup.
    • Cooking With Oysters and Mussels
      "Don’t let shellfish intimidate you. Emeril shows how to properly clean and prepare oysters and mussels. On the menu: oysters on the half shell with mignonette sauce and a kicked-up cocktail sauce. Plus, classic moules mariniere and pomme frites.
    • Red-Hot Recipes
      Episode 17
      Emeril and a group of New York City firefighters turn up the heat and cook up sizzling takes on favorite recipes: spicy shrimp served over sticky rice and blazing braised pork shanks with New Mexican barbecue sauce and cheddar-jalapeno cornbread.
    • Vegetarian Main Courses
      "Emeril prepares delicious and hearty vegetarian dishes that will satisfy even the biggest meat lovers. Get his recipes for udon noodle stir-fry with crunchy vegetables, kale and chickpea stew, and a simple and filling eggplant and squash lasagna.
    • One-Pot Wonders
      One-Pot Wonders
      Episode 7
      Searching for easy weeknight suppers or make-ahead meal ideas? Emeril shows a group of moms how to cook satisfying, no-fuss recipes for coq au vin blanc -- the classic French dish with a twist, plus a savory quiche filled with sauteed leeks and bacon.
    • Gumbo 101
      Gumbo 101
      Episode 6
      Culinary students from Emeril’s alma mater, Johnson & Wales University, join him in the kitchen to cook one of his favorite recipes for chicken and smoked sausage gumbo. Plus, get expert tips on how to make a roux and the perfect white rice.
    • Cooking With Coffee
      Give savory dishes a jolt with a secret flavor-enhancing ingredient: coffee. Emeril shares his bold recipes for coffee-braised short ribs served with creamy Parmesan polenta and cocoa-rubbed flank steak with blood orange and plum salad.
    • "Emeril teaches “recipe rut” moms an essential culinary lesson: how to make classic balsamic vinaigrette. Plus, grilled shrimp with avocado-lime vinaigrette and a versatile tomato vinaigrette that’s perfect paired with fish, poultry, or even just a salad.
    • Hamburger 101
      Episode 1
      "Want to learn how to make the perfect patty? Emeril shares his burger secrets for making home-ground buffalo burgers with bacon, cheese, and fresh thyme, and delicious turkey burgers with homemade cilantro mayonnaise.