Emily Owens, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 2

Emily and ... the Alan Zolman Incident

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2012 on The CW

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  • Open your ears

    Stop with the underlying girl on girl story line. Emily's interactions with the patients is great! The head doctors being a*% holes is good. If the writers would stick with that, and leave the other stuff out the show could easily get a 9. Still not making the recording Que.
  • Not a bad watch.

    Well I don't think that I'll ever be seriously into this show, but I definitely think it is a good enough show to tune into once a week or occasionally. The storylins here were pretty interesting and there were some funny moments in there, as well as some not so great moments.

    The patient with the OCD was interesting - I didn't know it could get that bad. :/ It was really sad.

    I hope the show continues to improve and it is a whorthwhile watch. :)
  • Loving this Show!

    I am really enjoying this show more and more with each episode. This episode had me shedding some tears. The writers are doing some great character development with Emily and with the patients. I don't know if everyone is aware that Mamie Gummar is Meryl Streeps daughter. She has certainly inherited her mom's talent! I hope the show keeps improving...
  • It just is...

    Emily Owens doesn't have any big plots and showstoppers but it feels good to watch. Not everyone of us go through big problems and this show goes with that kind of life. This episode shows what a big heart she has and also how awkward she is about dealing with other people. It's not beautiful though nor is it ugly, it just is...
  • feel good!

    Such a nice episode! The awkward thoughts that Emily has in her mind make me smile every time! I think this show is not getting enough attention maybe it's because everybody is expecting new House M.D or Greys Anatomy but believe me just because this is different it doesn't mean it's worse. I'll give it a lot more than just a chance, I'll enjoy it and I sure hope that it'll become good for others as it is good for me. It's like Heart of Dixie, more like feel good medical show which is refreshing after all that medical drama we've gotten lately. I like it and i can't wait for the next episode.
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