Emily Owens, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 7

Emily and ... the Good and the Bad

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2012 on The CW

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    This is UNFAIR. We worked really hard to get 2,000 signatures. Sad to say, I'm never watching any shows on the CW again. This is not the first time they've canceled a great show, And it probably won't be the last. They should have given it a second chance. Can't they see how many loyal fans there are!? I tweeted them and told them that I'm not watching anymore of their shows. Their biggest mistake was canceling Emily Owens. The fact that they didn't even care how many loyal fans the show has, makes me angry. 2,285 people don't sign a petition for nothing!!!!

    Sincerely, a dissapointed fan. Ps. I LOVED THIS EPISODE Hahaha.