Emily Owens, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 13

Emily and ... the Leap

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2013 on The CW
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Emily struggles to decide whether she should start a relationship when Will learns about their situation and starts to jealous. Emily and Tyra treat an unruly patient, but after learning of the woman's hoarding situation at home, Emily starts to think that the woman's personality changes may be caused by her cats. After Cassandra and Will's break-up, Will is distracted by Cassandra's strictly professional behavior and misdiagnoses a patient. Meanwhile, Micah's sister comes to visit after learning the truth about their mother.


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  • Thanks God the cretins who killed this off

    weren't around when Star Trek started out..

    Universally panned by the critics (Star Trek), the morons in charge of this show (had they been there) would have with utter disregard binned one of the most valuable TV/movie franchises ever!

    A multi-billion $ series simply thrown away.

    This show has just started in the UK, so I had a quick look online to see if it had already been aired and on finding it had, I downloaded the first couple of eps and was immediately hooked.

    Great comedy, drama and characters.

    I decided to have a weekend "marathon", so was getting some of the other eps when I suddenly found the show had been canned.

    Devastated, simply devastated!!

    I don't understand how the complete simpletons who produced the show can sleep at night.

    Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not the best show I've ever seen but it definitely deserved more than a half season to increase the momentum it was generating.

    In episode review terms, I was hugely disappointed that Emily succumbed so easily to Will, given that he was just looking for rebound sex, IMHO.

    However, I believe in an interview, the screenwriters intended to get Emily and Micah together toward the end (how ironic is that) of season 1.

    We can only speculate.

    Sadly, I'm going to give this episode the lowest score I've ever presented on here, not for the content but for the idiots who killed off what looked like being a very worthwhile show.

    Rant over!moreless
  • Grey's Anatomy Lite

    If the show wasn't ending, I'd say they jumped the shark with this one. From the sex in the break room to the patient with her lesbian partner to the endless dialogue about who's sleeping with who to the perfectly diverse cast, this show has become a poor man's Grey's Anatomy.
  • Bittersweet

    I'm glad that the show ended with Emily with Will. I don't think it would have been right for her to be with Micah. Since the beginning Emily's been pining for him and in one episode one of Will's patients tells him that he should be with Emily. Glad they ended up together. It's just a shame the CW didn't have faith in it to keep it on. We were hanging in regards to a few things like what will happen to Micah? Will he and Cassandra get together? And what will happen to his mother and how will she react when she learsn her daughter lied about being pregnant. And will Tyra move out of Emily's when she finds out about Emily and Will? And Dr. Bandari; it's hinted something happened between her and that doctor who just rejoined the hospital after being away. And how will this affect her marriage?moreless
  • Emily and Will Forever!

    Will ... will always be in Emilys' heart! I hate the network for cutting off Emily Owens still dying to see more of their romance! :(
  • Just right

    I have to disagree with the reviewers so far. I loved that she ended up with Will. I would seriously have been dissapointed if it had turned out any other way at this moment in the show. If this show had more episodes, it could have been Micah. But for now with Emily's feelings as they were (still very much in love with Will). Seriously. Would you be able to turn him down? As someone else said... We will never know how the morning after was going to be, or if she in the rest of her life would have come to her senses and choose Micah. Those of you who hate this outcome... think of what could have been in the episodes that will never air.moreless
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