Emily Owens, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 12

Emily and ... the Perfect Storm

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2013 on The CW

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  • Team Micah !!

    Okay, i know they have already filmed the last episode and the show is cancelled (BOOO!!!!) but if Emily end up with Will i will bite something!.

    So this episode was great and i wish it was longer! So Cassandra, genius that she is, broke up with Will after seeing the passed-out-on-Em's-coach pic. Tyra is moving out of home and will also be crashing on Em's coach... Micah had something to ask Emily, but he decided to ask it via a kiss just as they finish kissing Will comes out complaining about being dumped then Tyra comes out telling Em they should go home , you know, coz they r doctors and they have to wake up early. So she drags Em away, and Will and Micah are left there she goes away, Emily takes a look back at them. Personally i hope she was looking at Micah. Loving a bestfriend is complicated and when Emily told Will she is over him,it was clear Will didn't like to hear that. Well tough luck!. Coz the other fishes on the pond are handsome, kind, thoughtful, passionate, funny and with perfect sense of humor. Micah and Emily are perfect together, so if the writers couple her up with Will, i will be mad at them, if she ends up choosing neither, WHY??they hating on Emily?!!give the lady someone to be adorably cute with..

    Oh yeah! there was a lot of sick people at the hospital, a bus crash or something, A background on Emily's father and Micah finally found out about his doctor friend (lets call him "cute smile" ), you see, Cute Smile and Dr Bandari had a thing. oh! and Tyra and Daddy chief doctor are besties again.