Emily Owens, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 4

Emily and ... the Predator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • First Cut

    I really enjoyed this episode! The lengths Emily was willing to go to just to keep Will and Cassandra from getting closer were comical, and I was glad she finally got up the nerve to tell him how she really felt. When it came down to it, she had a point, he DID ask, and she told him the truth. I warmed up to Will a little more when he respected Emily's opinion of Cassandra, even if he may not agree. I don't think that particular romance is over, but for the time being I'm glad I don't have to watch Cassandra flaunt Will in front of Emily's face. She can't have everything!

    Speaking of that, I was excited to see Emily make the first cut, and relieved that it went well. Cassandra watching outside was a great role reversal! Micah not telling her until right before was awesome, both because her reaction was totally Emily, and because it shows that he wants them to succeed. I'm convinced Dr. Bandari only told Cassandra ahead of time so that she WOULD get anxious and freeze.

    I also liked that we got to see more of Micah's girlfriend this week, too. Her character is a complete contrast to Tyra's "all-american good girl" classification of OB specialization in the pilot. She is more like Dr. Bandari in "maintaining distance" and seems almost bored with OB. However, I still really like her.

    One last thing, Cassandra using her emotions to get to Emily was typical, but the thing that seems to make it different to me is that I feel like everything Cassandra says to get to her is completely true, and she uses her emotions to her advantage in these situations. I don't feel like she's just "putting on a show" but rather exposing herself and then covering it up by pulling her usual stunts. The fact that Emily wouldn't stoop to her level just shows how different the two really are. Cassandra may be OK with playing dirty, but Emily isn't, and that just makes me like Emily even more. (because really, I would have slapped Cassandra about three times this episode alone. Emily's restraint is admirable)

    The end scene that saw Emily debating the necessity of heat was a good, light-hearted way to wind up after the suspense of the fetal surgery, and it leaves me waiting impatiently for next week.

    The promo for next week looks like it will be another awesome installment (mostly because I have a borderline unhealthy love for Micah) and I can't wait!
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