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  • hey hey

    so wait, they are ending the show? why???! Its so good! i love this show!
  • Not a bad start - but what about that shoulder bag

    Does anyone know what that Canvas and leather shoulder bag she's carrying is?
  • Oh my god, I'm back in high school

    If you want to revisit all of your old high school hang ups and, this is the show for you.
  • is this show cancelled?

    I hear it was cancelled, but the CW is still promoting it and saying all new episodes are coming on Jan 1. Seems strange they'd cancel a show they promote as peoples choice for best new show.
  • Promising!

    Much better than I thot it would be!
  • I miss this show

    It was quirky and funny. Wish they would bring it back.
  • Oops there goes another good one.

    This happened with Veronica Mars and now Emily Owens. I can't believe they cancel quality programming like this in favor of the insipid and intelectualy insulting Beauty and the Beast (which doesn't hold a candle to the Linda Hamilton - Ron Perlman version). It seems the powers that be favor the versions featuring the weak minded female characters which actually make me cringe with embarrassment. Emily Owens had a sweet premise and convincing characters and intriguing story lines. Farewell Emily we hardly knew ye and our loss.
  • Oh no! Now we'll never know!

    Now we'll never know if Micah and Emily are going to be together. They would make such a cute couple!

    I absolutely loved this show! I was an avid watcher and I am really sad to see this show go. The problem was not the show it was the lack of marketing, yes the poor marketing led to low viewership. I live in NYC and rarely saw marketing for this show. I stumbled upon this show while channel surfing. I saw cast members in medical clothing, checked it out, and then I was hooked. I spread the word at our hospital and soon more people were wacthing. Many are sad to see the show end. I had never watched the CW until Emily owens MD. I am an avid ABC and NBC program watcher. Many of my friends who started to watch the show were also first time CW watchers. Now many of us are back to NBC and ABC programing..

    CW needs to revamp their marketing in order to make their shows successful and most importantly bring back Emily Owens MD.

    Does anyone know if the show will be picked up by another network???

  • RATINGS?!!

    I'm wondering where they're getting their ratings and demographics from! This is one of the shows that I just had to watch. CW needs to get a clue. I've miss entire seasons of some of my favorite shows; as I was "enchanted" with the new shows that the CW introduced this year. Emily Owens was my #3 of the 4 shows that I watch on this network.

    Perhaps if enough of us write, they'll revamp it.

    I was reading one reviewer who said there were repots that they didn't think she was pretty enough to be leading a show. In my opinion, that's what makes it so much better. Her personality brings out her true beauty. Look at Cassandra; she's pretty, but if she was the star of the show, I DEFINITELY wouldn't watch it because of her personality.

  • Perfect Storm/CW Promo for "The Leap" says Season not Series Finale

    This episode was awesome! I loved how everyone took Emily being in charge of the ER seriously. Her interaction with patients makes this show one of the best but her getting over Will was the most satisfying. It's Micah's time now! Will you're too late, with your fine azz, picking crazy girl over Emily. I think the next show is the last and my heart is breaking. I thinki they were way too premature in cancelling this show.
  • Medical Dramedy At It's Best

    It all started with being restlessly looking around for a good medical drama since the ending of House and the falling off of Grey's Anatomy. I've looked high and low - looking for something as fun as Scrubs, something as clever as ER, and with characters as relative as Grey's Anatomy. Then, on a whim, I decided to check out Emily Owens, .

    The preview gave hints at a female lead with a fresh-face and an earnest smile. That usually would turn me off, but I was pleasantly surprised to be routing for the character as I would a Jane Austen heroine. Her supporting characters, too, made a good impression on me, because of the their close nucleus around her. The situations they are in are tested, true, and yet very familiar.

    CW is making a premature error to take this show away, especially when the plot is making a heavy unfolding.
  • I was positively surprised

    I didn't know what to think when I saw the preview of this show months ago but after watching the premiere i was really impressed. It was sort of a breath of fresh air and if this show doesn't follow the usual premise of all the other medical show it might just do very well. I like the lead character, there is something about her that makes her so like able and she is quite funny but not in an obvious kind of way. I think its a how i will recommend for people to watch.
  • please.. play the season 2..

    I realiy love this show. It gives me knowledge about the health condition. Also, the most funny thing in these show is the "awkward feeling" of Emily.. Also, I miss Micah and Will.. I am Team Micah.. heheh

    Please.. Bring it back.. please..

  • Not again!

    Another excellent show that gets the axe. No wonder I rarely watch TV anymore.
  • aww man!

    This show was good. So disappointed!
  • NOOOOO!!!!

    I miss it already = (
  • First episode...pretty good

    I really enjoyed this and will definitely keep watching...
  • What a pleasant surprise !

    I have to admit I know nothing about this sitcom what-so-ever and really puzzled to see this as a pop-up to be watched in some China youtube type website, which mostly are some sitcoms from korea or japan or anything big....but this? I thought I went through the new sitcoms to be watched on tv.com ? that's why I went to watch it and WALA! It is good and unlike all those medical sitcom you can get (the other one I can be bother to watch is Nurse Jackie )---and this is quite fun and the casting seems suitable.

    Recommend for people who are like me who will try to dip into watching all the avaliable comedies.


  • Kindly.... Please? More please? :'(

    I was like.. "why does it have to end there?" "I want more" "I'm sure I'm not the only one right?" "So, how come?" "ending a great story just like that?" "how dare

    So please... Bring it back please? Please? I'm so sad they just have to end it that way. It doesn't even started. Bring it back please.. Truth to be told, I like Emily Owens, . more than Grey's Anatomy. NO OFFENSE but that's just my opinion... I really want this show to be up again... This show is so addicting. It hooks up my heart.. I feel so depressed to know that this end but it feels like the story isn't really starting yet. There's so much into it. I am really, REALLY hoping for the next season. There is so much more to tell in this story..

    Thanks! Looking forward to it.. :')

    also, Micah and Emily, they look HOT together.. ;)
  • Pleaaaseee give us season

    I just watched this whole episodes and wanted to say.... Whyyyyyy no season 2??? I loveeeee all the characters, the med backgrounds , the stories just soo cute and funny and just the type of series you are dying to wait for the next episode.

    I dont know why they said it had low rating cuz i just know there must be lots of girls/ women love it as much as i do.

    So, im still hoping, that somehow it will be continued again..

  • We need a second season!

    So sad that this was cancelled. I absolutely love this show!! Wish it would come back for a second season <3
  • Please bring BACK

    I LOVE this show and I think that they need to do a second season. It offers something new from all the other DOC. shows out there. Plus all of the cast are amazing. This show has so much potential for this show and if it where to get a second chance I believe it would become a top 10 to watch show!!!
  • There is something wrong with this picture

    Ok there is billions of dollars going towards movies, tv shows and other entertainment things but now we're surrounded these stupid reality tv shows that make no sense and has no point to it other than wanting to see yourself on tv every week, but this show Emily Owens . is and was (which it shouldn't be was) incredible!!! at the end of every episode she learnt something from the day/days she had during the episode which is something we should do learn from life and know ways to improve it so i think it was a terrible well a big mistake cancelling a show like none other, a show that helped in life and of course entertaining <3 please bring it back

    TITLE SAYS IT ALL! This show was so AMAZING! I am so addicted but HOW CAN I IF THERE IS NO MORE SHOW?! I miss this show!!! Outstanding! Clever! Fun! ADDICTING!!!
  • Refreshing

    I can't believe it another show I just get into a new series which is refreshing and has some down to earth humor and I then find it is cancelled. Why sell the rights to air a show if cancelled before we get to watch it???? Bring it back now.

    Just like gifted man.

  • I miss Emily :(

    miss the show soooooooooooooooooo much :'(

    plz bring it back!!
  • Bring the show back!

    I loved this show, I would do whatever it would take to make sure I was able to watch every show played. I could really relate to her and everything she was going through. Please think about trying at least one more season.


    Emily Owens . is cancelled??

    Is that true cuz' on some page that I found it says that Emily O. is going to continute till 20st episode..

    Least you can do for Emily O. fans is give us least more 7 episodes
  • Is this a joke?!

    I cannot believe that they cancelled the show that was soooo great and relaxing, and for a change- interesting. I thought that finally we have a great team with an amazing actress as opposed to lame, boring, over-exaggerated shows that run for several years. Emily deserves at least 6 if not 10 seasons. My friends, family and I are extremely disappointed. We have to watch boring, dull shows all over again. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Emily rocks!!!
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