Emily's Reasons Why Not

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on ABC
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After a nasty break-up with Reese, an author whose book she is editing, Emily vows to never again fall for wrong men. She comes up with her own personal rule: find five flaws in the guy and he's out. Against her better judgment, Emily quickly starts dating a cute co-worker, but soon Stan's little quirks make her come up with reasons why not to date him.moreless

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  • After Emily is chated by her boyfriend,she start whit a rule:If she find out 5 reasons "Why not date whit a guy she didn't.In the first episode she start to go out whit Stan,from her work,but Emily thinks he's gay!ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICmoreless

    REALLY FUN!I think Heather would be better on Scrubs,but that's a really fun TV show.I watched the pilot yesterday,and I'll watch the others 6 (Sony Entertainment,from Latin America,will pass all the episodes).Heather it's great,and the 5 reasons why not are really fun.It's not a Sitcom,and it's a Comedy-Romance Tv show.I didn't like very much of her friends,they were too "fake".By the opposite,her ex-assistance was really fun.ABC shouldn't cancel Emily's reasons,but what can i do?????I hope that there is a DVD,i'll certanly buy.

    Does anybody knows what's Brazilian Jiu-jitso??????That really exist???

    So,my final concept is:It was a really great series,but they didn't gave it a chance.moreless
  • absolutely unwatchable

    Incredible. This is a stunning example of how not to make tv. Heather Graham proves herself the untalented barbie we have always had an inkling off but never had 100% proof. The characters were atrocious. The lucy liu wannabe was the only thing close to anything funny on the show but it was so painful and obvious. Hard to believe ABC agreed to air the show at all. With the massive ad campaign that they waged on the LA streets and the bumpers in between ABC shows it is a shame they let this show take down Jake in Progress with it -- a show they never did any promotion for! If Heather Graham ever does another TV show I am gonna shoot my TV.moreless
  • Dissapointing.

    I read about this show about 4 months ago, and decided to track it, now that it has finaly aired it's first episode i have to say that i'm quite dissapointed.

    It was kinda funny, but not very good, it was pretty boring really, which is never a good case, still i won't give up on it yet, even though i'm quite dissapointed, i still think it could be a good show, i will watch the next few episodes, and decide from there, but if this is any indication how the show will be, then i will stop watching it soon and i'm sure it won't get a second season.moreless
  • When I classified this Bottom of the Barrel, I was being kind.

    TV.com is bogus to begin with so I owe Coolhand an apology. CH rated the show .3, two tenths of a point above my .1, but the overall show rating is still 9.3

    When I first saw CH's summary, it was kind of neutral but also showed CH rating the show 9.3 and I flipped out and came here to lambaste CH. Then I saw the whole review and realized CH and I were in total agreement...THIS SHOW SUCKS...and that CH rated it .3, not 9.3.

    I only made it a .1 so it was clear I did not enter the rating at all and left it on the default 0.moreless
  • Emily (Heather Graham) breaks up with one dude and starts dating this virgin who is a mormon. The problem is she correlates him not trying to sleep with her that the mormon virgin is gay.moreless

    Quite possibly the most annoying and repugnant television program I've ever seen. Heather Graham, who used to be hot in her Drugstore Cowboy, Swingers and Boogie Nights days, plays a neurotic book editor who is looking for the perfect man. Which pretty much summarizes the premise of Emily's Reasons Why Not. It is a show about women looking for some kind of male archetype that no self respecting man would ever adhere to. I am not exaggerating when I say that this show will make you utterly nauseous. I mean who is the television executive that greenlights this kind of programming? America I implore you, we are obviously getting dumber by the minute. Please boycott ABC and all their programs, for this kind of television travesty must stop.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The opening title song Why Ask Why? is performed by Macy Gray and composed by Emily Kapnek and Jared Faber. The lyrics to the theme song (with someone's edits and corrections) are used as a backdrop in the opening title sequence along with photos of the cast members. The title sequence also has the first reasons-why-not but it's unknown what they are for:

      1. He wears too much jewelry.
      2. His tattoo reads MOM.
      3. He has no friends.
      4. He lives in a cave.

    • Josh works at Chi for Two tea house.

    • Emily's assignment in this episode: Hook, Lie & Sinker – The Lies Men Tell Women. The Lies Women Tell Themselves by Reese Callahan.

    • Stan's password to his company voicemail is 953#.

    • Stan Morgan's address is:
      2203 Campbell Av. Apt. 2302
      Santa Monica, CA 90405

    • Emily's Reasons Why Not to Smoke (in sixth grade)

      Emily's Reasons Why Not (to date Stan)
      #1 ...he means he wants to SLEEP with you.
      #2 He wears MAKE-UP.
      #3 Martha. Stewart. SUBSCRIPTION.
      #4 Brazilian Jujitsu. It's like the GAYEST sport there is.
      #5 If your gay friend thinks he's gay he MUST be gay

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Stan: (knocks on the door) Hi, I'm Stan from marketing.
      Emily: (voiceover) They hired the perfect male specimen in marketing?
      Stan: Do you feel like going to grab some lunch?
      Emily: (voiceover) Emily, no! You're on the rebound, you're slightly hung over, only last night you were practicing voodoo. Plus you already had a sizable mid-morning snack. (out loud to Stan) I'll just get my shag... I mean my bag!

    • Josh: (to Emily, about her excitement over her lunch date with Stan) That's it. I'm brewing you a special "keep your panties on" infusion.

    • (Emily's telling her friends about her lunch with Stan.)
      Reilly: And? And then what happened?
      Emily: (dreamily) And then we both had a salad and we shared a dessert.
      Josh: (pause) Oh.
      Reilly: Honey, you've set the bar so low.

    • Emily: (to Glitter) Is this the mock-up for Reese's book jacket? (voiceover, reading the book title) "Hook, Lie and Sinker. The lies men tell women, the lies women tell themselves." What am I, an idiot?
      Glitter: Yup. He wrote a book on manipulating women and you published it.

    • Emily: (voiceover, making a wish on the eyelash) Please eyelash, please let Stan be as good as he looks. Let him not be a player or a stalker or a kinky pervert who lives vicariously through an Internet alter ego. And while you're at it, eyelash, please let Glitter Cho be eaten by a shark.
      Glitter: (next morning at the office) Morning!
      Emily: (voiceover) Useless sharks!

    • (After Stan blows her an air kiss.)
      Emily: (voiceover) OK, that was kind of like a kiss. From a mime.

    • Emily: (about Stan) He has a subscription to Martha Stewart Living??
      Reilly: Holy implied homosexuality!

    • Emily: Maybe Stan is just shy. And even so, I'm only up to three reasons so he's still in the game, right?
      Josh: Kitten, if you're boyfriend's gay, that's the only reason you need.
      Reilly: Hello! The best sex I ever had was with a gay guy trying to prove he wasn't. He kept trying to prove it hour after hour after hour after hour after hour...

    • Reese: I'm sorry I was such a jerk.
      Emily: "Was"? Why are you using the past tense?

    • Reilly: (at the gym, watching Brazilian Jujitsu) That is very gay behavior.
      Josh: And I thought I was gay.
      Reilly: I'm struck by how gay this display of gayness is.

    • Stan: What do you guys think? You know, if you're interested, I could introduce you to my instructor.
      Josh: Well, it certainly seems like great exercise. Aknad?
      Aknad: You know, I think we'd be naturals.

    • Emily: You told me he was gay and you said that you were the expert.
      Josh: He blipped on the gaydar. I'd never met a straight male virgin before. Frankly, I didn't know there were any.
      Reilly: Yeah, but Stan is more than just a virgin. He's a latter day saint.

    • Emily: (in Stan's voicemail) Hey Stan, it's Emily. I just wanted to talk to you about your... sexuality. (nervous laugh) Actually, your homosexuality. I mean, you may not want to discuss this, but it's kind of hard for me to ignore based on our total lack of a sex life. My best friend Josh – also gay – he says his life did not even start until he came out of the closet. So, good luck with all the guys you can start going out with now, and I'm sorry it's not me. Bye!

    • Emily: If you don't have the flutter-flutter, you don't have nothin'.

  • NOTES (11)


    • Martha Stewart
      Stan has a subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine. Martha Stewart is an entrepreneur whose career has focused on everything related to homemaking: cooking, interior design, entertaining guests, etc. In addition to being famous in that area, in 2002 she became widely known for being involved in (and later convicted for) an insider trading scandal over her shares in a pharmaceutical company.

    • Reilly: Holy implied homosexuality!

      This is a reference to the 1960's TV series Batman. In each episode, Batman's sidekick Robin would make similar, often ridiculous exclamations, such as "Holy atomic pile, Batman!" or "Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods!"

    • Emily: (about Stan's gym bag) I wonder what's in there.
      Josh: Like I don't know, Scooby, but we're about to find out.

      This is a reference to The Scooby Doo Show, an animated series from the 1970's about four teens and a dog who would always try to solve crimes and other mysteries.