Emily's Reasons Why Not

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • Just plain horrible.

    Well... i don't know how else to say it besides that it was a dumb show. and it only last 2 episodes so it was pretty bad. since my review has to be at least one hundred words long, i guess i will rant about how awful and horrible the show was. Well... i already said it, it was horrible. i saw the first episode, which is technically half the series, and i was not impressed. if i could choose between watch a movie directed by Uwe Boll (horrible director) and watch this show, i would choose the awful movies. so yeah, that's how i feel about the show.
  • A swing and a miss....

    I loved this show\'s pilot. There were six more episode\'s we never got to see which is a real bummer cause this was a good show. I love Heather and I thought the plot was good. I really don\'t think that is a way to live by dumping someone if you can think of five reason\'s to because if you know you should you should. I love this show lots and with all that advertizing ABC spent I think they wasted there money not to at least air a second episode just to try it out. It is a real shame that good show\'s like these always are killed so soon.
  • Wrong time? Nu-uh! Wrong channel!!!

    Smart enough, sexy enough, pretty people and casting slightly against type, combining the best bits of Sex and the City, Ally McBeal, Will & Grace: but why ABC? Emily isn't really family-friendly, now, is it? HBO, Showtime, The WB/CW would all have been better homes for this, not the Disney-owned, family-oriented ABC.

    I have to say that for a pilot, I thought it was better than The New Adventures of Old Caroline, It's Always Sunny in Philadpelphia, Modern Men: it could have been a great LA-based vehicle, showing off the city for its sexy, sweet side.

    It's not been on here in the UK, but no doubt will appear on ABC1 at some point, all 6 episodes, but I was intrigued enough to search it out online and downloaded the pilot, which I thought was funny and fun. I could see the arc of the series, which would have been short but fun, and the other characters had plenty of room to grow. We would have seen plenty of male guest stars commuting in and out like strap-hangers on a Monday morning, male and female flesh on display, perhaps some implied bedroom action, but, I ask you, is that an ABC formula?

    So, although we will never see more than the 6 episodes (if they ever see the light of day!), I don't think it deserved the panning it got. Perhaps in the wisdom of the great schedulers in the sky, we'll see something not unlike this eventually.
  • A bad show at the wrong time.

    This show tries to appeal to the "Sex in the City" crowd. I am part of the demographic this show thought they could sell to advertisers (single, early 30's, upwardly mobile, etc.) but the title and the premise turned me off of the show before I saw one episode. I don't think I'll ever see an episode; it's important for TV executives to learn why. I'm sick of interchangeable pretty early-30-somethings with impossible-to-get white-collar jobs whose biggest concern is finding a date without annoying habits. Boo-hoo. Add to that the confusing negative of the premise and you get a show that never could find an audience. I mean, who wants to deal with the "reasons why not" for every episode? "Seinfeld" with their "The x" titles and "Friends" with "The One With x" titles were much simpler and were obviously what people were looking for. "How I Met Your Mother" (which puts a confusing premise in the show's title) will suffer a similar fate when people realize the genre was mined to death with "Friends", "Seinfeld" and "Sex in the City." It's time for shows that are unexpected and original, not cynical rehashes of successful predecessors, . And no more defenders of shows like "Emily's Reasons Why Not" who characterize the show using parts of the premises of other shows.
  • absolutely unwatchable

    Incredible. This is a stunning example of how not to make tv. Heather Graham proves herself the untalented barbie we have always had an inkling off but never had 100% proof. The characters were atrocious. The lucy liu wannabe was the only thing close to anything funny on the show but it was so painful and obvious. Hard to believe ABC agreed to air the show at all. With the massive ad campaign that they waged on the LA streets and the bumpers in between ABC shows it is a shame they let this show take down Jake in Progress with it -- a show they never did any promotion for! If Heather Graham ever does another TV show I am gonna shoot my TV.
  • I thought the pilot was great. Very clever. She is terrific. I had already blocked the shows times on my calendar, which I never do. I am really disappointed that it did not get more of a chance.

    I thought the show was great. Heather Graham did really well. The two relationships that were explored on the show, one with the boyfriend she dumped at the beginning and one with the boyfriend who might have been gay, were both cleverly written and funny.

    The conclusion where she discovers that her current boyfriend is not gay but a Mormon virgin is great.

    I thought her sidekicks were a good fit. The first episode made me want to see more.

    I does not hurt that she is so attractive. The show is much better that Stacked, which is not that well written, not to mention that Ms. Graham is much more attractive than Pamela Anderson.
  • A show with lovely Heather Graham as star. What can go wrong? Well... truthfully I didn't think so much could.

    To my sincere surprise - "Emily's Reasons Why Not" has turned out to be one big disappointment.
    I really am disappointed.

    Not only the show did sound interesting and funny, the promise of Heather Graham as a TV show star was a thing to expect to, given her past occurences in TV shows and movies which were all very VERY amusing (except for a recent movie, "Cake" which was also a very rare and unpleasant role for her in my humble opinion).

    Well, I'm disappointed - not only the plot was totally unoriginal and I could predict its turns after 3.5 minutes of watching - I found myself yawning after 10 minutes and wishing I turned the TV off... all I wanted was to find out was if the show ends as it began. And it did.
    What a disgrace. What a disappointment.

    I hope, if they ever bring it back, that it would have a serious makeover.

  • A cute blond girl is looking for Mr Right. But if she can find five reasons why not she dumpes the man.

    Emily\'s reasons why not. Turn the Phrase around Reasons why Emily:
    At first there\'s Heather Graham. Always a good reason to watch, even if she keeps her clothes on.
    Second of all, I think it\'s a good idea to part every episode in five reasons. You keep the attention for the audience if you find five funny reasons. But therein lays the crux of the show. The five reasons must be really funny, and they weren\'t in the pilot. You knew what will happen every second. That leads to another problem of the show, the charakters. Heather plays Heather but under the name of Emily, a cute blonde who knows her way in live but not in love. She could be more colorfull, but it\'s ok. Her best friends are the black haired girl (so you get the difference to blonde Heather) Reilly and the gay Josh. Theres also the evil asian girl Glitter who tries to ruin Emilys job.
    Stereotypes where you look. The Gilfriend walked a long time with Emily and so she can refer to her history. The gay friend turns out to be the better woman who understands man. And for the part of the evil asian girl: well, it looks like they can\'t have Lucy Liu and so the producers took someone who failed at the \"Lucy Liu school for evil acting\".
    The show has some good ideas, and most of all Heather Graham, but there have to be many changes. The writers should be more couraging and probably try absurd situations.

    There are other shows with a lousy pilot which developted great, I hope it works for \"Emily\".
    As long as Heather stays in TV.
  • I thought this was going to be a show as great as the book was. Boy was I wrong. This show needs help!

    I thought this was going to be a show as great as the book was. Boy was I wrong. This show needs help! The way they tell the story is too choppy and hard to follow. It's extremely hard to like any of the characters.

    I hope they get this show fixed up before it's cancelled.
  • All about a single girl who has the career but not the man...

    Kudos to ABC for doing what the rest of us *should've* been thinking about after Heather Grahams well received guest stint on "Scrubs"-
    Give her,her own show so that all of us HG admirers have a reason to stay home on Monday Nights.

    Yeah I know this territory is not virgin(i.e. Ally McBeal,Sex in the City,and the upcoming Love Monkey) but none of those shows had/have Heather Graham,which makes all the difference in the world,because not only does Ms. Graham have the acting chops to pull this off,she is also WAY more seriously attractive than Calista Flockhart or Sarah Jessica Parker(whose mileage in this business I will never be able to understand)

    The hook(and the irony) of this show is that someone as vivaciously gorgeous and successful as Emily cannot seem to find the ONE to spend the rest of her life with.In the real world,this has also been true of HG's situation and I believe she uses this personal experience to shape her character,which requires being a little brave because she might be letting some stuff slip out that she might not want to.But that's OK because at least then,the character is not a *total* fabrication nor is it a "reality show character".

    (If you think that people on reality shows are "being themselves",well let's just say they are playing *heavily* to the camera.)

    ERWN has a shot if the scripts continue to expand on the original concept ,instead of just repeating the same jokes over and over.
    I mainly like the fact that I will be able to watch her on a weekly basis and I bet countless red-blooded American males echo that sentiment as well.

  • fun and cute love the characters -plus- regarding the disdain of the first episode

    obviously, the gay character on the show hit a raw nerve with the person who has VERY passionate feelings about his own homosexual insecurities. the portrayal is not in the LEAST dehumanizing, and to take it so seriously, perhaps there should be more thought as to why you are so bothered with it. an issue with you alone, not abc's.
    as far as wrong messages, i completely disagree; have you forgotten or has it not ocurred to you that 'extreme makeover' and 'the swan' send awful mixed messages to society of superficial problem-solving with "beauty".
    i must say, i had just wanted to express how much i enjoyed the show (it's over the top, and awesome), but am now in the position of defending it.

    it's a fun show, and easy on the palette. should be watched for entertainment, not deep thought.
  • What an unoriginal unfunny disgrace!

    Is ABC hurting so bad that it has to bring in an aging B-List movie actress (i.e., Heather Graham) to "star" in an unoriginal unfunny show about dating!? And we wonder why people would rather watch reality tv?!?
    The worst part is the actor who plays her gay friend, Josh. This is one of the most stereotypically disgraceful portrayals of a homosexual man on TV in a loooong time. ABC might as well write gay bashing jokes in this sitcom because they're doing nothing positive for the gay community to have this actor playing the role so stereotypically gay. It's an embarrassment to the gay community, and his performance (nor Heather's nor the show) are even funny. A complete waste of money and time...ABC is going downhill fast and Emily's Reasons Why Not is a perfect example of why.
  • Based on the pilot episode, Emily's Reasons Why Not has the potential to turn into a pretty good show. At the moment, it tries too hard and takes itself too seriously. It's not a bad show, but there's nothing to keep me watching...

    I felt like the show tried emulate Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl or any other voice-over show with the voice-over bookending the episode with a moral or revelation. The problem is that with Emily's Reasons Why Not it doesn't work nearly as well.

    The show would probably work better with a focus more on the ensemble, but it's still the first episode, so let's see where it goes. If it is left the way it stands, I'd be surprised if it gets picked up past this season.

    There is some hope though. With some fine-tuning and reworking, the show could be a whole lot better. The premise is pretty good, but with a show like My Name Is Earl already following a list, this show can't help but seem a little unoriginal with it's 5 reasons to follow every episode. That's not even taking in consideration the show How I Met Your Mother which focuses on a single twenty-something trying to find the right match.

    The cast is great and the talent is there, let's just hope the writing can back it up. If it doesn't, I'm happy with Heather Graham returning as a character on Scrubs.