Emily's Reasons Why Not - Season 1

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • Why Not to Invite Your Vacation Date Home
    On a trip to Martinique, Emily meets a fun and relaxed guy named Alain. Convinced that she has now become a new, more fun and relaxed person herself, she decides to invite him over to meet her friends.
  • Why Not to Look at Bridal Magazines
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  • Why Not to Hire a Cute Male Assistant
    Emily is overwhelmed of the work and she decides to search somebody like assistant. Between the candidates she chooses the most handsome.
  • Why Not to Date a Twin
    Emily gets an assignment to edit a book about siblings. Since she's an only child, Emily doesn't feel she can identify with the task, but luckily Josh introduces her to a handsome architect who has a twin sister. Soon she learns that Vincent's ever-present sister Vinessa might be too much to bear.moreless
  • Why Not To Cheat on Your Best Friend
    Emily and Reilly disagree too much. So Emily decides to search for a new best friend, only to find out that their friendship is important after all.
  • Why Not To Date Your Gynecologist
    In an attempt to prove to her friends that she does date mature men, Emily dates her gynecologist. Emily soon learns why things could not work out.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    After a nasty break-up with Reese, an author whose book she is editing, Emily vows to never again fall for wrong men. She comes up with her own personal rule: find five flaws in the guy and he's out. Against her better judgment, Emily quickly starts dating a cute co-worker, but soon Stan's little quirks make her come up with reasons why not to date him.moreless