Emily's Reasons Why Not

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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Why Not to Date a Twin

  • Emily's assignment in this episode: The Sibling Book. It's unsure whether that is just a working title.

  • The text on Emily's assignment sheet reads:

    "Smokers Guide to Six Pack Abs is only partially completed. We need [word not visible] proofing and cover paste-ups by the beginning of the next month. Be sure to ask the art department for the color comps on the cover so the printer can match the color scheme. Also, be sure that insert text has been approved by the editor before it is sent to the printer for approval.

    We need to come up with a take on the Sibling Book. The deadline is approaching quickly, and we need a direction to take this book. Any artwork and other related ideas should be submitted to your department head as soon a possible."

    There are three more items on the paper, but they are covered with a yellow post-it note that reads "Em – Are you on this?". Two of the book titles are (partially) visible, though: [???]'s Guide to Happiness and "the Guess Who project".

  • Emily's Reasons Why Not to Have Siblings
    They tease you... hit you ... and destroy your undergarments.

    Emily's Reasons Why Not to Date a Twin
    #1 The tell-tale toothbrush.
    #2 Game requires two players... And two players only.
    #3 You do all the work... SHE gets all the credit.
    #4 Those twins met your twins... And your twins just met everyone.
    #5 You will NEVER be his emergency contact.

  • Josh suggest that for Emily's first date with Vincent, she should wear her hair up and show some neck and shoulders. What's Emily wearing? Her hair down long and a golden capelet that covers her shoulders. Clearly, Emily's not paying attention to Josh's fashion tips.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • The opening title song Why Ask Why? is performed by Macy Gray and composed by Emily Kapnek and Jared Faber. The lyrics to the theme song (with someone's edits and corrections) are used as a backdrop in the opening title sequence along with photos of the cast members. The title sequence also has the first reasons-why-not but it's unknown what they are for:

    1. He wears too much jewelry.
    2. His tattoo reads MOM.
    3. He has no friends.
    4. He lives in a cave.

  • Josh works at Chi for Two tea house.

  • Emily's assignment in this episode: Hook, Lie & Sinker – The Lies Men Tell Women. The Lies Women Tell Themselves by Reese Callahan.

  • Stan's password to his company voicemail is 953#.

  • Stan Morgan's address is:
    2203 Campbell Av. Apt. 2302
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

  • Emily's Reasons Why Not to Smoke (in sixth grade)

    Emily's Reasons Why Not (to date Stan)
    #1 ...he means he wants to SLEEP with you.
    #2 He wears MAKE-UP.
    #3 Martha. Stewart. SUBSCRIPTION.
    #4 Brazilian Jujitsu. It's like the GAYEST sport there is.
    #5 If your gay friend thinks he's gay he MUST be gay

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