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  • Not fan of the final episode

    I feel like the whole series (I know it was only 4 episodes but still) since Mr. Churchill appeared they hinted us that him and Emma were attracted to each other and their characters just got each other, the chemistry and the fun they had together and all of sudden he had no feelings for her and was all over Jane, bs! He flirted so much with her, telling her he couldn't resist her and he wanted a wife with her personality and exact shade blue as hers omfg I'm so angry and frustrated. I'll ship them in my mind forever to find comfort over such a dreary final episode.
  • Emma? YAY

    Ilove Jane Austen and when i heard that there was going to be an adaptation i was thrilled, especially since the lovely Jonny Lee Miller is going to be in it. I cannot wait, bring it on. Sandy Welch is an amazing writer, the fact that it's a brand new look at a classic is also exciting; people always complain that Jane Austen is over done but Wuthering Heights is coming back too, AGAIN. I don't think there a problem i will probably watch both of them. Please keep us up to date with details please as i cannot wait until it starts. :)