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    its amazing the acting is brill love debbie pete sarah april ronna aran cant stand robert love you guys
  • Emmerdale Farm where are you?

    WHY OH WHY have the writers gone down the same road as all the other soaps. Emmerdale was a joy to watch, now it is going the same sad way of too many others, sex, scandal, affairs, gay romances, to name a few. Let us have some happiness soon please pretty please
  • not good enough

    Not many characters that I like, particularly the new "posh" family and their out of control son. never see anyone crack a smile. bossy controlling nicola and wet lettuce jim,always taking orders from his wife. she left too late. hardly ANY believable or positive story lines/comedy. characters are shouting at each other more, particularly the dingles. belle suddenly changing and taking drugs because she's told to. all the kids have to be badly behaved. chaz giving her son relationship advice while forgetting she always chooses madmen! Aaron always troubled and and marlon's wife suddenly and out of character changing into an alcoholic just when he needs her the most. PLUS alicia putting a young lad she barely knows in charge of her shop and then returning after a birthday lunch very drunk only to lock herself in with him to be assaulted. rather than send him back home round the corner to his mam. really stupid. copying eastenders storyline
  • Does anyone even know about this show??

    Hey I love Emmerdale from the USA... even watch it every day on Youtube to keep up... so if you would like commentary on this show i would love to help this is an amazing show that has amazing stories on it. so i would love to spread the word!
  • Finding previous episodes

    Hi there, am in New Zealand and we are up to the episode when John & Moira have an accident. I think it was 15/16th Feb 2012, not sure but would be really greatful if some one could post a link to the full episode of this one, here in NZ we are on freeview and have emmerdale set to tape, my fav program, but to my dismay I arrived home ready to watch this to only discover freeview hadn't taped it. Don't know why, powercut maybe. Anyway as a hard emmerdale fan u can imagine my disappointment, any help would be great, cheers
  • the dale


    the dale is a good tv show on itv as been around 4 ages . i watch it on monday, tuesday ,wednesday ,thursday ,friday and someties sunday . i rate it about 6. it has some good actors in it :) .but it's on to much wish i was only two times a week....some good stories it it :) wish they brought back some more younger people ... :)..:)

  • emmerdale the name does not sound that gd does it so if thet anme is like thta what is the film going to be like then ?

    Emmerdale i use to watch but as i got older the progrmme seemed to get worse come on it most of older acters how do it most small towns have kids living there i thin k i only ever saw one child living there so most children ahve friends dont they?
    the story lines are just as bad as eastenders there should br more children andbetter story lines and i think the programme is aimed more at older peopel than younger people some of the poeple on the show are not very good at actting i think the poepl that apples to should be cut
  • Not one of the main British Soaps but I still like it.

    Emmerdale always misses out on the awards but I still think they have the balance right. They are the best soap at comedy, and also combine that with tragedy, deceit and action. There are a couple of families that work the comedy thing really well. The Dingles are not even working class but they are funny. The family is always getting bigger with long lost relatives always turning up. Shadrack is especialy good in his role. The other family is the Hope Windsors. This is mainly due to the relationships between Donna and Viv and Viv and Bob, it really is good writing.
  • Emmerdale is underapreciated.

    I mean emmerdale did have a two week bad spell but recovered quickly back in 2003. It is good especially the episodes with the dingles in spain where lisa floored pollard (i was laughing 4 ages). I am unhappy about what happened to seth because I was looking forward to seeing him return to his home and his bar stool.
  • Great. Who says Coronation Street and Eastenders are the only decent UK soaps?

    For many years now, I have watched Eastenders. For slightly less, I have watched Coronation Street. Very unfortunate, that I only started watching Emmerdale a few years ago. Also, very unfortunate that I watch Eastenders and Coronation Street at all. Both of these are uninteresting, depressing and boring. Emmerdale however, brings humour, great plots and loveable characters together in a British soap for the first time. Lets just say that Emmerdale is the only soap worth watching and you can easily do that, with a show airing sunday to friday, it is on 6 times a week so there is no excuse for not watching any episodes all week. there are even frequent hour long specials that are much better than anything else. I can even remember, 1st March 2005, I watched as Charity left the village (yes, I can still remeber). I also remember that this was an hour long special, on at the sam time as an hour long special of Eastenders. As a viewer of both, the obvious decision would be to record one. I decided though, to only watch Emmerdale and not bother with Eastenders. best decision ever. Every time I changed the channel during the commercial breaks, I saw somebody crying on Eastenders. How can anyone sit and watch that for an hour when Emmerdale was full of the usual excitement for an hour. that episode of Eastenders became the third least watched episode EVER. It just makes me wonder, why people still consider Eastenders and Coronation Street the top shows, and Emmerdale the third. It really should be the other way.
  • emmerdale is a graet show and i watch it most days.

    i think emmerdale is great i watch it about every day.i loved it when when charity left. my favourite people are matthew,tom and max king as well as stephanie stoke ,dr forsye,charity (whos left) debbie,emily,paddy,donna,marlon,sarah(Debbies baby),rober sugden and finaly jack sugden. plus all other characters who i cannot be bothered saying.
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