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  • Great. Who says Coronation Street and Eastenders are the only decent UK soaps?

    For many years now, I have watched Eastenders. For slightly less, I have watched Coronation Street. Very unfortunate, that I only started watching Emmerdale a few years ago. Also, very unfortunate that I watch Eastenders and Coronation Street at all. Both of these are uninteresting, depressing and boring. Emmerdale however, brings humour, great plots and loveable characters together in a British soap for the first time. Lets just say that Emmerdale is the only soap worth watching and you can easily do that, with a show airing sunday to friday, it is on 6 times a week so there is no excuse for not watching any episodes all week. there are even frequent hour long specials that are much better than anything else. I can even remember, 1st March 2005, I watched as Charity left the village (yes, I can still remeber). I also remember that this was an hour long special, on at the sam time as an hour long special of Eastenders. As a viewer of both, the obvious decision would be to record one. I decided though, to only watch Emmerdale and not bother with Eastenders. best decision ever. Every time I changed the channel during the commercial breaks, I saw somebody crying on Eastenders. How can anyone sit and watch that for an hour when Emmerdale was full of the usual excitement for an hour. that episode of Eastenders became the third least watched episode EVER. It just makes me wonder, why people still consider Eastenders and Coronation Street the top shows, and Emmerdale the third. It really should be the other way.
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