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  • 19 December 1972
    19 December 1972
    Episode 20
    Grandad is missing and Matt finds him unconscious in the cowshed. Wilks sells his firm and decides to treat himself and Marian to a holiday. Norman writes to tell Marian that he has moved to Denmark. Grandad is told by his doctor to have complete rest. Marian and Jack make their peace. Jameson comes to see Wilks about the sale of his farm. They agree a price. Janie and Frank have their first date - they kiss. Joe talks to Matt about his hopes of taking a night class. Jack tells him to give up the idea as there is no point. They argue. Wilks calls round to see Joe.moreless
  • 18 December 1972
    18 December 1972
    Episode 19
    Annie accuses Marian of playing around with Jack and Joe. Henry says "Mrs Sugden, you're a woman after my own heart". They seem to get on well after this exchange of words. "Fine woman that" he tells Marian. Marian says about Annie "I'd rather have her as a friend than an enemy". Annie bullies grandad (as usual). Jack wakes up in London with a hangover. He is staying with his friend Bart. Annie tells Joe that he is a fool for trying to better himself and that he should forget Marian. Joe will not listen to her and goes to Inglebrook. Marian is not very welcoming towards him.moreless
  • 12 December 1972
    12 December 1972
    Episode 18
    Jack sets off for London. He asks Matt to keep an eye on Joe. Wilks arranges for his solicitor to act for Joe. Janie flirts with Frank Blakey and they make a date. Grandad is whittling (making a whistle). Joe decides to continue his education on the advice of Marian Wilks. Peggy views a cottage in the village, but realises it is far too expensive at £3,000. Marian regrets saying that she would help Joe with his studies. He has taken her helpfulness to mean that she is interested in him; Wilks buys a bottle of whisky in the Woolpack. Janie and Joe kiss in the old millhouse. Annie visits Inglebrook.moreless
  • 11 December 1972
    11 December 1972
    Episode 17
    Peggy has been to see the specialist - she is expecting twins. Jack inspects the old millhouse. Henry tells Marian that he is thinking of investing in a local farm. Joe arrives home from hospital wearing a sling. Jack telephones his friend Bart to tell him that he is coming to London. PC Ball gives Joe a summons for careless driving. He also has one for Jack - for not having the van insured for Joe. Amos hears that Wilks has been seen visiting a local farmer - Harry Jameson. Matt and Joe find Jack looking around the old millhouse. Joe goes to see Henry Wilks to apologise. Henry says he could change his statement to the police and then they could not prosecute.moreless
  • 5 December 1972
    5 December 1972
    Episode 16
    The Sugdens celebrate grandad's birthday in the Woolpack. Jack arrives from Inglebrook in a foul mood; Peggy tells him "you're not one of us". Norman proposes to Marian, but she refuses. Jack is feeling sorry for himself and Matt is fed up with him. Henry tells Marian about Tom Merrick's letter and that he thinks that Jack is married. They argue. Annie gives Jack an ultimatum - stay on the farm or leave "you've got to decide or it is the end of this family". He has two weeks to decide. Joe asks Janie out and Marian tells Jack that she never wants to see him again. The land rover has been found.moreless
  • 4 December 1972
    4 December 1972
    Episode 15
    Two letters are received in the Wilks household - one is for Marian from Jack asking to come and see her. The other is for Henry from Tom Merrick but the contents are not disclosed. Marian visits Joe and he tells her that Jack is already married. Marian questions Janie about her sister's child. The Sugden family prepare to celebrate grandad's birthday. Jack goes to dinner at Inglebrook and Henry warns him to keep away from Marian.moreless
  • 28 November 1972
    28 November 1972
    Episode 14
    Marian arrives at the Woolpack with a man friend. Jack sees her and picks a fight with her friend. Jack takes Janie Harker up to the farm and embarrasses her in front of his family. Henry Wilks has a bad fall while Marian is out. Annie rows with Jack and tells him that he does not belong at the farm. Marian takes Annie to visit Joe in hospital. Janie is at the hospital and hints that Jackie Merrick has eyes like Jack's. Joe tells Marian that Jack is not free to marry.moreless
  • 27 November 1972
    27 November 1972
    Episode 13
    Henry Wilks arrives home from hospital with a plaster cast on his leg. He finds a half written letter from Jack to Marian in the bin. Jack gives Peggy a five pound note and tells her to treat herself. Henry asks Marian if her and Jack have slept together, she storms out. Janie Harker, Ruth Merrick's sister, visits Joe in hospital - they were at school together. Annie looks through Jacks cheque book and he is obviously quite wealthy. He will not tell Annie how he earned his money. A policeman visits Joe again and tells him he is in trouble because he was not insured to drive. Marian and Jack meet in Jameson's barn. She walks out on him; Matt and Peggy arrive home from a night out and confess that the land rover has been stolen.moreless
  • 21 November 1972
    21 November 1972
    Episode 12
    Matt tells Tom Merrick he is not pulling his weight around the farm. Marian questions Jack about Ruth Merrick. They argue about whether she should have married Tom. Jack says he does not believe in marriage, but he tells Marian that he loves her. She tells him to go and leave her alone - she despises him. Matt and Jack go to Bradford and buy a land rover for the farm. Marian tells her father that there will never be anything between her and Jack Sugden. Ruth takes her children to the village. She meets Jack and apologises for Tom's behaviour. She asks Jack to sack Tom. Jack tells Marian he loves her and wants to marry. She refuses. Matt and Tom row. Jack visits Ruth at home and offers to buy Jackie's childish pictures for one hundred pounds. He writes Ruth a cheque. Tom Merrick tries to blackmail Jack - he threatens to tell Henry Wilks that Jack has been sleeping at Inglebrook while he is in hospital. Jack sacks him. Ruth tells Jack that she is moving to Leeds.moreless
  • 20 November 1972
    20 November 1972
    Episode 11
    Jack and Marian have breakfast together. They have a passionate kiss. Tom Merrick arrives for work at Emmerdale farm. He mentions that he has spotted Jack leaving Inglebrook early in the morning. P.C. Ball questions Joe about the accident. Matt receives a letter saying he has not got the job in the factory. Jack visits Joe in hospital. Tom asks Jack to meet him and Ruth in the Woolpack for a drink. Tom brings photographs of his three children along. Later he compares a picture of his son, Jackie, with a photograph of Jack.moreless
  • 14 November 1972
    14 November 1972
    Episode 10
    The Sugdens worry that Joe may have been drinking prior to driving up to Inglebrook. Jack makes Marian a meal at Inglebrook and asks to stay the night - Marian refuses. Tom Merrick remarks what a coincidence it is that his eldest son has the same name as Jack Sugden – Ruth's former love! Ruth and Jack meet for the first time in eight years. Joe regains consciousness and Annie and Peggy visit him. Matt goes for his interview in Bradford and is not impressed with factory work. Marian visits Joe in hospital. Later Marian asks Jack if he wants to stay the night at Inglebrook – but in separate rooms.moreless
  • 13 November 1972
    13 November 1972
    Episode 9
    Joe and Henry Wilks are both seriously ill after crashing their cars into each other at the entrance to Inglebrook. Joe is in a coma and has broken his right arm and some ribs. Wilks has a broken leg. Both families are upset. Tom Merrick taunts Ruth about the accident pretending that Jack was involved (Jack and Ruth were a couple before Jack left Beckindale eight years ago). Jack helps Matt on the farm, but then hires Tom Merrick. Marian visits Wilks in hospital, he says Joe was to blame for the accident.moreless
  • 7 November 1972
    7 November 1972
    Episode 8
    Joe tells the family that Jack is meeting "his lady friend" at the Feathers. It looks like Jack may be married after all. Henry Wilks spots Jack going upstairs at the Feathers with a woman - when he enquires who she is the receptionist tells him she is booked in as Mrs Sugden. Marian mentions to Tom Merrick that Jack is looking for a casual labourer at the farm. Joe is annoyed when he realises that Marian did not see Jack with the other woman at the Feathers. Wilks advises Marian to find out if Jack is married before she gets involved with him. Joe follows jack to the Feathers and finds out that there is a Mrs Lynn Sugden. Later Marian telephones Jack at the Woolpack and informs him that there has been a terrible accident.moreless
  • 6 November 1972
    6 November 1972
    Episode 7
    Peggy is curious to know what Jack has been doing in London as he seems to be quite well off. Ruth Merrick, an old flame of Jack's asks Joe about him in the Woolpack. Joe gets involved in an argument with Ruth's husband, Tom Merrick who gets the wrong idea when he sees Ruth and Joe drinking together. They fight in the Woolpack. Matt gets an interview with the factory in Bradford. Jack pays Matt and Joe's wages in cash. He then receives a telegram and rushes off to the Feathers at Connilton.moreless
  • 31 October 1972
    31 October 1972
    Episode 6
    Joe admits to Annie that he wanted to impress Marian Wilks. Henry Wilks buys his first 'country gent' style hat. Jack asks Annie about hiring labour to do his share of the work on the farm. She refuses to help him. Wilks visits his solicitor for background information on Jack. He tells him to speak to Amos Brearly who is the village gossip. Jack arrives for the meeting with Henry Wilks. He tells Wilks that he does have right of way over Emmerdale land, but that there is also a public right of way through Inglebrook land. Wilks is shocked, but impressed by Jacks manner. Joe overhears Jack on the phone making arrangements to meet a woman at the Feathers. Marian asks Annie's advice about a housekeeper.moreless
  • 30 October 1972
    30 October 1972
    Episode 5
    Marian arrives home after her encounter with Jack. Her father is suspicious, but says nothing. Amos tells Joe that he saw Marian and Jack holding hands, this upsets Joe. Peggy and Matt row about the Bradford job. Jack visits Marian at Inglebrook. She quizzes him about his past and he tells her that he left Emmerdale eight years ago after rowing with his father about keeping battery hens (Jack was against it - he likes animals to have freedom). Annie goes to the Woolpack in search of Joe. She tells Amos not to spread gossip about Jack and Marian Wilks. Joe causes a scene at Inglebrook as he is jealous of Marian's interest in Jack.moreless
  • 24 October 1972
    24 October 1972
    Episode 4
    Annie tells Jack that she persuaded Jacob to leave the farm to him. She also tells him that his father was a drunk who ran the farm from the Woolpack. A stranger turns up at the farm and wisks Jack away. He turns out to be Wallace, a friend of Jack's from London who tries to persuade Jack to arrange a meeting with a mystery woman. It seems that Jack might have run away from London for a reason after all. They arrange a meeting at the 'Feathers Country Hotel' in Connilton. Henry Wilks announces his retirement. Marian runs out of petrol and is rescued by Jack. As it starts to rain they seek shelter in Jameson's barn and become closer. . .moreless
  • 23 October 1972
    23 October 1972
    Episode 3
    Annie asks Jack to make some decisions about the farm. Jack receives two letters in the post - one is from Wilks's solicitor arranging a meeting to discuss the right of way, the other remains a mystery. Jack tells Peggy that he wants to restore the old millhouse and divide up the farm. Jack asks three old villagers about bus times from Beckindale. Peggy nags Matt to apply for an unskilled factory job in Bradford as she is worried about their future. Joe gives Marian her first fishing lesson and breaks Matt's rod.moreless
  • 17 October 1972
    17 October 1972
    Episode 2
    Matt suspects that Peggy is pregnant and confides in Annie. Jack seems to have no intention of helping around the farm. Henry Wilks finds out that Jack is the legal owner of the farm and decides to tackle him about the right of way problem. Jack cannot drive. Jack tells Peggy that she can have the farm if it will make her happy and stop the family nagging at him. Peggy reveals that she is pregnant. Marian questions Joe about his brother. She seems very interested in Jack. Problems on the farm include the tractor breaking down and diseased hens resulting in all the stock being destroyed. Jack seems interested in the old millhouse which cannot be demolished as it has a preservation order on it. Jack and Henry Wilks have a confrontation about access to land. Jacob Sugden held the lease and not the freehold of the farm from the miffield estate. He has left the residue of the long lease to John (Jack) Sugden. The farm has been in the family for nearly one hundred years. Jack had a row with his father Jacob eight years ago. He left the farm and the family knew nothing about his whereabouts or occupation.moreless
  • The First Ever Episode
    FIRST SHOT - smart girl riding white horse & looking over towards hearse parked outside farmhouse. FIRST WORD SPOKEN - Peggy to Matt " Matt, who's she? " PART 1 - Set in the fictional village of Beckindale ; Ep 1 begins with the funeral of Jacob Sugden, owner of Emmerdale Farm. The Sugden & Skilbeck families gather for the funeral ; Eldest son Jack, who has been away from the farm for eight years, watches the funeral cortege pass from the window of the local pub - The Woolpack, with the owner Amos Brearly; Jacob Sugden has left Emmerdale farm to Jack & this causes bad feeling amongst the Sugden children, Joe & Peggy; Jack wanders around the farm while the family attend the funeral ; He meets Marian Wilks, the daughter of a local businessman who has bought adjoining land to Emmerdale -Inglebrook. PART 2 - Joe & Jack have their first scene together in the milking shed ; Jack faces the family over dinner where he receives a frosty welcome from his sister Peggy ; Annie asks Jack if he will stay at Emmerdale ; Jack is not giving much away regarding the last eight years of his life ; Henry Wilks & Annie have their first scene together when he comes to Emmerdale to claim right of way on their land.moreless