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  • Jack Hits Jimmy
    Jack Hits Jimmy
    Episode 4528
    Jack and Andy are disheartened at the cattle market when there are no bids for their cows because someone has said that their cattle are infected with pneumonia. They suspect the Kings, and Jack confronts Jimmy in the Woolpack. Robert witnesses the confrontation and questions his father as to whether the land is worth all the aggro. He is clearly trying to persuade him to sell to the Kings, but will Jack remain oblivious to his son’s manipulation? Meanwhile, Jasmine is in the house alone and she sneaks into Steph’s room to find a box containing cuttings relevant to Shelly’s disappearance. Jasmine is clearly intrigued and when Steph returns home she subtly asks her about Shelly. Ashley intervenes but it is clear Jasmine is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Elsewhere, Kelly insensitively tells Donna that she can do much better than lanky Marlon and insists she’ll do well if she sticks with her. Donna feels increasingly humbled as the day goes on.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jan, 2005
    Fri 7 Jan, 2005
    Episode 3943
    Over breakfast at home farm Jimmy says Tom might have had some kind of breakdown and that he should call the police. Sadie says to give it until lunch time. Jimmy says Tom might have gone looking for Cain or maybe Charity has something to do with his disappearance because she wants revenge. Sadie says that's a crazy idea. At the Dingles, Debbie asks Charity how long she's staying and what she's going to do for money. Charity says she'll sell her car if she has to and that she'll think of something. At Victoria cottage Max and Amy are getting ready to leave for the station. Matthew says they don't know where Tom is yet and that he'll need support from his family when he comes back - and that Max owes him. Max says they could catch a later train but Amy doesn't want to. In the shop Edna hands Emily an envelope containing her petition against Eric and asks to send it recorded delivery. Emily weighs Edna's envelope. Val says she doesn't know how Edna can sleep at night. Edna says having a clear conscience helps, and leaves. Val asks Emily for something from the wall behind her and tries to steal Edna's petition. Emily grabs it back and says the envelope belongs to her majesty. Ashley is flicking through magazines and tells Viv he's looking for something to take Steph and that she's having a difficult time whilst on remand in prison. Jimmy sees Charity walking through the village and asks Charity what she's done with Tom as he's gone missing. Charity asks if she is supposed to have topped him. Jimmy says it's exactly what happened last time - Charity has an affair with Cain, someone finds out and someone winds up dead. Charity knees Jimmy in the groin and tells him to get his hands off her. Matthew asks Jimmy if he's okay. Ashley asks Charity if she's okay and suggests they could talk. Charity says there isn't much to add to 'Charity Dingle, murdering prozzie strikes yet again'. At Pear tree Jimmy says Charity is laughing at them and that he should have phoned the police yesterday. Sadie says Jimmy isn't the only one who's concerned. Jimmy answers the phone to Tom. Jimmy says he wants to see them all up at Holdgate this afternoon. In the café Ashley tells Ethan he's got a christening the same day he's due to visit Steph next week and says that he can't do both. Ashley explains the baby's parents have asked for Ashley as he married them and that Ethan will have to visit Steph and take her some clean clothes. At Victoria cottage, Matthew arrives back and tells Max that Tom wants to see them up at the house. Amy asks if it will take long as there's a train at three. Matthew says Max will be able to say his goodbyes in person. Matthew says Amy shouldn't go as its family business. Max tells Amy to wait for him in the pub. At Holdgate Jimmy tells Tom it's great to see him and that he had them really worried. Tom tells, Jimmy, Max, Carl and Matthew to come in and sit down. Tom tells Sadie he'd like to see the lads on their own. Sadie says she's glad Tom is okay and leaves. Tom tells the boys he's going to tell them a true story that happened when he was twenty five and Jimmy had just been born. Tom says back then he heard about some scrap coming into Hull docks from Germany that had been to sold to a hard bloke called Holdsworth from Leeds. Tom says he was skint at the time and so he stole the van it was in, drove it to London and sold it to pay off his debts and put a deposit on a new wagon. Tom says he's never looked back since. Tom says his sons have never had to fight for anything like he did. Tom says they've always been soft and they've always had smart suits and overseas travel. Tom says King & Sons has stopped growing, that it's stagnant and it's time for change. In the pub, Amy tells Chas that she's had to go along with Max's plans. Chas says she used to go out with Carl and that Tom doesn't like free spirits. Sadie walks in and Amy asks her what's going on at Holdgate. Sadie says she came in for a quiet drink. At holdgate, Tom says he wants to see the firm moving forwards and that he wants to see some fire in their bellies, and that they should think about ways they can improve. Jimmy says he's flogged his guts out for King and Sons and that he's been grafting since the day he left school. Tom says he doesn't want self-pity or excuses, but that he wants results instead. At Holdgate Tom sends Matthew and Carl back to work and says he wants to see Jimmy and Max on their own, starting with Max. Tom leads Max through to his office and tells him to sit down. Tom asks Max what he thought of all that. Max says it doesn't really apply to him as he isn't involved in the business. Tom says he is giving Max a choice - either he can get involved in the business or start working as a vet as he's been trained to do. Max says he's going to Cornwall that afternoon and then to Thailand. Tom says if Max does that, he's on his own. Tom says he's paid for Max to travel for six months after his studies like Max wanted to but that now it's time he earned a living. In the pub, Ethan asks Ashley what he should do if Steph wants to talk about the case. Ashley says then Ethan should listen and says there's no proof that Steph is guilty and that Ethan knows what it's like to be accused of something you haven't done. Ethan says if only Steph would confess and show some remorse. Ashley says he's heard enough and that Ethan is going to see Steph because he is telling him too and leaves. Paul asks Rodney if he has signed Edna's petition. Rodney says it isn't his style. Val says Eric is being victimised. Rodney says Eric shafted him once when he sold him some Chippendale chairs and only one of them was genuine. Val defends Eric. Paul says Val's heart is leading her head. Val says she isn't going out with Eric. Tom calls Jimmy into his office. Tom says Jimmy is feeling hard done by and asks why Jimmy didn't show him the photos when he first found out about them. Jimmy says he didn't think they proved anything and that he didn't want to upset him. Tom says if Jimmy had shown them to him he could have made his own mind up. Tom says he needs people to tell him the truth. Jimmy says he did what he thought was best. Tom says he was behaving like a foolish old man, and that he'd convinced himself he could make a fresh start with a girl half his age. Jimmy says he did the wrong thing not telling him sooner and says he's sorry. Tom says Jimmy is weak and gutless and that he's never going to run Tom's company because he hasn't got what it takes. Tom says he won't see his life's work wrecked. Jimmy tells Tom he's upset and isn't thinking straight. In the pub, Sadie asks what Tom said. Matthew says Tom isn't happy and that something has got to him. Carl says Tom said things have got to change. Max arrives. Sadie receives a call from Tom on her mobile. Sadie says Tom wants to see her now. Amy says she'll call a taxi and that they can still catch the three o'clock train. Max says he isn't going. Max says it's his Dad. Outside the pub, Max explains he had a deal with his dad that he'd go travelling for six months. Max says he's been away for ages and says it's about time he did his bit. Amy says if that's what Max wants, and that she doesn't mind waiting. Max says let's see how things turn out. Sadie arrives in Tom's office at Holdgate and says she was relieved to get Tom's call. Tom asks if Sadie has seen Jimmy. Sadie says not since this morning. Tom says if Jimmy had his way Tom would never have seen the photos and that Sadie stopped him from making a complete fool of himself. Sadie says she did what she thought was right. Tom says Sadie is one of the best things that's happened to his family. Tom says that he's decided to shake things up with the firm. Tom tells Sadie that he wants her to be Business Development Manager and that she'll play an important part in the future of the company. Sadie says if it's what Tom wants, she'd be delighted. Tom says she can start tomorrow and that Sadie should leave Matthew and Jimmy to him. Tom pours Sadie a drink and they drink to the future. In the pub, Val tells Eric she saw Edna in the post office and tried to pinch her petition but that Emily stopped her. Eric thanks her. Val gives Eric a kiss and sticks her tongue out at Paul as her gives her daggers. Carl asks how he's supposed to develop a refuge business and says life was simpler when he was driving a wagon. Matthew says maybe Tom is right and that they can do better. Max sees Amy to her taxi. Amy says she won't make a decision about Thailand until she's heard from Max. Max says she shouldn't waste her ticket and says he'll call her sometime. They kiss and Amy drives off in her taxi. Matthew and Carl appear from the pub. Max tells them he'll get over it. Max deletes Amy's number from his phone and goes back inside. At holdgate, Tom asks Sadie which of the photos of Charity and Cain are the best. Tom says he has bought a picture frame specially for it as a reminder that once he lost his way - so it won't happen again. In the café Ashley asks Charity if he can join her and asks what happened between her and Jimmy. Charity says Jimmy accused her of killing Tom and that maybe she should kill Sadie instead as she framed her. Ashley says forgiveness is more favourable than revenge. Charity says revenge is more satisfying. At home farm Sadie asks Jimmy to pour the champagne as Tom has made her Business Development Manager. Jimmy says he should have got that job. Sadie asks what Tom said to Jimmy. Jimmy says business stuff. Sadie says Tom must be cross with Jimmy but that with a new job and Charity gone, it's been a great week.moreless
  • Thu 6 Jan, 2005
    Thu 6 Jan, 2005
    Episode 3942
    At home farm Jimmy's annoyed when there's no milk. Jimmy tells Zoe he's sorry and that he's being childish but that he's frustrated that Tom won't let him help him. Zoe tells Jimmy to keep talking until he does. Zoe leaves and Jimmy says to Sadie that Zoe gave him some good advice. Sadie says she did what she thought was right for Tom. Jimmy says he's going to see Tom and try and repair some of the damage. In the café, Edna asks Pearl to sign her petition that says Councillor Pollard is unfit to hold public office. Pear says she doesn't know and that she may want to work for Eric again in he future. Edna says she has well over a hundred signatures already. Val and Eric walk in. Sitting down at a table Val says she thought they could open a bottle of wine that evening. Eric agrees and asks Edna if she's still peddling her ridiculous petition. Pearl says she won't sign it yet and nips to the loo. Eric says Edna thinks she knows better than his voters. Edna says Trading Standards will put Eric out of business and into prison and that she's merely trying to get him thrown of the council. Eric gets up and walks out. At the Dingles, Chas is pleased Charity is up and about. Charity says Lisa got back a bit ago and went straight upstairs with a fever and temperature. Charity says she has to get on with her life and that she doesn't give a monkeys what anyone says and that she's picked herself up before. In the café Betty says she hasn't seen Tom King since the day of the wedding and says she bets he's sat alone in his house like Miss Haversham from Great Expectations. Viv says she heard he was on a binge, drinking himself to death. Overhearing, Ashley angrily asks why they should make suffering the subject of tittle tattle. Betty says it must have touched a nerve as Ashley was betrayed by Bernice. Viv says this must bring back bad memories for Alan too. Alan says at least Charity is alive. Betty says she's sorry if they've upset him. At Victoria Cottage Jimmy calls round and asks Max and Amy if Tom has been in touch. Jimmy's annoyed that Max doesn't seem bothered and carries on watching TV. Jimmy grabs the remote and turns the TV off, saying that he needs to talk to Tom. Max says he's sure Tom will be back before they leave tomorrow. Jimmy is shocked Max is still thinking of going and says Tom needs his family right now. Amy says Tom sees pretty sorted but Jimmy shouts at Amy that she knows nothing about it. Jimmy says Tom would appreciate it if Max sticks around for a bit. In the pub Edna is collecting signatures and Louise asks what she'd doing. Val says Edna is persecuting Eric. Louise says she's not taking sides but that the Frank Bernard petition caused no end of problems and Edna can't tout for signatures in the pub. Edna marches out. At Pear tree Jimmy says Tom won't answer the door or his phone. Matthew says he probably needs to be on his own. Jimmy says that Tom faces things and that he wouldn't just disappear. Carl says he agrees with Jimmy and doesn't like it. Jimmy says Carl should try the pub, the shop and the café, and he'll try Ashley. Chloe says she'll keep trying him at home. Matthew says he'll run the business in the meantime and tells Jimmy that he's wasting his time. At Keeper's Betty shows Terry and Bob in to see Alan. Bob says they thought they'd bring Alan up to speed with the B&B. Alan says the very thought of the B&B makes him shudder. Bob says that's why they've decided to give the place a makeover and that they've been thinking about offering themed mini breaks. Terry says its news to him. Alan says as far as he is concerned, they can do what they want at the B&B. In the pub Carl asks Louise to give Carl a call if Tom comes in and lies that a couple of papers need signing. Val asks Eric if they are still on for tonight. Eric says yes but seems distracted. Val says Edna has really got to him and says she got Louise to throw Edna out earlier. Carl pulls up outside Holdgate and tells Jimmy no one has seen Tom in the village. Jimmy says Ashley hasn't heard from him either. Jimmy says they should get into Holdgate and have a look. Carl says he's changed the locks but Jimmy says they'll get in. Jimmy and Carl climb into Holdgate through the lounge window. Jimmy shouts Dad asks Carl to look upstairs. In the shop, Amy is buying a box of Dales biscuits for her mum. Betty asks Max how Tom is. Sarcastic, Max says he was last seen dancing round the room to his Glenn Miller collection. Betty says Max has been on that hippy trail. Betty says she's spent quite a lot of time in Australia with her friend Kathy. Max pretends to know Kathy and asks how she is. Betty tells Max he's a bit of a cheeky monkey and asks Max to remember her to Tom. Carl says there's no sign of Tom upstairs. Jimmy shows Carl the kitchen. It's full of dirty pots and newspapers. Jimmy and Carl see the photos of Charity and Cain on Tom's desk in his office along with an empty bottle of whisky. Jimmy says Tom must have got into a right state. Carl says where is he and Jimmy says he's sure something is wrong. At Pear tree Sadie asks where Jimmy is and says he's supposed to be taking her to lunch. Matthew says Jimmy is looking for Tom as no one has seen him today. Sadie says she's sure there's an explanation. Matthew sends Chloe out with a letter that needs posting to talk to Sadie. Matthew asks Sadie if she knew Cain was going to be with Charity on the day of the hunt and says Charity thinks it was a set up. Sadie says of course she didn't know. Matthew says it's convenient that Cain isn't there so they can't ask him either and says that he knows what Sadie is capable of. Sadie says all she did was hire a PI who watched, waited and took the photos. Matthew says Tom has always had a blind spot as far as Sadie is concerned. Max walks in with Amy and wants to send a couple of emails but Matthew tells them they're in the middle of a family conversation. Max says him and Amy will go to the pub. Outside Pear tree Amy calls Matthew a patronising, arrogant pig. Max says Matthew has a lot on his mind but Amy says Matthew didn't have to be so rude. They walk into the pub just as Val appears in the doorway and lights up a cigarette. Paul emerges and says he thought he'd seen Val with all types but that Eric is a dodgy businessman, crooked politician, not much to look at and that he has no money. Paul calls Eric a slug. Val says Eric is only friend but that he makes her laugh and that she won't let Edna Birch ruin him. Paul tells Val she never learns. At Pear tree, Matthew asks why Sadie waited until the morning of the wedding to show the pictures to Tom. Sadie says that was Jimmy's fault and that she wanted to show them to Tom sooner. Matthew says it was perfect timing and that when Tom saw the photos, everything fell apart, without time to find out if the photos were fakes, or to get any explanations. Sadie says Tom was about to make the biggest mistake of his life and that Matthew should be thanking her. In the pub, Terry checks with Bob that all his ideas for the B&B were just to cheer Alan up. Bob says it was at first but that he could see the B&B being transformed. Terry says no. At the bar Chas asks Max if Amy is his type. Max says he likes all sorts. Seeing Betty waving at him, Max tells Chas that Betty seems to know him. Chas says Betty knows everybody, and all the gossip. Carl and Chloe come in and Carl tells Max that Jimmy is ringing round all of Tom's friends. Charity walks into the pub and Carl says he doesn't know how she can show her face. Charity says she has done nothing wrong and that she has been set up. Chloe says Charity said that when she was accused of killing Chris. Chas tells Charity to take no notice and gets her a drink. At home farm Jimmy gets off the phone with one of Tom's friends. Matthew says those photos have a lot to answer for. Jimmy says he never wanted Tom to see them and that he didn't think they proved anything. Jimmy says if Tom had seen the photos the day before he wouldn't have had to go through what he did in church and that he wouldn't have gone missing. In the café Paul tells Edna her petition seems to be going well. Edna says if Paul had lived in the village longer, he'd know the reason why so many people are against Eric. Val walks in and asks if Edna is trying to persuade Paul to sign her petition. Paul says no and Edna says she has all the signatures she needs. Val says Edna is going to ruin the career and destroy the reputation of an innocent man and asks Edna not to do it. Edna says she'd expect Val to take Eric's side and that Eric and Val are well matched - and there's room for them both in the gutter. Val calls Edna a sanctimonious old crow. Edna says she has two hundred signatures. In the pub, Betty tells Max that Charity used to be a prostitute and that she was accused of murder. Amy says they'd better be going. On their way out Amy says she couldn't live in a place like Emmerdale, and that it's a dump. Ashley joins Alan and says he's just been on the phone to Steph arranging a visit and he wondered whether Alan would like to go too. Alan doesn't walk to talk about Steph and excuses himself. Charity tells Chas she wished she knew when Cain was coming back because he's the only person who can prove she is telling the truth. Chas says Cain won't do that. At Home Farm Jimmy wants to call the police. Sadie says Tom will be back tomorrow. Jimmy leaves the room. Matthew tells Sadie that her plan is staring to spiral out of control. Sadie says there is no plan. Matthew says Sadie has gone too far this time and that if Tom finds out what Sadie has done, she's finished.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 2005
    Wed 5 Jan, 2005
    Episode 3941
    Charity is asleep on the sofa at the Dingles, still in her wedding dress. Zak comes downstairs and Chas tells Zak not to wake her. Outside Holdgate, staff are clearing flowers etc. out of the marquee. Carl asks if anyone has seen Tom and suggests they go and find him. Max wonders how Charity is feeling. Matthew says Tom will come out when he's ready and sends Carl to see Auntie Phyllis off into a cab and tells Max off for mentioning the tart's name. At the Dingles, Charity wakes up with a hangover. Zak tells her to try and get some more sleep. Charity says she loved Tom and that Cain and Sadie have stitched her up. At Home farm Sadie says Jimmy should be grateful to her and that Charity was on the verge of taking control of the King family. Jimmy says she wasn't and that Tom loved her. Jimmy leaves to see Tom saying Tom needs him. At the Dingles, Charity is asleep again. Zak tells Chas that all Charity has said is that they've stitched her up. Zak says Sadie wouldn't look twice at Cain but Chas says it seems strangely convenient that Cain has disappeared. Zak says Cain has a few questions to answer when he gets back. Carl finds Phyllis in the café. Phyllis says she wanted to see more of the village and that she's left some comments in the visitors book at the B&B. Phyllis asks how Tom is but Viv tries to loiter, listening in. Carl says Tom is lying low. A taxi arrives for Phyllis. Phyllis tells Carl he's a lovely nephew and gives him some money to buy himself something and tells him not to go rushing into things with Chloe, saying she isn't for Carl. At the Dingles, Debbie gives Charity a cup of tea. Charity asks Debbie if she's in on Cain and Sadie's plan and that she knows Debbie has the fairy tale idea that her and Cain will get back together. Charity says it was Debbie that set up her meeting with Cain in the hotel. Debbie says that was so Cain could ask Charity for some money. Charity says he wanted money at first but then changed his mind. Debbie asks where Cain got his money from then. Charity says her guess is from someone who's rich, and who hates Charity as much as Cain does. At the B&B Bob is on the phone, getting angry. Bob tells Terry they have a problem getting cleaners in. Bob says they've had no luck with Nicola as it's short notice and Betty's day off. Terry says Bob was supposed to sort the cleaners out days ago. Bob says he thought it was Terry's job. They halt their debate to exchange niceties as a guest comes down stairs to check out. Terry says he's with TJ today and it's up to Bob to sort it out and sarcastic, asks Bob if he's feeling tired after running around after their guests so much. Bob says no and that he'll do the cleaning himself. At Holdgate, Matthew tells Jimmy that Tom doesn't want to see anyone. Jimmy says Tom will see him and tries to open the locked door to Tom's office where classical music is playing. Matthew says what's needed is a bit of softly, softly. Ashley walks into the kitchen saying the front door was open. Ashley knocks on the door of the office and tells Tom they need to talk. Tom opens the door to Ashley and tells Jimmy to stay out of his way. At the Dingles, Charity tells Zak and Debbie that the photos were taken on the day of the hunt and that Cain grabbed hold of her and kissed her and that she didn't want any part of it. Zak asks if Charity thinks Cain knew someone was taking pictures. Charity says of course he did and that he needed money desperately. Charity says that Sadie has hated her from day one and couldn't stand the fact that her and Tom are together. Zak says he can believe it of Cain. Debbie says that she thinks Charity has had an affair with Cain and that she's too embarrassed to admit it and walks off. At holdgate, Ashley shouts at Tom that his actions in church were cruel and offensive. Tom says he sorry and offers Ashley a drink. Ashley asks what on earth possessed Tom to do what he did. Tom says it was rage. Ashley says Tom doesn't even know Charity was having an affair. Tom says Charity fooled him too. Ashley says a photo is not proof of an affair. Tom says he's a stupid old man and that it was bound to happen sooner or later. Tom says he's now seeing things clearly and doesn't know how he could have thought Charity wanted him for anything other than his money and says he's embarrassed himself. Ashley says he believed they loved each other and says Tom has to give Charity the chance to explain herself. Tom says he's truly sorry for making an exhibition in Ashley's church and asks Ashley to have a drink with him to show there's no hard feelings between them. In the Woolpack, Amy asks Sadie why Betty and Viv are watching them. Sadie says because they thrive on gossip. Amy asks why they're in the pub then. Sadie says because they have nothing to hide and asks Amy where Max found her. Amy says they were riding elephants down the Noy river. Viv sees Zoe and heads after her telling Betty she'll report back. Bob walks in and tries to charm Betty into a cleaning shift at the B&B. Betty says her and Viv are busy trying to keep their fingers on the pulse of what's happening with the Kings and Charity today. Bob offers Betty double time and Betty leaves with Bob straightaway. Zoe tells Viv she doesn't want to talk to her. Paul tells Viv not to harass the punters. Zoe thanks Paul. At the Dingles, Chas tells Charity she should go and tell Tom the truth. Charity says Sadie is Tom's golden girl and that Tom would never believe bad of her. Charity says after the way Tom spoke to her yesterday she wants nothing more to do with him and that he can drop down dead. Charity says she thought for once in her life things were coming up roses. Chas says she can get him back. Charity says the fact is Tom doesn't trust her and that he'd rather trust Sadie. In the pub, Amy tells Sadie they're leaving for her parents in Cornwall on Friday. Max says he hasn't told Tom yet that they're leaving and leaves to go and see how Tom is. Chloe sits down with Sadie and offers to help in any way, sure Tom must be in a bad way. Sadie says it's a family problem. At the bar Zoe tells Sadie she's doing a good job at presenting a calm, unruffled face to the world but says perhaps Sadie isn't too upset at the way things have turned out. Sadie buys Zoe a drink. At the B&B Betty is reading the visitor's book. Bob tells Betty to get on with her work but Betty reads from the book saying it says their mattresses are too soft, their pillows are stained and that they don't dust their picture frames. Bob says it's teething troubles but Betty says Bob wants to get a contract sorted out with Nicola. Bob rips the page out of the Visitor's book and screws it up. Betty says she'll tell Terry. Bob tells Betty he'll give Betty a bonus if she doesn't mention she has worked at the B&B today. In the Holdgate kitchen Jimmy, Max, Carl and Matthew are all sat round the table. Jimmy wonders what Ashley and Tom can be talking about. The door to Tom's office opens and Tom shows Ashley out. Tom tells the boys to go. Jimmy says he'd like to spend time with him. Tom says if it was up to Jimmy he'd be married to that slapper by now. Coming out of Holdgate Ashley tells Carl, Max and Matthew that Tom is devastated and full of self reproach. Ashley says he won't get over it in a hurry and suggests they treat him gently. In the pub Betty returns and asks for a sherry and an update from Viv. Viv asks Paul what Zoe and Sadie were saying earlier at the bar. Paul says he's like priest and that the secrets of the confessional must remain secret. Terry comes in and says he's impressed at how clean the B&B is. Bob says he's worked his fingers to the bone and says they have another booking from a recommendation from their recent visitors. Terry says Alan out him in charge of the B&B, not Bob. Bob says his style of running the B&B has paid dividends as they've got happy customers and had no complaints. Amused, Betty tells Bob she'll have a free top up in a minute. At holdgate, Tom opens the door to Charity who's still wearing her wedding dress. Tom asks if Charity has got her story sorted. Charity says Tom should ask Sadie for that. Charity says she's just come to collect her things and barges past him. Tom asks Charity for her side of the story but Charity says no chance. In the pub Chloe tells Carl Sadie totally froze her out earlier, saying it's a family problem. Chloe says she's as good as family. Carl says that isn't important and that Tom's in bits. Chloe suggests they go home and she'll try and cheer him up. Carl agrees and they leave. At the bar Viv says to Betty she would hand the pictures over to the papers with the headline 'Shame of Black Widow'. Bob says he thinks it's very sad that two people's chance of happiness have been shattered. Viv says Bob always was a sentimental fool. At Holdgate Tom asks Charity to explain herself. Charity say it's too late now, that she tried to yesterday and that she's not going to fight for Tom's trust. Tom asks if Charity is just going to walk out on him. Charity says if Tom apologises for his foul behaviour yesterday, then they can talk. Tom says go. Charity gives Tom her door key, car key and engagement ring. Tom tells Charity to keep the car and that she can sell it to pay her rent. Charity takes it. In the pub Betty asks Zoe what Charity is going to do next. Zoe says as long as Charity has her looks, she will always have a talent for ensnaring men who should know better and that in a few months, she'll probably do it again. Zoe says to Jimmy she knows how good Charity is at causing misery. Jimmy tells Zoe that Tom won't talk to Jimmy or let him help him. In the village Charity pulls up in her car and gets out telling Sadie one day soon she is going to bring her down and that's a promise.moreless
  • 1st April 2005
    1st April 2005
    Episode 42
    Matthew takes advantage of Terry's babysitting duties to enjoy a private party with Louise. However, Matthew is left feeling awkward when Terry returns earlier than expected to a warm welcome from his girlfriend. Will Matthew be able to rise to the challenge and get Louise where he wants her? Elsewhere, Victoria's birthday wish comes true when Belle Dingle agrees to swap Hamish the pony for Victoria's doll. How will Jack and Diane feel about Victoria's new toy? Over at the café, Viv is horrified when Donna applies for a job at the Kings, rejecting her mother's plan for her as Emmerdale's shop and café heiress. Is this the beginning of a new glamorous chapter for Donna?moreless
  • 31st March 2005
    31st March 2005
    Episode 41
    Jimmy seals his return to the King fold by goading Matthew into accepting a challenge to bed Louise before his next birthday. Does Matthew have a chance or will Terry stand in his way? Over at the Sugdens', Victoria is devastated when her birthday present turns out to be a karaoke machine and not a horse as she had hoped. Determined to show her the joys of karaoke, Jack sings Delilah by Tom Jones, but his performance fails to impress! Elsewhere, Chas's attempt to cheer up Debbie backfires when she tells Debbie she knows why she's so unhappy. Does Chas know the truth about her pregnancy?moreless
  • 30th March 2005
    30th March 2005
    Episode 40
    Cain's efforts to make a new start with Debbie backfire when he overreacts to Andy's concern for her at a chance meeting in town. At the end of her tether with Cain, Debbie makes it clear that she wants nothing more to do with her father and in an uncontrollable rage Cain viciously attacks his daughter. Appalled by Cain's behaviour, Zak sets fire to his caravan and tells him to leave or he'll do the same to his car. Despite his pleading, Debbie refuses to intervene and Cain is forced to leave. Elsewhere, Jimmy goes to his mother's grave and has a heart-to-heart with Tom who is also visiting. The father and son are brought closer together, paving the way for Jimmy to be welcomed back into the King family.moreless
  • 29th March 2005
    29th March 2005
    Episode 39
    Debbie is devastated when Andy tells her that it's completely over between them now that he's with Libby. To make matters worse, Cain gets suspicious and accuses Debbie of seeing Andy again. When he sees how upset she is, Cain tries to make amends, but will he keep his promise to make things right? Elsewhere, Matthew exposes Jimmy's plan to Tom and together they outbid him for the business contract. As they celebrate in the Woolpack, Matthew's joy at beating his brother is short-lived when Jimmy walks in and punches him hard in the face. Meanwhile, Viv and Paddy are tormented by guilt over their passionate embrace and agree that it must never be repeated. Will this really be the end of their dangerous liaison?moreless
  • 28/03/05
    Episode 38
    As Emily and Paul head off to a gig, a lonely Viv is forced to ask Paddy for help when her hairdryer blows a fuse and all her electricity goes off. As Paddy offers his assistance, they forget their angry exchange from the previous night and unable to resist temptation any longer they share a passionate kiss. Elsewhere, a determined Matthew discovers what Jimmy is up to when he manages to get his hands on a business quote. Matthew later assures an uneasy Carl that their brother will get his comeuppance. Over at the Dingles', Cain's lies catch up with him when Zak discovers a stash of cash in his caravan. Furious that Cain refuses to contribute to the family pot, Zak forces him to tell Debbie that it's the money he got from Sadie to betray Charity. Feeling appalled, Debbie makes it clear that she never wants to see her father again.moreless
  • 27/03/05
    Episode 37
    Sparks fly between Viv and Paddy during Sunday lunch laid on by Emily. However, after some tantalising games of footsie under the table, desire turns to anger as both Viv and Paddy try to deny their true feelings and end up arguing over the washing up! Meanwhile, the Kings try to help Carl come to terms with Chloe's treachery but his mind is clearly elsewhere. Later, in the Woolpack, Carl tells Denzel not to mess it up with Chas, but is he secretly hoping that he and Chas will get back together? Elsewhere, Debbie uses the money that Charity gave her to bail out the Dingles. After paying Pollard for the damage to his car, a grateful Lisa offers to take Debbie shopping.moreless
  • GoodBye Chloe!
    GoodBye Chloe!
    Episode 36
    Chloe leaves Emmerdale for good. Carl tells Chas that Chloe is responsible for the pen letters and she goes round to confront her. As Chas has it out with Chloe she spots several pregnancy test kits and guesses that Chloe has been lying about being an expectant mother. She forces her to do a test but Chloe does a runner. A crowd congregates as Chas catches up with Chloe and demands that she admit that she isn't really pregnant. Chas and Chloe come to blows and Chas proceeds to dunk Chloe's head in a horse's trough, threatening to drown her until she is admits the truth. Carl is dumbstruck as he learns that he has been taken for a fool and Chloe is forced to leave the village in disgrace.moreless
  • 24/03/05
    Episode 35
    Carl confronts Chloe about the letter and despite her desperate attempts she is unable to convince him that she is innocent. Carl tells her that he wants her out of the house and Jimmy turns up to reinforce his decision. Over in the post office, Dawn sees Ashley who tells her that he's struggling to find a baby-sitter for Gabby. Dawn offers her services and is delighted to have found a solution to her cash crisis. Meanwhile, Viv finds another excuse to take Buffy the rabbit to the vets and Paddy can't help but be pleased to see her. As he reaches for the pet, Paddy's hand strokes Viv's. They both feel the chemistry; will they give into temptation?moreless
  • 23/03/05
    Episode 34
    Carl has a private chat with Colleen about the letters and he asks her to write the word ‘waste'. She is disgruntled by her ex-husband's accusations but writes the word regardless. Carl later cleverly asks Chloe to write a letter for Tom and as he dictates he includes the same word. Chloe incorrectly spells the word ‘waist' and Carl is horrified as the mistake matches an error on the letter. How will Carl react to the discovery that Chloe was responsible for destroying his relationship with Chas? Meanwhile, when Viv takes her new pet rabbit to the vets, Paddy is clearly nervous in her presence.moreless
  • 22/03/05
    Episode 33
    Carl continues to think about the pen letters and he asks Chas if she still has them. She digs them out and Chloe is later horrified when she comes home to find Carl studying them. Carl tells Chloe that he doesn't understand why the letters suddenly stopped and Chloe covers her tracks by saying that she received another one but kept it to herself. She later quickly pens the letter and produces it to a flummoxed Carl. Meanwhile, Dawn is excited at the prospect of taking a job at an estate agency, but she is later downhearted when she works out that after childminding and travel costs it will not be worth her while. Over in the Woolpack, Matthew flirts with a lady client purely for Louise's benefit. At an opportune moment, Louise apologises for the previous day and says she feels like an idiot. Matthew relishes in the fact that he has regained the upper hand.moreless
  • 21/03/05
    Episode 32
    Louise and Terry decide to go through with the mortgage on the B&B but Louise is surprised when Matthew sends Carl in his place with the documentation. Later that day Louise goes to visit Matthew and hands over the signed forms. She apologises for the previous day but Matthew insists that she got the wrong idea, not him. She offers to buy him a drink, but Matthew refuses and shuts the door on a disappointed Louise. Meanwhile, Colleen joins Chloe and Carl for dinner and Chloe lays on the charm offensive. The subject of the poison pen letters comes up and Chloe insists that she never believed that Colleen sent them. Carl is left thoughtful, hoping to get to the bottom of the letters. Elsewhere, Laurel admits to Ashley that she's finding the distance between them difficult and he confesses that he is finding it equally as hard.moreless
  • 20/03/05
    Episode 31
    Matthew offers Louise and Terry a hand going through the B&B books and Louise later thanks him with a free pint in the Woolpack. Matthew suggestively tells Louise that he could help her with more than just the accounts but picking up on his proposition she firmly insists him that she is attached. Matthew bluffs that she's got the wrong end of the stick but Louise is clearly ill at ease. Over at the vicarage, Laurel and Ashley cosy up on the sofa until they are interrupted by Ethan. Uncomfortable in his presence, Laurel leaves and she later glumly tells Nicola that things aren't going well between her the vicar. Could their relationship be drawing to a close thanks to the bishop's disapproval?moreless
  • 18/03/05
    Episode 30
    Louise and Terry prepare to look at another B&B until Terry finds out that Dawn needs him to look after TJ . Matthew offers to accompany Louise instead and she gratefully agrees. As they look around, Matthew turns on the charm but is careful not to give too much away. Matthew suggests they stay for lunch and over a few glasses of wine he proposes a toast to their new venture. Will Louise notice the glint in his eye? Elsewhere, Chloe quizzes Carl having found out that Chas called round the previous evening. Despite his explanation she storms up to Chas in front of Denzel and threatens her to stay away from her boyfriend. Denzel supportively makes it clear that he trusts Chas, and Chloe leaves in disgust.moreless
  • 17/03/05 [4000th Episode]
    4000th Episode - One-hour special Steph goes to Arran in search of Shelly, while Turner desperately waits for news on whether it will be his daughter or girlfriend who will be returning. Later in Arran, Steph follows Shelly onto a ferry and they come face to face on the top deck. Shelly is petrified when she sees Steph, but is determined that for once she must stand up to her bully. There is a scuffle between Steph and Shelly and Steph demands that Shelly come back to Emmerdale, Steph takes hold of Shelly's coat, but accidentally pushes her over the edge and falls overboard into the ice-cold sea below, pulled beneath the waves and out of sight. Then Steph throws Shelly's luggage into the sea, and walks off to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Chas and Carl have a heart to heart, but are interrupted when Chloe returns home. Chas is forced to hide behind the sofa and is close to tears as she listens to Chloe declare her love for Carl before they head upstairs together. Over in the Woolpack, Louise and Diane are furious when Bob gives the Dingles free drinks for dressing up as Leprechauns on St Patrick's day. They get revenge by making him wear Shadrach's outfit, leaving the Dingle in his vest and long johns!moreless
  • 16/03/05
    Episode 28
    Shelly says her farewells before leaving the village, telling a tearful Turner that all he has to do is call if he decides he'd like to join her. Steph later visits Turner and is overwhelmed when he admits he couldn't leave her behind. She vows to go after Shelly herself to convince her to come back, claiming that if she's successful she will not be returning herself. As Steph leaves she says an emotional goodbye to her dad, explaining that this may be the last time they see each other. Meanwhile, Pollard tells Val the exhibition has turned into a disaster since Glynis unlawfully revealed that he's giving the profits away. Val points out that they are still able to deduct expenses and is confident that with some clever accountancy they'll come out on top. Elsewhere, Andy asks Libby about her boyfriend and is shocked when she tells him that they split up ages ago. Will this spur Andy to fight for Libby's affections?moreless
  • 15/03/05
    Episode 27
    Shelly faces her demons as she cleans the B&B, but revisiting the cellar brings back dark memories of the suffering that Steph previously forced her to endure. Shelly is later horrified when she returns home to find that Turner has invited Steph round for dinner and during the meal she cracks, forcing Turner to choose between them. When he hesitates, Shelly declares that she is leaving the village the following morning, but will Turner go with her? Elsewhere, Libby is amused when she walks in on an embarrassed Andy ironing in just a towel. She later asks him to join her for a drink, but when Andy explains he has got to get home, Libby assumes that he isn't interested.moreless
  • 14/03/05
    Episode 26
    Pollard is terrified as Glynis turns up at the gallery opening with a photographer from the local paper. He desperately tries to prevent her from finding out where the paintings came from until Rodney takes pleasure in divulging the information. How will Glynis react when she learns the truth about Pollard's underhand antics? Steph is reduced to tears as Turner reluctantly asks her to leave him and Shelly alone. She pleads that she is only trying to make amends but agrees to leave the village if that is what he really wants. Elsewhere, Tom is livid when he finds out that Jimmy has outbid the Kings for a contract. Tom angrily confronts his son but Jimmy insists that business is businessmoreless
  • 11/03/05
    Episode 25
    Shelly admits to Turner that she wants to go to Spain, but he tells her he can't leave Steph alone. Shelly remains adamant that she's going regardless, telling him that he must choose between her and his daughter. Andy promises Libby that he will look after her horse but panics when he notices a rusty nail embedded in its hoof. Andy calls for a vet but when Max turns up the rivalry between them is instantly apparent. Pollard is mad when Val gets top billing in the newspaper and panics when Glynis questions his relationship with Val. Pollard is all too aware of what a loose cannon Val can be and worries about what she might say.moreless
  • 10/03/05
    Episode 24
    Turner takes Shelly to the Woolpack for dinner but she is furious to discover that it came courtesy of Steph. Will this be the final straw for Shelly? Val helps Pollard organise an exhibition and proactively suggests that they need more publicity. Pollard disagrees, warning her that their venture isn't strictly above board, but Val places an advertisement regardless. Ashley becomes so preoccupied trying to set up a drama society that he unwittingly ignores Laurel. He later admits to Zoe that he is desperately trying to make himself indispensable in the hope that the bishop won't send him to another parishmoreless
  • 09/03/05
    Episode 23
    Val charms antique owners in an attempt to get offers for the paintings. Meanwhile, Pollard is having trouble trying to get insurance cover for the pictures and is mortified to find out that Val has told the dealers he is her gofer. Elsewhere, Steph tries to win Shelly's forgiveness by offering her beauty therapy equipment, but she is clearly not ready to forget. Shelly is furious when she arrives home to find Turner with the equipment, and in a rage she insists that she has decided to leave the village. Nicola is bitter having failed to set a wedding date with Simon and she takes out her fury on the cleaning team. How will Nicola react when the usually quiet Laurel gives her a piece of her mind?moreless
  • 8/03/05
    Episode 22
    Emily is convinced that Paddy and Viv have fallen out and are avoiding each other, so she tricks them into coming face to face. As Emily forces them to shake hands, the physical contact stirs feelings in both of them. Will Emily pick up on their electric vibes? Elsewhere, when Val fails to sell any paintings, Pollard pretends they have gone up in flames in order to claim on the insurance. Will the devious duo get away get away with fraud? Meanwhile, Shelly struggles to take orders from a bossy Nicola and reconsiders working with her.moreless
  • 07/03/05
    Episode 21
    Emily asks Paddy to help Viv set up some tables in the café but he can't face it and persuades Marlon to do it instead. Emily questions Paddy about his behaviour towards Viv but he assures her that nothing is wrong. Nicola is desperate to expand her business and when Pollard employs her to clean the factory she offers Shelly a part time job. Delighted that things are going so well, Nicola talks to Simon and tells him she wants to set a date for their wedding. Is Simon ready to walk down the aisle? Over in the Woolpack, Sadie is upset when Jimmy refuses to speak to her, making it clear that their marriage is over. Sadie tells Zoe that she refuses to leave the Kings behind and is prepared to play the waiting game. But will Jimmy be willing to forgive and forget?moreless
  • 06/03/05
    Episode 20
    Paddy confides in Marlon about what happened with Viv and confesses that although he turned her down he was tempted. Marlon can't help feeling amused but warns Paddy not to take it any further. Later that day, Emily thinks Viv needs cheering up and invites her round for supper. An awkward Viv and Paddy agree to forget about the previous night, but both are thinking of nothing else. Over in the Woolpack, Steph announces that she is sorry and Turner can't help but feel a slight twang of sympathy. Shelly is furious when she walks in and sees Turner with Steph. Diane, noting her anger, suggests that Steph leaves. Elsewhere Pollard and Val's money-making plan continues. The evening paper prints a positive piece about Pollard, and Val insists that Pollard agree to a 35% share of the profits.moreless
  • 4/03/05
    Episode 19
    When Viv hears that Bob has a date, she is distraught and, seeking comfort, rings Emily. Emily is out but Paddy takes the call and goes round to console Viv. After two bottles of wine Viv becomes flirtatious and Paddy is torn between horror and lust as their eyes lock. However, when Viv misreads the signs and puts her hand on his knee, Paddy makes his excuses and leaves. Meanwhile, Sadie wonders how she can win Jimmy back and arrives at the Woolpack all glammed up. Jimmy ignores her and she feels humiliated as all eyes are on her. Sadie refuses a drink from Robert and leaves. Elsewhere, Pollard is appalled by a newspaper headline regarding the local library and devises a money-making plan with Val as a resultmoreless
  • 3/03/05
    Episode 18
    Sadie spends her day desperately trying to make amends with the King Family. She points out to Jimmy what he is giving up but Jimmy is clearly not interested. She gets nowhere with Tom either so seeks sympathy from Zoe who tells her the photos were a low trick, but understands as she was once in a similar position. Elsewhere, Steph tries her best to speak to her dad and Shelly but to no avail. Turner admits to Shelly that he is starting to feel sorry for Steph but Shelly is determined to keep Steph out of their lives. Meanwhile, Paddy realises that after experiencing recent relationship problems with Emily, he needs to accept what they have together and make the most of it.moreless
  • 2/03/05
    Episode 17
    Jimmy returns to Home Farm to collect some of his things and ends up rowing with Sadie over who is in the wrong. Meanwhile, Tom tells Max that losing Charity was the biggest regret of his life. He later calls a family meeting and, refusing to accept Sadie's grovelling apology, he sacks both her and Jimmy. Elsewhere, Debbie relays the story to Zak of how her mum had slept with Jimmy to get back at Sadie for what she and Cain had done. Cain pleads for Debbie's forgiveness, promising that he will try and be a proper father to her. Later that day, Chloe quizzes Carl on what he knows about Paul Marsden's death, but an irate Carl insists he has nothing to say and suggests that she keep quiet too.moreless
  • GoodBye Charity! [Double Episode]
    Charity leaves Emmerdale for good. Jimmy's 40th birthday party becomes an unforgettable evening when Charity bursts in and blurts out that she and the birthday boy have been having an affair. When the Kings refuse to believe her allegations, she whips out the evidence and plays the incriminating videotape.Tom is stunned as the tape confirms that Sadie set Charity up to stop the wedding and a distraught Sadie launches herself at Charity. The Dingle retaliates by flooring her arch rival before heading for the door.Charity goes to collect Debbie but as Cain tells his daughter that he can't bear the thought of losing her, Debbie turns to Charity and announces that she is staying with her father. With Noah beside her, an emotional Charity drives off into the night.Back at Holdgate Farm, Chloe continues to watch the tape and is shocked to hear the truth about Paul Marsden's death. Matthew threatens her to forget what she has seen, but will she remain tight lipped?moreless
  • 28/02/05
    Episode 15
    Debbie struggles to decide whether or not to leave with Charity and she seeks advice from Andy. They are interrupted by Cain and his furious reaction convinces Debbie it's time to move on. But will she regret her decision? Jimmy is forced to borrow £10,000 from his brother Matthew and in return Charity hands over the video tape. Later Jimmy hugs Sadie, relieved his ordeal is over. Charity admits to Marlon that she still loves Tom but accepts their relationship is over. She later shares a warm moment with Zoe as they talk about Chris Tate and Charity promises to take care of Noah.moreless
  • Emmerdale's Greatest Love Triangles
    Life in the not-so-sleepy village of Emmerdale continues to attract millions of soap fans who've come to learn that where there's muck there's a clandestine affair waiting to be discovered. Emmerdale's Greatest Love Triangles reveals that over the years some rather racy goings-on in the Dales have been a big part of country life. And as each new thorny love triangle unravels, more and more viewers flock to the show like a herd of Jack's sheep, fast earning Emmerdale the number two soap slot in Britain. This special show presents the very best in the tangled love lives of the Sugdens, the Tates and the Dingles – in fact the entire village – as Emmerdale's secret affairs, forbidden loves and hidden passions are revealed once again. Cast members, including Patsy Kensit (Sadie King) and Emma Atkins, (Charity) reveal who would be in their saucy fantasy love triangles and the show reveals which Emmerdale resident is the most desperate housewife! This special looks into the goings on between: Andy, Robert and Katie Zak, Nellie and Lisa Cain, Angie, Sean (& Ollie… and Lady Tara … and Biff) Ashley, Bernice and Carlos Charity, Cain, & Chris Charity, Jimmy & Sadie Kim, David and Frankmoreless
  • 25/02/05
    Episode 13
    Debbie is upset following the revelations the previous day and she listens attentively as Ethan tries to help her understand the reason behind her mother's behaviour. Later that day, Debbie receives an apology from Charity and she begins to realise that maybe Cain has let her down. Charity is hopeful when Debbie hints that she would like a fresh start. But is Debbie ready to leave her life in the village behind? Elsewhere, Jimmy is anxious to ensure that Sadie never sees the videotape and as Charity puts the pressure on him he resorts to stealing money from King & Son's office. Meanwhile, Steph makes a conscious effort to build bridges with Turner and Shelly. However, Shelly is not ready to forgive and forget and she slams to door in her rival's face. Also, The Village Dance takes place in the Community Hall.moreless
  • 24/02/05
    Episode 12
    In a desperate bid to convince Debbie of her innocence, Charity forces her daughter to sit through the incriminating videotape. Debbie is outraged by her mother's behaviour and calls her a tramp before storming out. Over in the café, Laurel tells Nicola that her engagement to Ashley is off but is adamant that she understands Ashley's dilemma and is prepared to wait for him. Is Laurel really as carefree as she is suggesting? Elsewhere, Len tries to persuade Edna to attend the tea dance but when she refuses, Pearl, Jarvis and Len get their thinking caps on and try and come up with a plan to convince her to go along.moreless
  • 23/02/05
    Episode 11
    Ashley is nervous as he breaks the news of his decision to Laurel and informs her that in order to convince the Bishop of their love for one another they will have to end the physical side of their relationship. Laurel assures the vicar that she is willing to wait forever if she has to, but later on she breaks down in tears as she removes her engagement ring. Meanwhile, Charity is desperate to make Debbie believe that she has been set up and tells Chas that she is considering showing her the videotape of her and Jimmy. Chas strongly advises her against this, but how far will Charity go to prove her innocence? Elsewhere, Jimmy worries that his days are numbered and he panics knowing that he doesn't have the money that Charity is demanding. Out of desperation he slips Sadie's jewellery into his pocket. How long will it be before she notices that it has gone missing?moreless
  • 22/02/05
    Episode 10
    Ashley wrestles with his conscience having turned his back on the church and after a long chat with Zoe he decides to retract his resignation. How will Laurel react when she discovers that he has put their wedding in jeopardy? Meanwhile, Charity desperately tries to convince Debbie that she was set up by Cain and Sadie and begs her to leave the village with her. Cain sees Charity preaching to their daughter and in a fury he manhandles his ex-lover out of the door. Later that evening, Charity goes to the Woolpack and tells the Dingles of her plans to move away. Sadie overhears and is clearly delighted, but Jimmy is left panicking about what may be in store for him. Elsewhere, Paddy and Emily try to resolve their sexual problems by talking about their feelings. However, as they embrace, Emily's uncomfortable expression suggests that they still have a long way to go.moreless
  • 21/02/05
    Episode 9
    Marlon suggests that Paddy tries to spice things up with Emily by cooking a romantic meal. Unfortunately for Paddy things don't go to plan when a careless word from Dawn leads Emily to fear that her husband is having an affair. Will Paddy be able to reassure Emily that he only has eyes for her? Meanwhile, a drunk and depressed Viv rings her nearest and dearest insisting that they come round to see how unhappy she is. Despite Viv's best efforts to be miserable, her guests can't help but be amused and they have a really enjoyable evening! Elsewhere, Laurel is shocked when she receives a visit from the Bishop. Will she be able to convince him to reconsider his decision?moreless
  • 20/02/05
    Episode 8
    Paddy looks on with jealousy at Marlon and Donna canoodling. After one too many drinks, he shocks Marlon by confessing that he and Emily are experiencing problems in the bedroom. Elsewhere, Viv tries to reunite her family and with the best of intentions she invites everyone over for lunch. When she fails to round up the troops, Viv is left feeling utterly depressed and she complains to an uncomfortable Emily about her own non-existent sex life. Meanwhile, Ashley remains adamant that he stands by his resignation from the church, but when a parishioner rings saying that his dying mother is asking to see him, the ex-vicar goes to visit her without a second thought. Is Ashley really ready to put the church behind him?moreless
  • Fri 18 Feb, 2005
    Fri 18 Feb, 2005
    Episode 7
    In the Children's Playground Ashley and Laurel watch Gabby playing on the swings. Ashley is feeling very pessimistic about how long the process could go on of waiting for the Bishop to change his mind. Ashley says he wanted Laurel and him to start a family. Laurel tells him that she is good at waiting. At the Dingles' Homestead Lisa is shouting up the stairs for Debbie, it's the usual rush at breakfast time and Lisa suggests they've all forgotten something. Belle says Happy Birthday to her and Lisa thanks her for her homemade card. Chas apologises for having forgotten. Lisa is very upset about Zak's present of a roasting tin and storms out. At Home Farm Sadie is dressed smartly in a suit, she comments to Jimmy that he could learn a lot from women about business. When she offers to meet Jimmy after her meeting he makes an excuse about having some business to attend to himself. When he leaves Zoe asks Sadie if she's noticed something different about Jimmy's behaviour lately. Sadie remarks that it is his usual demeanour. In Mill Brook Cottage Ashley is so distracted that he pours boiling water on his hands by mistake. He angrily dismisses Ethan's help as more interference but Ethan persists in getting him to sit down. Ashley tells him that he thinks the Bishop has not given his permission as a form of punishment. Ethan tries to reassure him that the Bishop will come round in the end, he just has to be patient. Ashley tells him that it's easy for him to say as it's not his life in the Bishop's hands and walks out. In Café Hope Marlon and Donna are messing around. Viv shouts across to Donna to get on with some work. She comments ruefully to Emily about the pair, Emily says that they are just happy and asks if Viv has anything planned for the weekend. Viv hasn't. Jimmy, Matthew and Tom come in for a drink, Tom comments to Jimmy on how good Sadie is already chasing clients on her first day back, he says how they're both a credit to him. Chas makes a barbed comment to the three and Tom tells Matthew not to take the bait, stating that the Dingles are never to get the upper hand again. Jimmy wears a sick expression. In the corner Laurel tells Ashley that she's not going to let him go. Ashley is mulling things over and at Laurels suggestion that the Bishop is trying to protect him he comes to the realisation that the Bishop is forcing him to think about things so he doesn't make any mistakes. He rushes off to apologise to the Bishop but Laurel warns him not to get his hopes up. In Café Hope Viv is in a pensive mood, she tells Donna that there's more to life than money and that family is important. Donna is bemused. Viv suggests she and Donna spend some time together but Donna replies that she's meeting Marlon later. Viv tells her to suit herself. Ashley barges into the Bishops lounge, the Bishop puts back an appointment so they can talk. Ashley apologises to him, explaining that he understands that he had his best interests at heart. The Bishop has forced him to look even closer at his relationship with Laurel and he realises all the more that Laurel is the right woman for him. The Bishop is glad that Ashley has reached these conclusions but still thinks that time is the only thing that can prove that the relationship is right. Lisa is furiously walking down a country lane muttering to herself how she is fed up with her family. Pollard slows his car to ask her if she is alright and wants a lift. Lisa tells him that she's left them and she's never going back. Back at the Bishop's House, Ashley can't accept the Bishop's decision. He passionately tells him that to reject Laurel would be like rejecting part of himself, he offers his resignation from the Church. Sadie comes into the Pear Tree Cottage Office and shows Matthew and Tom some antique cufflinks that she has bought for Jimmy's birthday. She also tells them that she's got some more things planned. Matthew enquires ironically on what you give the man who has everything. Sadie answers "Some respect." Ashley is leaving the Bishop's House, the Bishop is beseeching him to slow down and think again. He tells him that he is making yet another hot-headed decision. Ashley is accepting none of it and departs. In the Dingles' Homestead Zak and Shadrach are messing around as they try to make a cake for Lisa. Chas comes in and comments that Lisa may not come back to see it. Sadie comes back to Home Farm and picks up a message from Jimmy's bank. She calls them but they won't tell her the details of the withdrawal he's requested. In the Woolpack Laurel is worried that Ashley being upset and not doing something he regrets. An untactful Nicola suggests that she could take the wedding brochures off Laurel's hands now she's not getting married. Pollard escorts Lisa in and says he will treat her to something off the menu as it's her birthday. He orders some white wine and Lisa asks him what's wrong with Champagne and he's forced to order it. Chas is surprised to see Lisa, she gets on the phone and tells Zak that she thinks he's too late. In a country lane Ashley pulls over in his car and tries to calm down. In Home Farm Jimmy comes in and Sadie tells him he's got some explaining to do. Jimmy thinks the whole game is up, but then Sadie refers to the Bank calling. Jimmy makes an excuse about a bad bet and says it won't happen again. Sadie tells him she it better be, she won't tolerate him lying. Paddy bursts into the Post Office just as Viv is closing up and begs her to let him buy a bottle of something as he is planning a special meal for Emily, she asks him to spare him the details. He tells her to keep the change and buy herself a bottle as he rushes out. Laurel goes round to Mill Brook Cottage and tells Ethan that she is worried about Ashley. She's left three messages on the Bishop's phone and is worried she's made a fool of herself. Ethan tells her that this is not about her but the Bishop trying to make sure Ashley doesn't make another mistake. Laurel rushes back out to look for Ashley. In Smithy Cottage Paddy and Emily are just finishing a romantic meal. Paddy is on edge and Emily asks him if he's alright. Paddy mentions that he was thinking about the house being empty, Emily not quite correctly interprets his meaning about them having some peace. Paddy offers to run her a bath. In the Woolpack Lisa and Pollard are enjoying the bottle of cava, Pollard had taken her hand and is busy telling her how the Dingles' don't deserve her. As he becomes more insulting about them, Lisa starts to take offence. Zak and Shadrach enter with Lisa's cake. Pollard is rude about it's condition and Zak ends up pushing it in his face, Shadrach revoltingly licks some of the cream off him. Lisa is pleased that they made an effort for her and is all forgiving, kissing and hugging Zak. In Smithy Cottage Emily is in her dressing gown doing the crossword asking Paddy to look something up. Paddy tries to lighten things, asking if she'd ever looked up rude words. When he leans over to kiss her, she pushes him away, saying she is going to put the rubbish out. Paddy is fed up. Laurel comes into the Church, sees Ashley kneeling and starts to leave so she doesn't disturb him. He turns and calls to her. He apologises for not coming back sooner, he tells her that he's decided to do the right thing. Laurel answers that she understands, believing that he is saying he can't marry her, but then Ashley takes his dog collar off. Laurel is in tears and exclaims that he can't leave the Church but Ashley has made his mind up. He hugs her and tells her it will be o.k.moreless
  • Thu 17 Feb, 2005
    Thu 17 Feb, 2005
    Episode 6
    Laurel and Ashley are coming out of Mill Brook Cottage with Gabby. Laurel wants Ashley to call her as soon as he hears from the Bishop about whether he approves of them getting married. Ethan comes out of the Post Office and observes the happy threesome. Charity comes out of the B&B and links arms with Chas. Chas remarks on her good spirits. Charity informs her that she's had her first payment from Jimmy which means she is on her way to leaving. She is also going to see Debbie later on that day. Charity hands Chas some cash and thanks for looking after the tape even though Chas had had reservations. Charity tells her not to think of handing the cash back and they hug. At Home Farm Jimmy is on the phone to the bank trying to get some cash but with little success. Sadie comes into the lounge and asks him about the call but he rushes out. In Farrer's Barn Pollard finishes a call to the Auction House. He tells Val he is not happy that their commission is 25%. Pollard comments that he hopes Marion understands about only getting 65%. Val has worked out that Pollard is taking a 10% cut for himself, she thinks he should be sharing it with her. Pollard says most of it's got to go to his creditors but he may find some left over for a night out. Jimmy comes into the kitchen to join Sadie for breakfast. Sadie insists that they should have a celebration for his 40th and Jimmy quietly gives in, stating as long as it's just family. In the Dingles' Homestead Lisa is sorting through the family bills. Neither Cain, Shadrach nor Zak own up to putting foreign money in the kitty. Lisa hands the bills and cash to Zak so he can put them in the bank. She then hands him the £20 left over and tells him he can spend it how he wishes. In a purposeful tone she mentions that he should be thinking of someone's birthday the next day and that he should spend it on something new. Cain and Shadrach grin thinking he's not go the message. Ashley is pinning up some notices in the entrance to the Church when the Bishop gets out of his car. He tells Ashley he thought he should give him his answer in person. Ashley asks him to come straight to the point. The Bishop tells him that a marriage between Ashley and Laurel is out of the question. In Café Hope Pollard cautiously informs Marian about the 35% commission, but Marian is just happy to get her furniture sold and is so grateful that she wants him to take a 5% cut. Jimmy is ordering from Emily when he has to go back outside to shut off his car alarm. Jack makes a sarcastic comment about Jimmy showing off with a smart car. In the Church the Bishop tells Ashley that he has a history of bad choices. Ashley says that his relationship with Louise wasn't serious but the Bishop points out that it was serious enough for him to sleep with her. Ashley states that the Bishops decision is a punishment but he Bishop answers that it is more of a damage limitation, he wasn't impressed with the circumstances of the crash, he feels Ashley let down his Parishioners. The Bishop tells him that it was a good job that Ethan was there to help. Ashley sarcastically suggests that the Bishop had sent Ethan to show him back to the path of righteousness, then realises that was exactly what the Bishop did. In the back room of the Woolpack Laurel is all fingers and thumbs whilst she is cleaning up. Chas, Diane and Louise try to reassure her that the Bishop's decision will go in their favour. Val comes in with Pollard agog to know the details of his meeting but Diane sends them out. Back in the Church, Ashley asks the Bishop if he sent Ethan to report on him. The Bishop admits that word had got to him that Ashley had lost some of his enthusiasm for his work. Ashley loses his temper and demands how many times Ethan reported to him, he asks what would happen if he had a civil marriage to Laurel. The Bishop tells him he would revoke his license, he believes that Ashley is rushing into things, he will only re-consider his decision once Ashley has proved his commitment to his duties towards his Parishioners and daughter and that with Laurel their relationship matures beyond the first flush of romance. Ethan comes into the Church to ask if it is good news, Ashley replies that it depends on who's point of view, the decision is no. Ethan asks if he's told Laurel. Ashley tells he that bad news can wait, unless Ethan wants to step in and do it. Ethan is confused but Ashley loses his temper and tells him that he knows all about his mission from the Bishop and storms out. In the Woolpack Laurel is anxiously waiting for Ashley to come in. On a country lane Jimmy is persistently beeping his horn to get past Jack in his tractor. Jack takes great delight in staying in the middle of the road. Charity comes into the Dingles' Homestead and tries to persuade Debbie to come and have dinner with her. Debbie is still reluctant to build bridges with her. Cain comes in and bickers with Charity. Debbie says that she is sick of the pair of them quarrelling. Charity suggests Debbie takes Noah upstairs so she can spend a bit of time with him. At Home Farm Sadie comes into the kitchen to berate Jimmy that he is late for lunch. Jimmy is having a drink, he is explains about Jack deliberately blocking the road. Sadie comments that she thought she had been stood up, Jimmy appeases her by asking her nicely if there is any lunch left. In the Dingles' Homestead Charity tells Cain that soon Debbie will see through him and that when Charity leaves, Debbie will go with her. Charity calls for Debbie to bring down Noah and departs. Zak and Shadrach come in, they've purchased some beer. Cain points out that they were supposed to be buying Lisa a present, Zak lifts a bag and says he's got it all in hand. Pollard comes into the Woolpack and Val asks if she's got Pollard all to herself for the afternoon, he says yes and answers his phone. Ashley comes in, Laurel can see the bad news on his face, she thinks the decision is because of her but Ashley assures her it isn't and suggests they go home to talk. Pollard has come off the phone and tells Val that Glynis is cracking the whip for disabled access report and wants it delivered tomorrow. Val offers to give him a hand and they leave. In Mill Brook Cottage Ashley is hugging a tearful Laurel, he assures her that they still have a future together. In Farrer's Barn Pollard tells Val that there could be a more lucrative outcome to doing the report as Glynis will probably ask him to do the process of tendering for building access. Competing builders often use bribes to get their way. Laurel and Ashley walk up the street, he spots Marlon giving Donna a piggy-back and comments that he'd never thought that relationship would work, there was too much baggage. Ashley tells Laurel that he should have thought about the baggage he was bringing to their relationship. Laurel tells him that he shouldn't have regrets or he'd never have had Gabby. Laurel feels she wouldn't have been ready if she'd met him sooner and tells him that he last few months have been the happiest of her life. Ashley takes her face in his hands and asks what if that's all they get together.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 2005
    Wed 16 Feb, 2005
    Episode 5
    In Annie's Cottage Jack is putting on his Wellington boots moaning that his socks need darning. Diane makes it clear she won't do it and suggests he buys some new ones. Jack grumpily goes out saying he hasn't got time and says he has to be at Andy's to help with the lambing. When he's gone Diane jokes with Robert about Jack never getting new clothes and decides she is going to give all his old stuff to the Jumble Sale. Robert warns her that he won't like it. Charity bumps into Jimmy coming out of the Post Office. Jimmy doesn't want to be seen with her, but Charity sarcastically checks that with all the excitement he hasn't forgotten her blackmail payment, she reminds him that he's got everything to lose. Laurel comes into the Village Hall it's busy with the Jumble Sale being set up. She hands a bag to Ethan and tells Ashley that her visit was a good excuse to wish him luck with the Bishop. Ashley says he is sure he will give them his blessing. Betty is not impressed that Ethan has asked Steph to help organise the Jumble Sale, especially as she usually does it. Steph reminds her it's for a good cause. At Home Farm Zoe is sorting out some clothes of Chris's for the Jumble Sale. Jimmy asks if she still misses him. She tells him that you don't realise what you've got till it's gone and asks if he misses Sadie. Jimmy is gloomy and Zoe sympathetically says that things will work out between them. At Butlers Farm Libby comes into the Kitchen to pay her stable money. Andy is curt with her and asks if her boyfriend's car can be moved out of the way. She tells him that he's just leaving and will return to pick her up after her ride. After she goes, Jack comments to Andy that he was a bit sharp with her and should employ a bit of charm. Andy says he hasn't got time. Debbie is at the bus-stop in the Village and Charity offers to give her a lift to school. Debbie isn't interested in Charity's excuses that she's been busy and refuses. As Charity turns away she spots Jimmy's driving his car, and smugly looks after him. Robert and Diane come into the Village Hall with some of Jack's clothes and is surprised to see Steph there. She remarks on the irony that the cause is for the Pensioner's outing and Steph's last outing was taking Alan out and nearly killing him. Diane asks where Ashley is. Ethan explains about the visit to the Bishop. Robert assumes Ethan will be doing the wedding service, but Ethan is hesitant about committing. On a country lane Jimmy is driving fast, forcing Andy to pull over in the tractor. In the Woolpack Diane complains about Val taking some bottles of wine without asking, especially as she is living there rent free. She suggests that she could get a job and pay for things. Val tells her that she was helping Pollard celebrate some business, particularly as he had been feeling down lately. Chas queries whether they are an item, but Val says they are just good friends. After she's gone Diane comments on Pollard being devious and dishonest, suggesting Val and he are well suited. In Café Hope Nicola protests to Paul that she should be getting married before Laurel as she's been engaged longer. Paul suggests that she makes an proposal but Nicola thinks it's Simon's turn to chase her. Pollard is moaning to Val how Glynis has him driving around so he can make a report about disabled access, he wonders if Val will go with him but she's not interested. Ashley is visiting the Bishop at his house, the atmosphere is slightly awkward. The Bishop comments Ashley hasn't always visited on easy terms. Ashley admits that he lost his way after his Divorce, he tells him that he can't take all the credit for getting the Parish back on track. The Bishop mentions Ethan but Ashley tells him that Laurel has also been a great help. The Bishop isn't surprised and Ashley informs him that Laurel is the reason for his visit. In the Woolpack Chas warns Diane that he may notice the missing clothes. Jack comes in with Andy and asks where his brown jacket is. When Diane calls it old, Jack says it's good quality and it'll be hard to find a replacement. Val stirs things up by suggesting he looks in a Jumble Sale. Sadie comes in to surprise Jimmy, Matthew and Tom with her return. She hands Tom a presents and asks Jimmy if he's missed her. He tells her that he wishes she'd never been away. In the Bishop's House the Bishop isn't impressed with Ashley's past record with women and isn't impressed with Ashley's protestations of devotion to Laurel. The Bishop tells him that he would be better concentrating on his relationship with God. Ashley is stunned. In the Woolpack Simon is keeping Nicola on tenterhooks about setting a wedding date, he agrees to her suggestion of Spring but then wrong foots her by telling her that he didn't say which year. Diane mentions a job again to Val and chastises her for mentioning the Jumble Sale to Jack. In the Bishops House the Bishop suggests that Ashley giving out advice about love and vows will look hypocritical to his Parishioner's given his track record on marriage. Ashley tries to argue that the situation with him and Laurel is different but the Bishop insists that he wants to take some time to consider what's right. The Jumble Sale is in full flow, Paul makes a cheeky comment about Zoe's taste in clothes. Ethan sends Steph home to see if any more jumble has been left, as people have been giving her the cold shoulder. Jack spots his jacket and takes it over to Diane but Shadrach insists he is going to by it and offers a £1. Jack is outraged and calls the jacket quality tailoring but Shadrach disagrees, he barters Betty down to 50p. Glynis comes in and accuses Pollard of not looking anywhere else for disabled access apart from the Village Hall. She tells him she expects a full report but in the meantime he can take her over to the Woolpack. Diane comes in with Jack to the Woolpack, Diane is trying to appease him by saying she bought him some new clothes. Jack admits that perhaps his old clothes were past their best. In the Village Hall Nicola is moaning to Paul about Simon's attitude to getting married. Betty suggests she tells him to put up or shut up. Simon comes in and Betty asks him to help her carry her purchases home. In the Woolpack Pollard shows Glynis to a seat, he reveals to Val that he has become the designated driver for her for the afternoon. When Val suggests she should join him he puts her off explaining that Glynis has a tendency to get jealous. As he leaves the bar with some drinks, Diane explains that Glyins had a hand in his marriage break up. Val isn't happy. Jimmy refuses and offer of another pint from Matthew and heads out to give Charity some money, she's not pleased that half isn't there. Jimmy tells her that he's cleared out all his savings but Charity replies that he has access to a lot more in the office and he could do some creative accounting. Jimmy storms off and Sadie spots Charity, she makes sarcastic remarks about her still being around and asks why she doesn't go. Charity tells her it's because she made a promise to get revenge on her first. Zoe comes out of the Village Hall with Ashley, he has told her about the Bishop and is seething about the Bishop's attitude. Ashley believes that the Bishop is completely out of touch with modern life. Ethan comes up and asks him how things went, Ashley tells him just as he expected and hopes he's satisfied. In the Woolpack Pollard leaves with Glynis. On her way out Glynis holds up a dirty ashtray to Val and suggests she makes more of an effort to clean up. Val is furious. In Mill Brook Cottage Ashley gives Laurel the bad news. He explains to her that in some people's eyes he is still seen as being married to Bernice and he shouldn't remarry unless she is dead. He tells Laurel that they'll just have to hope that the Bishop will come round to seeing things their way, when he was ordained he made a promise to except the discipline of the Church. Laurel is frustrated at someone else dictating their lives but Ashley assures they'll get married whatever it takes.moreless
  • Tue 15 Feb, 2005
    Tue 15 Feb, 2005
    Episode 4
    Ashley, Laurel and Ethan are walking through the Village, she tells them that she's starting a wedding folder. Ashley reminds her that he still needs to speak to the Bishop. She is over the moon that she's going to be married whilst she's still thirty. She tells Ashley how happy she is to be marrying him, kisses him and rushes off. Ethan looks on excluded and slightly worried. In the Dingles' Homestead Charity tells Chas that she will ring Jimmy and tell him to meet her in the pub at lunchtime. Chas warns her to be careful. At Home Farm Zoe returns with Jean from her holiday, to find she had woken Jimmy on the sofa. Jimmy explains that he must have fallen asleep in front of the TV. She jokes that the film couldn't have been very good and a nervous Jimmy quickly puts the video in it's sleeve. Zoe says she's going to take Jean to bed and refuses his offer of coffee assuming that he must be busy. She comments that it's good to be back. In the Village a hyper Laurel rushes over to Nicola to tell her the news about setting her wedding date, saying that she beat her to it. Nicola's nose is a little out of joint, she congratulates Laurel but makes a point that they should talk after Laurel has finished her work. In Café Hope Louise and Terry finish their breakfast and compliment Emily that her cooking is better than Viv's. Louise explains that it is her last day helping out Terry at the B&B and Terry says he is going to miss her. Emily asks them to see if they have any clothes to compliment to a jumble sale as they're heading out. Nicola comes in and Emily asks what is the matter, she's mad that Laurel has beaten her to setting a wedding date. At a table Pollard is grumpily agreeing to meet someone on the phone. Val tells him to be patient as he'll get what he wants in the end. In the Woolpack Laurel has told Diane her news and Diane has given her blessing. Laurel comments that her family weren't so enthusiastic. Diane reassures her that the wedding will turn out fantastically, she suggests they break open some champagne to celebrate. At Farrer's Barn Pollard answers the door to Marian Winters, she explains to him that she's decided to sell up and move to Canada to be with her son, now that he husbands dead. She hands Pollard a list of things which includes some antiques. Pollard is only too happy to help her value them. In the Church Ethan hassles Ashley about getting in touch with the Bishop. Ashley explains that the Bishop is not back off his holiday till the next day, he's made the earliest appointment possible. In the Woolpack Simon barters with Pollard to use and unused space in his factory, they agree on £40 a week. Pollard in return wants the use of a van for a couple of hours that Simon has borrowed from a friend. Nicola comes in but Simon says he's busy and rushes off. Louise asks Nicola how her Valentine's Day was, Nicola is obviously still sore that Simon hadn't made a proposal to set a date. Nicola tells her that she's going to take Simon out for a meal since they missed out last night. In the Pear Tree Cottage Office Matthew suggests to Jimmy that Sadie won't be pleased to hear he's been messing around with another woman. Tom comes in and comments that Jimmy looks awful, he replies that he didn't sleep well and makes an excuse that he has to make another trip to Leeds that afternoon to revisit the client he saw previously. Matthew isn't convinced. In the Woolpack Terry talks to Alan how much he's enjoyed working in the B&B. When he leaves Shelley asks Alan if he would still enjoy running it, when Alan says no she suggests that he sells up to Terry. Charity is sitting waiting for Jimmy he's half and hour late. Her phone rings, it's Jimmy wanting to rearrange to meet at 5.30 in a lay-by near Hotten. Chas thinks that could be dangerous and offers to go with her, but Charity tells her she needs her to look after the blackmail tape. Charity pulls up in the lay-by, there's no-one around, she locks her car doors from inside. Outside of Café Hope Emily is tidying the chairs and tables. Laurel is concerned that her wedding will look second-best after Ashley previously marrying the glamorous Bernice. Emily tells her not to put herself down but Laurel feels it will be like a re-run, they're even going to have the same vicar to marry them. Emily suggests they ask Ethan to officiate instead. Outside the Woolpack Chas spots Jimmy going into the B&B, she phones Charity to warn her and Charity heads back. Inside the Woolpack Alan suggests to Shelley that they let the dust settle and then approach Terry to see if he wants to buy the B&B. Pollard comes in and Val asks him if he had a successful house clearance. Pollard quietly crows that Marion had no idea how much money he was sitting on, he enjoyed making a killing. Val says they should celebrate but Pollard tells her that he has to be a disability forum meeting. Val agrees that he can't miss it with the Major, Glynis, on his back. When Terry comes back in Alan and Shelley ask him if he's interested in buying the B&B. Terry is stunned but Louise thinks it's a good idea. Alan tells him to think about it and offers him first refusal. Laurel comes into the Church and asks Ethan if he will officiate at her wedding. Ethan looks away from her and then tells her he's sorry but he can't. It's nothing against her and Laurel personally but there are concerns about a Vicar remarrying and Ashley still hasn't had permission from the Bishop, he suggests she discusses things with Ashley. He emotionally thanks her quietly for thinking of him. Laurel is stunned and upset. In the Woolpack Simon explains to Nicola and Rodney how he had found a space to store her cleaning equipment at Pollards factory. Rodney jokingly asks him if he would like to clear out his house of Nicola too. Nicola tells Rodney he is supposed to love living with his daughter, but adds that it would be good for her and Simon to live together. Simon wants an early night and Louise wonders what has happened to Nicola and Simon's special night out and proceeds to wind Nicola up. Jimmy has wrecked Charity's bedroom in the B&B and smashed the tapes he found. Charity comes in and is appalled at the mess, sighs and informs him that they are not her only copies. In the Woolpack Terry and Louise discuss the B&B. Matthew apologises for interrupting but advises them that it would be a good business to acquire. Zoe, Diane and Val are congratulating Ashley when Laurel comes in. She wants a quiet word with him and she tells him about Ethan not approving of the marriage and the worry about the Bishop feeling the same way. Ashley has to admit that there could be a possibility of having to call the wedding off. In the B&B Charity increases her blackmail money to 200 grand, saying she will show the tapes to the police if he threatens her again. She gives him to the next day to find half the money.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 2005
    Mon 14 Feb, 2005
    Episode 3
    In her bedroom in the B&B Charity finishes wrapping a present and signs a card. She murmurs to herself "Happy Valentine's Jimmy." In Mill Brook Cottage Laurel asks Ethan if he minds he she takes over the kitchen for an hour or two that evening as she wishes to cook Ashley as special Valentine's meal. She admires her card and apologises for her insensitivity as Ethan hasn't received one, she asks if he's heard from Niamh but he hasn't. Steph asks Ethan if they have any Anchovy paste, they haven't and she adds it to a shopping list. Laurel whispers to Ethan, asking him to keep Steph out of the way. In Farrer's Barn Pollard gets a call from Glynis to invite him for lunch. Pollard agrees but he looks concerned. Charity pops round to the Dingles'Homestead and is surprised to find Debbie home from school, Lisa explains that she is feeling poorly. Charity admires Lisa's enormous Valentine's card from Zak and asks Debbie if she's received one. Debbie sullenly answers that she hasn't since her family always seem to ruin her relationships. She decides to go upstairs and Charity suggests she takes Noah with her. Charity sighs at her attitude. Matthew chats to Louise in the Post Office, she is carrying an enormous bunch of red roses and he jokes that she's had to buy them for herself. Louise explains that they're for the B&B she's happily getting into the Hotel business. Matthew says that he hopes Terry is going to buy her some flowers for helping out. Betty is telling Emily she has had a card with a Kangaroo on it from Seth. She tells Ashley she saw his card to Laurel and asks if he is going to get some flowers to. He produces some from behind his back. In the Dingles Homestead, up in her bedroom Debbie caresses Noah, she looks worried. Downstairs, Charity checks with Lisa if she's sure Debbie loves Noah as she's been a bit peculiar around him lately. Charity thanks her agreeing to baby-sit that evening and Lisa fishes for who she may be seeing. Inside the B&B some of the guests arrive early. One of them, Smith, mentions the pub next door as a place for drink before the wedding he's attending. Terry hesitantly looks in Louise's direction and she suggests to Smith that there is a bar in the B&B, she could show them to their room first. Rodney comes into Mill Cottage and is not pleased to see a huge pile of cleaning materials. Nicola is about to get rid of them, she dictates that from now on all her workers will have to store their equipment in their own homes. Betty, Pearl and Len are aghast. Betty takes a vote on it and it's a resounding "No!" Betty thanks Laurel for the rosters and the team head out. Nicola begs Laurel to help her put the rest of the equipment back in her bedroom. Laurel smiles an agreement. Steph comes into Café Hope to find Pollard having lunch with Glynis and asks to be introduced. Pollard introduces Glynis as the Major. Steph embarrassingly remarks that it's good that Eric didn't get put in Prison, saying that it is a shame their business relationship came to a sticky end. Pollard cuts her off before she can do too much damage by saying that she is interrupting a meeting and Steph moves on. Glynis comments that it looks like Pollard had a lucky escape but is caustic about Pollard's lucky escape from going to Prison. Glynis decides to let bygones be bygones and invites Pollard back on the council but disappoints him with news that he will no longer be on the planning committee, she tells Emily to keep Pollard's change. Ethan goes up to Steph and asks if she wants to go for a drink that evening. Steph checks with him whether she is asking him out on a Valentine's date, a discomfited Ethan explains that he is trying to give some space to Laurel as she is cooking Ashley a meal. In Mill Cottage Laurel comes down the stairs asking whether Nicola if Simon is taking her out for a Valentine's meal. Rodney is packing his briefcase, he is still sore at Nicola for all the cleaning materials being left around. Nicola placates him and he says it is fine as long as there are no more deliveries. There is a knock at the door, a Delivery man announces he's brought a PC and a load of marketing materials. In the Woolpack Pollard moans how to Val how Glynis has put him on every politically correct committee. It means there is no money in it for him. Val asks him if Glynis has got something against him but Pollard denies this saying that it is just her autocratic style. In her bedroom in the B&B Charity finishes applying her makeup and takes a deep breath. Downstairs Louise is getting chatted up by Smith, she fobs him off and drops him the lie that it's hers and Terry's Wedding Anniversary that day. Terry looks up startled. Charity comes down the stairs glamorously dressed and Louise asks if he has an important date. Charity tells her she wouldn't believe it and goes outside, she walks out and heads towards the Woolpack. Inside the Woolpack Matthew asks if Jimmy wants another drink but he makes his excuses to his brother and his Dad that he has to get home as he's expecting a call from Sadie. Charity walks in and the three fall silent. Chas complements her and Charity says that she has a special date that night. In the Woolpack Pollard comes off his mobile phone, Marian Winters wants Pollard to come round and value some things for her. He's very negative about there being any treasures to find and Val calls him a snob. Charity heads on her way. A quietly angry Tom states that it didn't take her long to find another man, Matthew remarks that she's professional. Jimmy says he has to go and Tom tells him to warn the man Charity's meeting about her if he's outside. In Mill Bank Cottage a glamorously dressed Laurel had cooked Ashley a meal. She's pours them both some lemonade as Ashley is not drinking for Lent. Ashley tells her that she can have wine but she answers that she's training to be the Vicar's wife. Outside Jimmy pulls his car over outside the bus stop to pick Charity up. Ethan and Steph come in and reject Chas's offer of a Valentine's cocktail. Steph tells Ethan that he's her only friend. She says that it is Tricia's Wedding Anniversary today but nobody will remember. Chas corrects her and states that they all loved Tricia. At Mill Cottage Simon comes in with some flowers ready to take her out on her date. Nicola says that she can't do as she's surrounded by PC's and marketing material and has to sort it out. Simon offers to stay and help her then cook her something later. Nicola is grateful but she checks with him whether he had planned to say anything special, but he hadn't. In Home Farm an unenthusiastic Charity awaits Jimmy, he comes in and offers her a gift, it's a stunning necklace. Jimmy tells her that he's starting to have feelings about her and asks her if she feels the same way. He wants to tell Sadie that he wants to be with Charity but Charity suggests she unwraps his present first. It's a video of her and Jimmy together, Charity tells him it's blackmail. In Mill Brook Cottage Laurel and Ashley are snuggled on the sofa, Laurel mentions that she wanted to get married by the time she was thirty, she reminds him that she'll be thirty-one in a couple of months. Ashley takes the bait and tells an ecstatic Laurel that he'll talk to the Bishop about them getting married on May 30th, the day before her birthday. Back in Home Farm Jimmy gets so worked up he tries to strangle Charity but she tells him she's told someone where she is. She reminds him what he said about his Dad, but it is the mention of Paul Marsden's death which makes him stop and ask her how much she wants. Charity answers £150 grand. In the Woolpack Matthew observes that Charity still gets to Tom. Tom comments that he hopes her new man hasn't a much to lose as he had. In Home Farm Jimmy and Charity argue, Jimmy tells her that he cared for her she could have had everything without the blackmail. Charity replies that she didn't want him she wanted the money. In Mill Brook Cottage Ethan and Steph return and Laurel tells them the good news that they've set a wedding date. Steph is pleased for her but Ethan is very quiet. In Home Farm Charity is putting on her coat to leave, she gives him a deadline of the next day to decide what to do. Jimmy wants the necklace back but she refuses and wishes him Happy Valentine's Day.moreless
  • Tuesday, 4th January 2005
    It's Tom's wedding day, but trouble is around the corner in form of Sadie who tries to scare him off.
  • Sun 13 Feb, 2005
    Sun 13 Feb, 2005
    Episode 2
    Terry and Louise have arrived home, they give each other a hug. Charity passes by with Noah and asks if they had a good time. Louise asks Charity how she is doing and she replies that things are looking up and carries on. Louise tells Terry that she can't believe that they had two weeks of rain but didn't argue. Terry explains that he is going to miss her as he is now going to be kept very busy at the B&B with Bob being away in Spain. Charity comes into the Post Office. Rodney says he is looking forward to Sunday with the family. Steph points out to him that he's got the last bag of flour and she needed it to bake the cakes she's giving out as presents. Rodney tells her he needs it for his Yorkshire Pudding. Steph tells him sweetly that she'll manage without it. When she leaves Rodney gestures to his head to infer to Emily that Steph is loopy. Jimmy comes in and he and Charity whisper conspiratorially about their date the other night. Charity goes to the counter and Emily asks her if they're talking about something good on the TV. Charity says yes and as she leaves her and Jimmy make another date for that night. Steph comes into Mill Brook Cottage disturbing Ashley and Ethan who are discussing Parish business. Steph tells them that the shop has run out of floor but happily tells them she has enough left for another batch and heads into the kitchen. Ashley asks Ethan to cover an appointment with a bereaved Parishioner, Marian Winters. He warns Ethan that she is worryingly calm, he thinks she may be on the edge of a breakdown. Ironically the still manically cheerful Steph chooses that moment to put her head round the door to ask them if they have any currants. Laurel comes in and Steph asks her whether she wants a cup of tea, but an uncomfortable Laurel quickly makes her excuses to leave. In the Dingles'Homestead Debbie is touching her stomach gently. Cain barges in complaining about the cold, he asks if she's made any breakfast for him but she sullenly tells him no. Laurel comes in to see Nicola at Mill Cottage and finds a huge order of cleaning equipment stacked up. Apparently both Nicola and Laurel had put in an order. Nicola is cross but Laurel tells her that she should have left it to her, as she is in charge of ordering, Nicola should have run it by her. Nicola loses her temper says that Laurel hasn't been the same since she came back from Tanzania. She tells Laurel she will have to store the equipment at the pub or vicarage and from now on all decisions should go through her. Laurel leaves and tartly tells her that since she's making all the decisions she can find a place for the equipment. In Pear Tree Cottage Office Tom shouts through to Jimmy's office to ask about a contract he wants to review. Matthew stands at Jimmy's door and grills him about his whereabouts on a couple of occasions the previous week. Jimmy makes an excuse that one night he was seeing a film, and the afternoon he was way he'd been in Leeds seeing a client from Roundhay. Tom calls out that he's very pleased with Jimmy's work, saying that Sadie being away seemed to sharpen him up. Unconvinced by Jimmy's answers Matthew insists they meet for a drink that evening. Jimmy crossly throws down his pen when he leaves. In her bedroom in the B&B Charity is reviewing the footage of her and Jimmy together. In Mill Bank Cottage Ethan tries to counsel Marian not to be too hasty in selling things up. Marian wants to move out to Canada to be near her son. She breaks down and unfortunately Steph brightly interrupts offering tea and cake. Marian leaves and Ethan can't persuade her to stay. Ethan shouts at Steph for being insensitive. In the street Pollard encounters Marian and attempts to offer his condolences but Marian gets into her car. Louise is restlessly standing in the doorway of the Woolpack. Diane comes in wondering if there is about to be a delivery. Louise admits that she has been caught looking out for Terry. Diane teases her that she seems to be more than in love and that she's approaching marriage. Back in the B&B Charity is tidying up her tapes when there is a knock at he door. It's Jimmy. He apologises for taking the risk of coming round, but he has to cancel their evening. When Jimmy gets carried away suggesting arranging something special for Valentine's Day, she argues that she doesn't need it and she'd prefer to come to his place. As Jimmy gets amorous she tells them that they're not to do anything in front of the baby and he leaves. Charity looks after him with a repulsed expression. Terry comes up to Dawn and TJ in the Children's Playground. He tells her he would have been around to see TJ earlier only he's been busy in the B&B. Dawn asks about his holiday and Terry reveals that he thinks that things are getting more serious between him and Louise. A magnanimous Dawn congratulates him and says that perhaps if it wasn't for her, he and Louise may have got together sooner. Terry tells her that then they would have missed out on having TJ. Dawn says that she is pleased for him and Louise. She adds that things have turned out well with her and Scott too, but she doesn't look entirely convinced. In Mill Brook Cottage Steph apologises to Ethan about her earlier interruption. Ethan reassures her that she doesn't have to leave. In the Post Office Dawn tells Charity that the Valentine's cards look over the top but Charity says they're perfect and heads to the counter. Debbie joins her sarcastically asks if the card is for her Dad, Tom or a new man. Charity tries to placate her but Debbie walks off to look through some magazines. When Emily asks is she has found anything interesting, she slams closed the pages on pregnancy she has been looking out and goes out. Dawn suggests her behaviour is down to hormones. At Mill Cottage Rodney is busy in the kitchen cooking the Sunday meal. He annoyed to find that his cupboards are full of cleaning equipment instead of his pans. Nicola explains her problem but Rodney is unsympathetic. Rodney sends Paul and Simon off to the pub to get out of his way and makes sure that Nicola stays behind to sort things out. In Mill Brook Cottage, to Ashley's query Ethan says that he phoned Marian but had little success. When Steph comes in Ashley asks for a word. He suggests that it might be a good idea for Steph to do the catering for the local tea dance. Steph is really pleased and says she'll look at some cookery books. Ethan and Ashley make their escape to the pub. In the Woolpack Matthew asks Louise how she enjoyed her holiday, teasing her about the unglamorous location. Terry comes in and tells her about a last minute booking for Valentines night at the B&B. Louise asks Diane if she can take leave immediately and also for the following night so she can help Terry out. Chas isn't impressed by Diane's agreement. Ashley and Ethan come in. Ethan asks him what he is going to say to the Bishop about him re-marrying. Ashley dismisses Ethan's suggestion that the Bishop will be unhappy about it. Louise is hovering in the B&B. Terry takes her in his arms, complementing her and asking if there is no end to her talents. Louise giggles and says that he makes a better cup of tea. Charity comes into the Woolpack to ask if Chas will look after something for her, Chas says she won't unless Charity reveals to her what's going on. As they head into the back room, Matthew comments to Jimmy that she's very easy on the eye. Jimmy deliberately takes his meaning to be Chas but Matthew says he means Charity, looking for Jimmy's reaction. Jimmy answers that it's a pity she's so treacherous. Simon reveals to Paul that he is taking Nicola out for Valentine's day. Paul jokes that he may be able to get her to name the day, but Simon doesn't want to get sucked into wedding arrangements to soon and warns Paul not to stir things. In the back room of the Woolpack Chas has heard all and thinks Charity is mad. Chas warns her to think about how Debbie will react when she realises that she's slept with another man just to get revenge. Charity tells her that there's no reason Debbie will find out as she intends to leave the Village with Debbie. Chas will not take the tape and tells her she drop the whole thing but Charity is desperate and says that she also needs the money. In Mill Cottage the family are sitting enjoying Rodney's dinner. Paul hints that Simon may be taking out Nicola for Valentine's Day and suggests she should take her Diary. Simon is annoyed. Rodney asks if Paul is spoiling a surprise and Simon says there is nothing to spoil but the damage is done. In the Woolpack's back room Charity says that she really needs the money and admits to Chas that it is also revenge. Chas is reluctant but gives in to Charity's begging to help her with the tapes. Charity and Chas hug.moreless
  • Monday, 3rd January 2005
    The youngest of the King brothers, Max, comes back to Emmerdale. Sadie tells Jimmy a secret.
  • Sun 9 Jan, 2005
    Sun 9 Jan, 2005
    Episode 1
    At Keepers cottage, Betty answers the door to DI Keysell and DC Crowe who ask if Alan is in. In church Ashley finds Ethan praying. Ethan says he's seeking help with Steph and asking how to give guidance to someone who's unrepentant. Ashley says he's sure the right words will come. At Keepers, Keysell and Crowe tell Alan they've found a woman's body that matches Shelly's description. At the B&B Bob says he's been drumming up business for the B&B and has been getting hot tips from the Good Hotelier magazine. Bob says he's offered the large local companies cut price deals including romantic escapes for two weekends. Terry says they're just a simple country B&B and that Bob should have cleared it with Terry first, asking if Bob actually has any bookings. Bob says not yet. At home farm Sadie hurries Jimmy along saying Tom needs her development plan by the end of the week. Jimmy says he can't believe Sadie gets a pat on the back for wrecking Tom's marriage whilst he gets a kick in the teeth. Sadie says Tom likes to know the worst and always has done and that what benefits Sadie, benefits Jimmy too in the end. Outside keepers Alan tells Ashley and Ethan that the police have found a body and that they want him to go to the mortuary to identify it. Ethan says he's sorry but Ashley tells Alan not to assume the worst. With Alan back inside Keepers, Ashley tells Ethan that if Steph is guilty, she'll need his guidance even more. On Butler's farm, Daz is playing with a catapult. Andy tells Daz to help him and asks Daz if he's staying away from Cain and tells him to stay out of trouble. Two girls on horses approach the fence behind Andy and ask if they're okay to go through it. Andy says it' s yes, a right of way and as long as they stick to the track. The girl, Libby, asks if the farm is Andy's dad's. Andy says it's his. Libby says the other girl is her sister Tammy. The girl's set off again along the track. Daz mocks their posh voices as he and Andy close the fence behind them. Andy says they're not bad looking. In the Woolpack, Diane tells Louise that Bernice's baby is gorgeous and that Bernice is flourishing. Victoria says Brighton is lovely. Jack tells Robert he feels like a new man after a holiday and Robert says Diane looks great. Terry walks in and asks Diane how Bernice's baby is. Diane gets some photos out to show him. Terry asks Louise if she could nip out of the pub for a minute as he needs her help. In the prison visiting room, Ethan greets Steph but Steph says she was expecting Ashley. Ethan says Ashley had a christening to do and says he has Steph's laundry. Steph apologises for sounding ungrateful and says she's glad Ethan is there but that Ashley is the only one that thinks Steph is innocent. Steph says she's seen on the TV that they've found a body. Ethan says the police have been round to see Alan and that Alan needs to identify the body this afternoon. Steph says it can't be Shelly's body because she didn't kill her. Alan and Betty are at the morgue. A mortuary worker asks Alan if he's ready. Alan says yes and the worker opens some doors. Alan moans. In the prison visiting room, Steph says Ethan thinks she killed Shelly but that he's wrong. Steph says so many people believe that she has killed Shelly that she's starting to believe it herself. Steph says she deserves what she gets. Ethan says Steph as good as tortured Alan. Steph says she didn't plan it and doesn't know how it happened. Steph says she loves her dad but she hated Shelly at the end. Ethan asks if that means Steph killed her and says if Steph is guilty she has to confess. Steph says she is sorry for what she did and that she treated Shelly terribly but she didn't kill her. Ethan asks what Steph did to Shelly. Steph says she tied Shelly to a chair, gagged her and pulled her hair but that's all. At the B&B Bob is raving about plans for the B&B when Louise walks in and asks Bob to help her out at the pub as they're really busy. Bob agrees. Louise says she needs Bob back on nearly full time hours. Bob says he was hoping to put the hours in at the B&B to get things off the ground. Terry says it sounds like Louise needs him and lies he'll have to try and manage somehow without Bob. Louise says sorry to Terry and winks at him. Terry punches the air. Steph asks Ethan what if the body on the moor turns out to be Shelly. Steph says it was lonely where she dropped Shelly off and Shelly might have had an accident and it would be Steph's fault - she would have killed her after all. Ethan says they'll know soon. In the pub Bob reads his hotel magazine and tells Louise they need to sell the B&B as a place to relax. Bob says he's going to ask the punters what they look for in a hotel. Louise says their customers need a barman with more than one topic of conversation. Ashley sees Betty and Alan arrive back in the village and get out of a taxi. Ashley heads into the shop as Chas and Debbie come out. Chas asks Debbie who wants a smelly farmer anyway. Debbie says she doesn't. Andy and Daz get out of Andy's land rover. Daz asks Andy if he misses Debbie. Andy says it wouldn't matter if he did. Daz sees Libby and Tamsin riding through the village and says he could knock them off their horses with his catapult but Andy tells Daz to put it away and they go in the shop. In the visiting room Ethan says he has to go. Steph thanks him for going and for listening and asks Ethan to give Alan a message from her. Steph asks if Ethan will tell Alan that she's sorry and that she didn't do it. Steph says to tell Alan that she doesn't know how it got to this and that she only ever wanted Alan to love her and asks Ethan to tell Alan she loves him. Ethan says this body might not be Shelly and they might find her innocent. Steph says she doesn't think so and starts to cry. Ethan leaves. In the pub Viv complains Donna is happy to let Viv pay for her tea but then is going to leave Viv on her own for the rest of the evening. Viv says they could have gone out clubbing and found Donna a nice new boyfriend because it will never last with Marlon and that Dingle men don't know the meaning of the words 'love' and 'fidelity'. Donna says Viv isn't even with Bob. Terry comes in and Louise tells him she had to send Bob down to the cellar because he's impossible. Viv eavesdrops and says she's not surprised she can't cope with Bob but Louise says they're talking about someone else. Louise tells Terry he's going to have to have Bob back for some of the time. Terry says he'll give it a go. At Millbrook, Ethan asks if there's any news about Shelly. Ashley says he's just seen Alan arriving back but that he didn't want to go round yet. Ethan says he doesn't know whether Steph is innocent or not anymore. Ethan says Steph genuinely thinks that she is but maybe her mind has blanked it all out. Ashley says they should go and see Alan later and see if it was Shelly or not. In the pub backroom, Terry tells Bob that he needs him back at the B&B and that Louise has changed Bob's hours to make it possible. Bob says he's had loads of new ideas about a room service menu. Terry says no, that he is the manager of the B&B, not Bob, and that he doesn't want any of Bob's fancy ideas. Terry says it's a B&B not a hotel and wants things keeping simple. Bob asks if his ideas are rubbish. Terry says no. Bob and says Viv called him a head in the clouds dreamer and that she was right. Bob says he has three failed marriages, no where to live and that he can't even make a success of a little job at the B&B. Bob says he's a failure. Terry says Bob is a good dad and a good friend. Bob says they might as well chuck him on the scrap heap and leave him there. In the pub Max tells Carl and Matthew he'd really like to work with racehorses. Matthew says his brothers are ambitious. Jimmy arrives in a bad mood. Matthew says Jimmy's nose is out of joint because Sadie has been made head of development. Max says Sadie is Jimmy's wife so he should be pleased. Matthew says Sadie might become Tom's right hand woman leaving no room for a right hand man. Tom and Sadie walk into the pub. Viv stares, surprised Tom has the courage to show his face. Sadie links her arm through Tom's. Diane tells Tom she's sorry about what happened. Tom says it's already in the past ands buys champagne for his sons and Sadie and says that he's going to make a toast. In Debbie's bedroom, Chas goes and sits on Debbie's bed. Chas says she knows Debbie is feeling sad about Andy and says she felt exactly the same when she split up with Carl but that you have to pick yourself up and show them what you're made off. Chas tells Debbie she and her are going into Hotten dancing. In the pub, Tom proposes a toast to a new era in the King empire, to Max - who is going to make his mark in the world, and to Sadie. At Keepers Betty shows Ashley and Ethan through to the lounge. Alan says it wasn't Shelly's body after all. Ashley says he so glad. Alan says Shelly is still out there and that he can't rest until they find her. Ethan says maybe Shelly is still alive and that he went to see Steph earlier and she said that she didn't do it. Alan says Steph killed Shelly and that she cruelly won't tell him where Shelly is so he can bury her. Distressed, Alan tells Ashley and Ethan to go away.moreless
  • Sunday, January 2 2005
    Andy finally breaks up with Debbie. A private investigator gets very lucky while fallowing Charity - she runs straight into Cain's arms.