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  • Donna tries to impress Marlon
    Louise is desperate to win back Terry and she invites him round to talk. She cooks him a romantic meal but her attempts to impress fall flat. When she asks him for another chance, Terry tells her that he is disgusted by her proposition.

    Meanwhile, Kelly quickly realises that Ethan isn't playing along with her games so she decides it's time to be more obvious. Ethan is stunned when she locks him in a car.

    Elsewhere, Donna resorts to a skimpy outfit to get Marlon's attention but she doesn't get the desired response. Marlon is more concerned with 'Mack' the carving knife.moreless
  • 13th November 2007
    13th November 2007
    Episode 1651
    Jonny eventually forgives Paul. He warns Grayson to stay away or he will tell everyone about his sexual orientation
  • 13th November 2007
    13th November 2007
    Episode 1650
    Paul and Grayson sleep together, after they fall out with their own partners. When Jonny finds out, he tells Paul that it's over.
  • 19th October 2007
    19th October 2007
    Episode 1604
    Daz tells Billy about Andy's confession, so Billy does not feel so guilty. Andy is given bail.
  • 18th October 2007
    18th October 2007
    Episode 1603
    Andy is charged with manslaughter.
  • 17th October 2007
    17th October 2007
    Episode 1602
    Andy confesses - it was he who started the fire that killed Sarah.
  • 15th October 2007
    15th October 2007
    Episode 1600
    A drunken Billy taunts Victoria about her mother's death and suggests that Jack may have been the cause.
  • 17th September 2007
    17th September 2007
    Episode 1578
    Lexi reveals that she knows that Carrie is her real mother.
  • 14th September 2007
    14th September 2007
    Episode 1577
    Rosemary leaves town. Zac and Lisa tell Belle that she will have to leave her school.
    Lexi becomes suspicious of Debbie.
  • 13th September 2007
    13th September 2007
    Episode 1576
    Grayson tells Rosemary to leave. Andy and Jo become engaged.
  • 12th September 2007
    12th September 2007
    Episode 1575
    The truth comes out – Grayson realise what Rosemary has been up to.
  • 11th September 2007
    11th September 2007
    Episode 1574
    Rosemary fakes a suicide note, from Perdita. David manages to win his cleaning contract back. Andy’s divorce comes through.
  • 10th September 2007
    10th September 2007
    Episode 1573
    Duncan and Hillary go home. Jamie hears more complaints. Perdita goes to the police, but is not taken seriously. Carl refuses to see Grace
  • 9th September 2007
    9th September 2007
    Episode 1572
    After some debate, Carl and Grace get back together. Louise is looking for a more meaningful relationship, with Jamie. Eli and Lexi decide to watch Debbie.
  • 6th September 2007
    6th September 2007
    Episode 1571
    Rodney accuses Bruce for setting up the robbery, of the fake necklace. Lexi is becoming suspicious of Debbie. Perdita comes home for the day. Laurel and her mum make peace.
  • 3rd September 2007
    3rd September 2007
    Episode 1570
    Donna gives Eli false information – which he uses to try and rob a warehouse, but Marlon warns him. Donna goes to Zac for help. Debbie double crosses the girls.
  • Monday 27th August 2007
    Diane is struggling with her feelings for Billy. She decides to go away, on her own. Laurel has some visitor, including Shadrack. Donna goes home, but has not forgiven Marlon. Jimmy comes home and offers Kelly a job.
  • Friday 24th August 2007
    The truth about the robbery comes out Can Donna forgive Marlon?
  • Friday 17th August 2007
    Duke and Terry sort out their differences. Grayson visit Perdita. They make progress until Rosemary arrives. Is Grayson starting to see things Perdita’s way? David gives Jasmine her car back, Jasmine gives the car to Pearl.
  • Wednesday 15th August 2007
    Grace ends her relationship Carl. Carl is upset. When tells his brothers why, they are not impressed. TJ is involved in a fight at play school. Andy is angry when he finds that the goat has still not been put down.
  • Tuesday 14th August 2007
    Pearl finds out who spoilt her chances at the Post Office - Louise. Grace questions Kelly about the assault, but they do not press charges. Rodney persuades Paul to manage another event for Home Farm.
  • Monday 13th August 2007
    Grace is late for work, after a night with Carl. She makes a mess of an important speech. Jamie becomes the new town postman. Carrie tells Matthew about the venture she wants them to become involved in. Bob is not impressed when Viv tells him that she is going on a course, in America, Kelly loses her dream job; she has a fight with Carrie and slaps her in the face. Carrie reports Kelly to the police.moreless
  • Sunday 12th August 2007
    Viv’s presentation at the café does not go well. Grayson buys some flowers, he asks Paul to give them to Perdita when he visits. Johnny seems jealous again. Scarlett tells Carries that it was Kelly who had the abortion. Carl arranges to meet with Grace, but warns that it will not help her career if she falls for him.moreless
  • Friday 10th August 2007
    Perdita still refuses to speak to Grayson, who blames himself for her illness. Johnny is jealous of Paul and Grayson’s growing friendship. Scarlett is upset when she is teased about the CD that she gave Daz. Carrie finds an abortion leaflet in Scarlett’s jeans. Jimmy threatens to report Grace for harassment, when he sees her in The Woolpackmoreless
  • Wednesday 8th August 2007
    Perdita is committed to a psychiatric hospital, against her will. Pearl is excited to be going back to her old home. Betty comes home early from her trip.
  • Monday 6th August 2007
    Monday 6th August 2007
    Episode 1540
    Eli upsets Donna and Marlon, by waking them up very early. Grayson thinks Perdy has buried the kitten. Lexi tells Chas about her past crimes. Eli later blackmails her for beer money.
  • Friday 29th June 2007
    Friday 29th June 2007
    Episode 1528
    Jimmy arrives home from Belgium Carl tells him he is having nightmares. Bob and Vin argue over the twins. Jack tells Paddy that he is pricing the practice out of business. Kelly gets the offer she has been waiting for.
  • Thursday 28th June 2007
    Paul pays for the damage to Home Farm, minus his fee. Carrie sets up her desk at Home Farm, determined to become more involved with the business. Matthew is not impressed. Diane forgives Jack for canceling their holiday. Grayson gives Katie more divorce advice. Val tries in vain to contact Sharon. Billy and Val go away for a few days.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th June 2007
    Sharon moves away again. Terry and his dad discuss the past. Perdita becomes more confused and is tricked into giving control to Rosemary.
  • Tuesday 26th June 2007
    Tuesday 26th June 2007
    Episode 1525
    Perdy is upset when her car is damaged and she can’t remember how. Sharon and Val ruin Paul’s first event for Home Farm, by rowing in front of everyone.
  • Monday 25th June 2007
    Monday 25th June 2007
    Episode 1524
    Grayson treats Perdita to a lunch of champagne and strawberries.
    Pearl is feeling much more relaxed now she has moved out.
    Terry’s dad has been in trouble with the police for hitting a local youth.
  • Friday 22nd June 2007
    Friday 22nd June 2007
    Episode 1522
    Ashley takes Pearl and Edna a food parcel. Grayson can’t help notice the looks that Diane and Billy have been giving each other. Nothing can happen insists Diane. Donna catches Jamie and Louise in the act.
  • Thursday 21st June 2007
    Louise is a bit embarrassed when she wakes up next to Jamie. Doesn’t stop her doing it again though. Eric reports Pearl and Edna to the police and is frustrated to hear he will need a court order. Jack, Val, Billy and Diane go to a casino, where Val gets very drunk. The lights go out on Pearl and Edna as the power is cut.moreless
  • Wednesday 20th June 2007
    The Woolpack has a Karioke night in honour of Diane’s 60th birthday. Donna and Marlon win the auction. Eric is furious
  • Tuesday 19th June 2007
    Tuesday 19th June 2007
    Episode 1519
    Marlon is horrified when a magazine buys his story. Donna is overjoyed when she opens Marlon’s post to discover that people have sent him cash gifts. The police question Marlon again. Ashley tells Emily that he just wants to be friends Pearl still refuses to leave the home she shared with Leonard. Terry returns.moreless
  • Monday 18th June 2007
    Monday 18th June 2007
    Episode 1518
    Jasmine’s article is published, much to Marlon’s embarrassment. Donna does not understand why Marlon did not tell her that Jasmine had seen him before he was shot. Sam agrees to help Jo with the goats. Emily is upset when Sam insinuates that she has feelings for Ashley. When Ashley makes her a meal, she makes an excuse and leaves.moreless
  • Friday 15th June 2007
    Friday 15th June 2007
    Episode 1517
    The police interview Marlon about the robbery. Marlon tells Eli he wants to come clean, but is reminded of some home truths Ray (the bookie) feels guilty and pays up. Donna is not happy that Marlon did not tell her. Jo finds out that the goats she bought are stolen. Jasmine decides to move in with Debbie.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th June 2007
    Tuesday 12th June 2007
    Episode 1515
    Marlon and Eli carry out their plans for revenge, which ends in disaster. Rodney persuades Paul to start his own business in Event Management. Jo buys some goats
  • Monday June 11th 2007
    Monday June 11th 2007
    Episode 1514
    Matthew offers Rodney the Estate Manager’s job. Rosemary tells Perdita that her husband committed suicide. Marlon and Eli plan revenge.
  • Friday 8th June 2007
    Friday 8th June 2007
    Episode 1513
    Marlon agonises how to tell Donna that he has lost all the money. Rosemary tries to persuade Grayson that Perdita is depressed and unstable. Douglas blames himself for Hillary’s mother’s accident.
  • Thursday 7th June 2007
    Thursday 7th June 2007
    Episode 1512
    Rosemary tries to apologies to Perdita, who isn’t interested, but she still lets hers stay.

    After some thought, Kelly agrees to try for a baby with Jimmy.

    Marlon places his bet and wins. However, to his horror, the bookie destroys his slip and won’t pay out. When Donna wonders where the money is, he tells he has already put it in the bank.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th June 2007
    Tuesday 5th June 2007
    Episode 1511
    The episode begins with Rosemary moving back into Home Farm. Matthew and Jimmy meet her at the door and attempt to bribe her to change her mind. She is not interested.

    Carl meets Carrie to try and find out what her intentions are, now she knows that he killed Tom.. He is still left not knowing, as she told him she has not decided and does not what to do.

    Carrie goes straight to Rosemary and tells her what she has been told. Rosemary is shocked, but goes on to claim that she knew one of the some had killed Tom. She went on to admit that she had bribed Harry in a bid to prove this.

    Carrie calls a meeting with Jimmy, Carl and Mathew. Carl is understandably very nervous. He has no reason to be, as Carrie was tricking Rosemary. She plays the tape of her admission. In the ensuing row, Rosemary falls over the balcony. Seriously hurt she has to sign over the business and Home Farm before they will agree to call the emergency services.

    Bob and Viv go to a therapy session. Things go wrong when Bob becomes angry at what Viv is saying about him. He goes to the toilet to cool down, but locks himself in. Thinking he has gone, she goes home. When he eventually makes it home, she tells him their relationship is over as she will always be nervous when he is not where she thinks he should be.

    The episode ends with Rosemary vowing revenge.moreless
  • Monday 4th June 07
    Monday 4th June 07
    Episode 1510
    Perdita tells the doctor she wants to try surrogacy, by he only offers her therapy or more antidepressants. Val tried to impress Billy. Carl dumps Chas Carrie tricks Carl into admitting he killed Tom.
  • 16th October 2007
    16th October 2007
    Episode 160
    Upset that Jack may have started the fire, that killed her mother, Victoria starts a fire at the cottage.
  • Monday 12th Feb 2007 Blackmail
    Someone is blackmailing Jamie. Has his confiding in Jasmine backfired?
  • Sunday 4th February 2007
    Jo's about to leave the village, but is stopped at the last minute by Andy, who has just found out Katie isn't pregnant after all. Katie is understandably devastated when she finds out her husband and her friend have embarked on a second affair, under her nose.

    Rodney can't believe his luck when Georgina suggests a more personal meeting. But being homeless, where's he supposed to take her? The entrepreneur thinks on his feet and takes her to Victoria Cottage, but you can bet Emily and Paul won't be too pleased!

    Meanwhile, poor Marlon's having a bad day and a half. His wife's in a huff after he went back to work at the pub and then he hurts his back while building the new eco home. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the couple?