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  • Watchable, good fun and enjoyable. But it lacks the truth and there for irritating also.

    I do enjoy a good show, but at the same time I like to know what actually happened in real life from history. But when you know they have changed what happened, created a whole new story and changed things around which distorts truth. It can be extremely annoying. The characters were all well cast, the story was good and the action was quality. Everything was filmed extremely well and there were no floors in that. But what concerns me is the misrepresentation of what was truth and fiction.

    Once you get beyond that fact there is not too much left but to enjoy what they have given you. Shamefully beyond all that which is good six one hour episodes didn't explain a good enough story and Rome is such a vast subject you could of easily got lost.

    That's not to say the show wasn't enjoyable. I can't take anything away from the acting for each played their role extremely well. Emotion was all there and the hardened warriors even looked the part. So it's watchable but you shouldn't take it as the truth of what happened in that period.
  • Not good...stay away

    This is a show that ewvolves around the most boring leader to ever reign over the Roman Empire. Octavius has always been a footnote because of JESUS. The story is so boring ABC slashed the budget by tens of millions of dollars and invented bland characters to complimate a stale story. Wait for the HBO's take on the Roman Empire...cuz its not TV it's HBO

  • This series tries to create powerful, emotional and dramatic moments but fails. At times it's just embarrasing, and some of the fight scenes are not much better than those in Xena or the likes. Most of the actors are acceptable, but not more than that.

    This series tries to create powerful, emotional and dramatic moments but fails. At times it's just embarrasing, and some of the fight scenes are not much better than those in Xena or the likes. Most of the actors are acceptable, but not more than that. Good effort, but a mediocre outcome.
  • This six-hour mini-series attempts to portray the end of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire. Starting with the assignation of Julius Caesar the story follows Octavius to his eventual victory over Mark Anthony and his ascension to Emperor

    This is a fictionalized account using historical figures. It is at it's best a rousing tale, which broke up the tedium of summer reruns and inane reality shows. As history it fails for much of the battle took place in other parts of the empire and of course the conflict is settled far too quickly.

    I rate it 6 out of 10 for it’s entertainment value but thankfully it ended before it turned into a soap opera. The fictional character Tyrannus lends an interesting touch but was probably inspired by the movie Gladiator.

    Hopefully this fall’s HBO’s series “Rome”, which will cover the same ground, will be a more worthwhile use of the viewer’s time.
  • I love watching this show bc i know it has a great cast and I think they do a great job!

    Its great bc, the roles are selected with great actors and actresses.....it is fasinating to me! I love the story ideas for the episodes..... it is one of my favorite thinigs about this show. I do hope they add more episodes so that it can be a regular television show series!
  • An account of the rise of Augustus, Emperor of Rome... only... the creators of "Empire" haven't bothered to inform their audience how very fictional this account is.

    Every time I watch "Empire", I wind up sitting here with my mouth hanging open and wondering why I continue to watch.

    Honestly, at this point I think I'm still watching because the story is so fantastical that I'm wondering what absurd thing is going to happen next. Don't get me wrong - I have no problem with fictional tales! I do, however, have a problem with the producers of this show grafting fiction onto real, historical people. I mean, what do children (and by that I don't mean toddlers, obviously, but older children) think of this tripe? Do they believe it to be fact? Those ignorant of the true history of the period might indeed believe this to be factual. And why, if they call this fiction, would they use actual historical names? I truly don't understand.

    I - like many other viewers, I am sure - love history. But I've heard people on various websites calling this "historical fiction". Well, generally, "historical fiction" is a genre that features fictional characters in a backdrop of actual history. "Gone With The Wind" comes to mind, as does "Gladiator" and countless others which feature fictional characters interacting with actual historical figures or involved in historical events.

    Granted, I've also heard some people quibble with small things in "Gladiator" which are anachronistic or somehow or another not exact history (for example, the emperor Commodus was not killed in the arena by a gladiator named Maximus, as was shown in the movie.) These things, in my opinion, at least, are rather insignificant to the story, and don't really wildly distort history. (Commodus did, in fact, fight in the arena but was actually killed in his dressing room by a gladiator named Narcissus.) At any rate, while "Gladiator" features Commodus - as well as other historic characters and events - it is not a movie purporting to be his life story, but rather features a fictional character in the lead. And while some people who watch "Gladiator" or "Gone With The Wind" may indeed believe it to be true history, still, these movies don't really interfere with actual history so much that it's greatly distorted.

    "Empire", on the other hand, has left me shaking my head more or less continuously an hour each week. I don't get it! In the beginning I watched because I thought I was going to see a more or less true account of the life of Augustus - and truly, he had such a life to be worthy of a miniseries, with enough twists and turns that even Hollywood ought not to quibble with! Now, I guess I'm still watching because I continue to be flabbergasted by the ludicrous lengths to which the creators of this miniseries have gone.

    I must say that, taken independently of the whole history issue, I really do like the show. I think it's well made, and well acted. It's just that history thing has more or less spoiled it for me. I guess in the end, they don't care why we watch it, only that we watch.
  • Good historical movie

    I really like this show. It runs on the gladiator wave (the one with Russel Crow). I always liked history in high school, and it really remembers my of the stuff I learned about Cesar and the ancient times. I am not sure how authenticate they really show the time after Cesar (and by Cesar I mean the Julius one ;) ) gor murdered my the Roman senat, but it is still really entertaining to see, and at least it gives you a feeling of learning hostory. Unfortunately it is only a mini series, but I hope the channels show more of this kind.
  • Empire...the decent choice on television that is not reality television.

    At first glance viewers may think this a Gladiator ripoff, Shakespeare readers may think it not a true adaptation of the novel, but you always have to remember what this is, a television show meant for entertainment.

    I am happy to see ABC continuing to shake it up on their programming. Empire is breath of fresh air in a reality ladden market. Add this to Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy and Boston Legal, ABC is clearly paving the way and will find itself on top when the reality fad succumbs to the disco death.

    When I first heard of Empire, I thought it was a series, then a watched the premier. I shortly learned after that it was only a mini-series and was disappointed because I was excited about a series based in Ancient Rome. Now I get to only enjoy it for six weeks.

    I say watch it, its a good thing.
  • Excellent Programing that can Introduce young viewers to ancient History

    Regardless of its lack of complete Historical accuracy, this show is entertaining and an influance on younger viewers. So much so, that it might even motivate someone to pickup a book to learn more about who Ceasar and Octavius were....which is far more than we can say about other contemporary shows...
  • A good show for the summer.

    Empire. A show based on the events of Augustus's rise to becoming Caesar. The show mainly revolves around Octavius (Better known as Augustus in history), who is the heir in Caesar’s will, and his bodyguard, Tyrannus. Octavius is Caesar’s nephew, but in his will, he adopts him and makes Octavius his heir. Caesar is assassinated by his senators, and he tells one of his gladiators, Tyrannus, to protect his heir, Octavius. The two then go into hiding, having to avoid mercenaries. That's pretty much the pilot, which was two hours.

    Possibly the biggest flaw in the show is probably the historical accuracy. The biggest flaw being Tyrannus, since he never existed in the first place. There are more, but I will not go into it too much here.

    Acting is ok in my opinion, but it does have some stale lines at times, but overall it is good. The actors have emotions, and are good to me. They aren't well known, and luckily they aren't horrible either.

    The action is pretty good. The sword fights are exiting and you can pretty much see the action, the camera doesn't shake too much.

    The story is laid out well, and despite historical inaccuracies, it flows well.

    The sets and scenery are laid out well, as well as the costumes, which mostly match that of Rome. The scenery does represent ancient Rome well.

    Overall, I think this show is good. It's one of my favorites, and I think it’s a good show for the summer. People have come down hard on this show due to its historical inaccuracy, direction, and often comparing it to other big Roman or Greek hits, such as Gladiator. Personally, I think the show doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's better then some shows that are out right now and it'll keep you entertained. Even if you don't know about Augustus Caesar’s reign, you'll enjoy this show. And if you are a history buff, you might be disappointed with the inaccuracy, but that aside it is a solid show. So if you got nothing to do on a Tuesday night, check out Empire. It will keep you entertained.
  • I don't like this show at all. I think that it's below the standart of the other min-series which was done on ancient greek and the old rome. I don't like the cast and I think there's isn't any real action in it.

    I don't like this show at all. I think that it's below the standart of the other min-series which was done on ancient greek and the old rome.

    I don't like the cast and I think there's isn't any real action in it.

    I like the fact that there are only 6 parts to it - so they can fill out the saved time with something else.
  • Not appreciated for what it is... Much too often compared to "Gladiator". This is really a completely different storyline and should be weighed on its own merits.

    The mini-series "Empire" is not as bad as the reviews purport it to be. I have really been enjoying it. Although it is not completely historically accurate (what show really is??), it is entertaining. Keep in mind that there is a bit of "Gladiator"-like action, but that's not really a bad thing.

    Bottom line - an interesting retelling of an oft-overlooked part (in the entertainment realm) of the Roman empire's history. If you're a historical epic buff, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • A pretty good summertime filler.

    Empire is an Epic mini-series starting in 44 BC during the assasination of Julius Ceasar. It's a little dull at times but the splendid action scenes make up for this. For a bunch of no-namers the cast shows alot of talent and promise. I usually stay away from mini-series as they tend to end right when you're getting hooked on the show but in this case I'll make an exception. I strongly recomend this show to any drama/ history/ war fans as well as anyone who is just looking for something to watch this summer while they wait for the new seasons of there favourite shows to start back up in the fall.
  • A good show for the summer.

    A show with some potential, A mix of fiction and history. "Empire" will help keep summer tv out of the boring category. I have set this series as a season pass on my DVR. Pull up a chair, get some popcorn and stay out of the summer heat, you should find "Empire" entertaining.
  • The beginning of Empire started a little shaky, a little boring, but then blasted into a great, adventurous show.

    "Empire" is finally something different on TV, and I can somewhat agree with the commercials saying "A summer event you do not want to miss".

    It's not the best show ever created, there has definitely been better, but I really like this show - it does not bore you like some epics tend to do. "Empire" started a little dull, but the first fight scene showed that this show definitely had potential, which was also shown during the rest of the first episode.

    I believe this show will make a great summer series, and I can't wait to watch the next few episodes.

    I would recommend catching an episode before it ends.
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