Season 1 Episode 4

The Hunt

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2005 on ABC
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The Hunt
Marc Antony saves Octavius and Tyrannus, and lets them stay at his villa in the countryside. Tyrannus distrusts his host, and after an argument with Octavius and Antony, he decides to leave.

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  • Finally! a decent story! Though not historic.

    We finally meet Agrippa. Not the Agrippa of fact, but one from this very fictional world.

    Agrippa was of humble birth, being born in the countryside outside of Rome. He was of the same age as Octavian and the two were close childhood friends. Octavian and Agrippa served as cavalry officers under Julius Caesar in the Battle of Munda in 45 BC. After the battle and return to Rome, Caesar adopted Octavian as his legal heir. As the senatorial factions within Rome grew more fierce, Caesar sent Octavian and Agrippa to study in Apollonia with the Macedonian legions. Caesar also sent the son of one of his friends, Gaius Maecenas, to study with them.

    The three (Octavian, Agrippa, and Maecenas) developed a close friendship while away from Rome under Caesar’s orders. Agrippa quickly rose in favor within the Macedonian legions, the commanders taking note of his amazing leadership abilities. He also learned of architecture, learning the skills he would use later in his life. It was while studying at Apollonia when the news of Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC reached them. By his and Maecenas’s advice, Octavian at once set out for Rome.

    Aafter Octavian’s return to Rome, the three realized they needed the support of legions. Agrippa returned to Greece where he assumed command of the Macedonian legions (most notebly the Legio IV Macedonica) and marched them to Rome. Once Octavian had his legions, he made a pact with Mark Antony and Lepidus as the Second Triumvirate to handle the murders of Caesar. Agrippa fought alongside Octavian and Antony as Octavian's most senior general in the Battle of Philippi.

    After their return to Rome, Octavian sent Agrippa in 41 BC to handle the war against Lucius Antonius and Fulvia Antonia, respectively the brother and wife of Mark Antony, which ended in the capture of Perusia in 40 BC. Two years later, he put down a rising of the Aquitanians in Gaul, and crossed the Rhine to punish the aggressions of the Germanic tribes. On his return he refused a triumph offered to him, but accepted his first consulship in 37 BC.

    Doesn't sound much like the guy we met in the show, does it!moreless

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