Empire Warriors

BBC Premiered Nov 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Empire Warriors

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Empire Warriors is a four-part BBC documentary series looking back in the 20th century when Britain was fighting various guerilla and terrorist groups who were trying to topple its power in its four territories in Aden, Palestine, Malaya, and Mau-Mau. In the years following the end of World War II, rebellion against the British Empire reaches its peak. It includes footages of mutilated bodies and broken skulls, hotel bombings, and high-profile murders of British families. The documentary shows the first accounts of modern terrorism, including interviews with old men and women showing no regret of killing hundreds of civilians as they take pride in their actions. In an attempt to suppress all the insurgencies, the British Empire makes a decisive move to launch an all-out-war against these left-winged groups, and this historical battle is recorded to be one of the world's first successful victory against modern terrorism. Empire Warriors features four episodes: Kenya: The Hunt for Kimathi, Aden: Mad Mitch and His Tribal Law. Malaya: The Intelligence War, and Palestine: The Jewish War.


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AIRED ON 11/19/2004

Season 1 : Episode 1