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  • Beautiful former movie stars Richard Egan and Terry Moore and future movie stars Ryan O'Neal and Charles Bronson. And still this show wasn't a success?

    Richard Egan played Jim Redigo, the general manager of an enormous modern day ranch. Anne Seymour was the patrician owner and beautiful Terry Moore and Ryan O'Neal were her children. Wonderful writer Kathleen Hite ("Gunsmoke") created this show. There were excellent guest star performances by Inger Stevens, Robert Vaughn, Jeremy Slate, Robert Culp, Joanna Barnes, and others.

    This show had lots of potential but the early ratings were disappointing, so they fired sexy Terry Moore and Anne Seymour and brought on Charles Bronson. Big Mistake. The charm and originality of "Empire" largely disappeared without women. To fight the low ratings, they might have emphasized Ryan O'Neal's character more, since he was clearly a star in the making. And they used voluptuous Terry Moore too sparingly. They should have gone more with the soap opera potential of such a set up. An affair between Egan and the older Seymour would have shaken up prime time. And maybe Moore gets jealous of Redigo's attention to her mom. And young O'Neal wants to run the ranch rather than Redigo. It could have been very Freudian.

    Ryan O'Neal married sexy guest star Joanna Moore, who became the mother of Tatum O'Neal.

    With two beautiful former movie stars (Richard Egan and Terry Moore) and two future movie stars (Ryan O'Neal and Charles Bronson), this show should have been a success.