Enchanted Musical Playhouse

Disney Channel (ended 1985)


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  • Season 1
    • Petronella
      Episode 4
      In the Kingdom of Sky Clear Mountain, 3 princes were ALWAYS born to the King and Queen, The oldest would always be named "Michael"; the middle son would be "George": and the youngest would be called "Peter". That is , until the youngest child turned out to be a girl! So the King aptly dubbed her "Petronella". When the time came for her brothers to go out and establish their own kingdoms, Petronella sets out with them. Wanting to rescue a prince and make him her's, Petronella was told to seek Albion the Enchanter. There she would have to perform 3 tasks to help release a prince that Albion held captive. While carrying out the tasks, however, Petronella learned she loved the Enchanter - Not the prince.moreless
    • Ferdinand The Bull
      Stars Paul Williams as the bull who prefers flowers to fighting. It's a musical marvel that springs to life singing bulls, frogs, and colorful scenery. Everyone will be singing along. Ferdinand's story also provides a valuable lesson for all: stand up for what you believe in and don't ever be afraid to be yourself."moreless
    • Steadfast Tin Soldier
      The Tin Soldier falls in love with a beautiful Ballerina who sits atop a giant music box. The Evil Clown wants her for himself.He tries to destroy the Tin Soldier by tossing him out the Nursery Window. All is not lost, when The Tin Soldier, after facing many obsticales, returns- he and the Clown fight to the death.moreless
    • Velveteen Rabbit
      Velveteen Rabbit
      Episode 1
      There was once a velveteen rabbit... fat and bunchy as a rabbit should be; her coat was spotted brown and white, with real thread whiskers and her ears were lined with real pink sateen. On christmas morning the velveteen rabbit sat wedged in the top of the little boys stocking, waiting for her little boy to find her... This is her story, of how she becomes real.moreless