Endeavour - Season 1

Sunday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Jan 02, 2012 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Home
    Episode 4

    A professor of Classics is killed in a hit-and-run incident, and a dispute over some College land may point to a motive for murder. DI Thursday is confounded when an old enemy, a gangster from London's East End, arrives in Oxford. Endeavour takes a break from studying for his sergeant's examination to visit his ailing father, but is soon pulled back to Oxford.

  • Rocket
    Episode 3

    An employee of a munitions firm is found murdered in the factory. A co-worker is soon identified as a likely suspect, and Supt Bright is anxious to achieve a speedy resolution to the investigation ahead of a royal visit. To his dismay, DC Morse is convinced that there is more to the case, and uncovers long-buried secrets in his determination to bring the killer to justice.

  • Fugue
    Episode 2

    A serial killer is at large in Oxford, apparently killing at random. The murderer taunts the authorities in a series of cryptic messages sent to the local newspaper. Endeavour detects a pattern, and believes that the staging of the murders betrays an interest in opera, but if he is to bring the murderer to book he will have to get inside the mind of a deeply disturbed individual.

  • Girl
    Episode 1

    A secretarial student is found dead at home, and the initial finding is that she had a heart attack, but DC Endeavour Morse suspects foul play. DI Thursday investigates the shooting of a GP in a public lavatory. Newly-arrived Supt Bright is unimpressed with young Morse's theories, and restricts him to general duties. Morse feels compelled to investigate both cases from the sidelines, bringing him into sharp conflict with Thursday.

  • Endeavour

    Endeavour Morse, a disillusioned young detective, is asked to go to Oxford to help out in the search for a missing schoolgirl, a case which soon develops into a murder inquiry. Clashing with the senior investigating officer, Endeavour finds himself sidelined and discredited, but is determined to solve the case.