Season 3 Episode 15

Balance Ball

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 08, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids
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Balance Ball
From Discoverykids.com:

The day on Endurance: Hawaii begins with a tragic and unfortunate event: Vanetta (Brown team) injured her knee in a freak accident in the early morning. She was immediately evacuated out of the jungle to the nearest hospital, and as a result, she's been forced out of the game! As all of the contestants gather with JD to play the day's Temple mission, JD gives Tom, Vanetta's partner, his options: he can either take himself - and thus, the Brown team - out of the competition, or he can continue to compete as a one-man team. Tom gallantly chooses to stay in honor of his fallen teammate, and decides that the Brown team will continue on in Endurance: Hawaii, albeit at a great disadvantage.

JD shares his admiration for Tom's decision to persevere in the game, and then tells everyone about the day's Temple mission, Balance Ball. In this game, each of the team members will be required to hold one end of a platform on which they will balance a ball. The team will have to keep the ball balanced on the platform while navigating numerous obstacles and delivering the ball into a chute. Should the ball drop along the way, the team will have to begin again from the starting point. The team that successfully manages to deliver three balls into the chute first wins the game and can choose which teams will be headed to the Temple of Fate that evening. The Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe) is forbidden to compete, as a result of being given the Samadhi the day before by the Gray team (Lindi and Chris); therefore, they have no chance of winning this mission.

JD starts the game. Initially, Tom keeps up with the rest of the pack, until he hits his first obstacle, which forces him to drop his ball and start again. The rest of the fully manned teams are neck and neck until Orange's ball falls, causing them to start over. The Gray team and the Purple team (Sarah and Reece) deliver their first balls in their respective chutes almost simultaneously and take a share of the lead. Bravely, Tom has recovered from his early falter and reaches his chute with a ball balanced, only to be foiled again ... just as he is putting the ball into the chute, it heartbreakingly bounces out! Tom realizes he has no chance of winning this game. With Yellow sitting out and Tom handicapped as well, the contest is between the Orange, Gray and Purple teams. Purple manages to deliver their second ball before Gray, and they quickly race back to the start with the hopes of winning. But Gray is not far behind, and they deliver their second ball, keeping the contest close. Gray gives Purple a race to the finish, but at the last second Purple delivers their third ball into their chute and wins the game!

Purple's win in the Temple mission further secures the Gray-Orange-Purple alliance. Out of respect, Chris (Gray) and Reece (Purple) meet with Tom (Brown) to let him know in person that they will be sending Brown and Yellow to Temple. Tom contends that Gray and Purple should keep Brown in the game, because if they are facing a one-man team, they will continue to have easy victories, as they did in the day's mission. Although Chris and Reece tell Tom they will consult with their partners about it, it seems that they were just paying him lip service, and Tom's (and Yellow's) fate is sealed.

Indeed, later in the afternoon, the Purple team confirms to JD that the two teams going to the Temple of Fate that night will be the Yellow and Brown teams, to no one's surprise. Back at the huts, Bryanah makes a last-ditch attempt at an alliance with Demian, should Yellow survive Temple. Meanwhile, Bryanah's partner, Monroe, is much less diplomatic about being sent to Temple. Before he leaves for Temple, Monroe pours water onto Chris and Reece's beds, making it appear as though the roof of their huts has sprung a leak.

Yellow and Brown meet JD at Temple to play the game that will decide their fate: Water-Wood-Fire. Unfortunately for Tom, despite his valiant efforts to stay on Endurance - from being eliminated on the first day, to winning the second-chance game, to losing his partner- his time on the island comes to an end. Yellow wins the contest!

The never-say-die Yellow team triumphantly heads back to the jungle yet again, to a less-than-excited crowd. Can Yellow stay in the game even though they have no alliances? Will Bryanah's last-minute negotiations for a new alliance with Orange come to fruition and affect the outcome of the game? Find out next time on Endurance: Hawaii!moreless

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