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  • a good show

    this is a great show where teams of teens team up to compete in various challenges. the winning team can send to teams to the temple for the temple challenge where they play a game similar to rock paper scissors which involves choosing water,wood, or fire. i wish i would watch this show when it was originally on. i recenetly found on a station called hub and watched it liked though i do briefly remember seeing bits and pieces of it when it was originaly on. the only season i have seen parts of is the first and my favorite contestant was Ashley.
  • The best show and competition on television and in the world game of elements

    The best show and competition on television and in the world ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    game of elements. I eat, breathe, sleep, walk, smell, travel, see, watch, live, be, have, slide, drink, enjoy, hear, love endurance! Yellow team from Hawaii, blue from fiji and the first season r da best ! ! ! Every night i agonizingly await the show at 8:30 pm, (not sunday). Now sunday evenings are boring. and even now i await the episode tonight of fiji- team selection. Even if i already know who won. :) Blue :)!
  • So awesome! I want to play this game!

    This show is about a group of kids who set out on adventure to become Endurance champs! If their team wins they get to go on a trip such as Hawii. This show deals with alot of Drama, Adventure, Challenges, and the dreaded samadi. Samadi handicaps a person and highers their chances to go to the temple of fate. Temple of Fate is where 2 teams compete against each other, but only one will survive and the other team has to go home immeditaly. I cant wait for the finale of season 6, I hope Blue wins! Go blue!!! I cant believe green won last season, Purple deserved it!
  • I realy liked to watch Endurance: Hawaii and High Sierras. Endurance Fiji is okay but in my opinion it is nothing very special but I would rather watch this than any other 'fake' Disney Channel show. :) ~SandyC.~

    Endurance. I realy liked to watch Endurance: Hawaii and High Sierras. Endurance Fiji is okay but in my opinion it is nothing very special but I would rather watch this than any other 'fake' Disney Channle show or any other channels like that . :) Nobody I know watches this but it is my Personal favorite. I enjoy watching this whenever I can. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)Endurance : A reality show that shows who has the most Endurance. This show will get you off your couch !! It is seriously that cool. :)
  • I watch it almost every night.

    Really, this is like the best show ever. It is so good! Although I've only seen Seasons 3-4 (so far), I would like to see every season! I watch it mostly every night at 8:30. What I don't like about this show is that there is a commercial every few minutes, and it gets really annoying. Well anyways, my favorite team in Season 3 was the yellow team (Brianah or something like that and Monroe). I thought Nicole on the orange team was a brat. I felt really bad for her partner, Damian. For Season 4, I like the blue team the best (Amelia and Shea). Lucky for them, they got to choose who they were with first because Shea shared who he wanted to be with.
  • Its like the kid verison of fear factor. Only they don't have to eat anything.

    I can like this show if they have the right people on it. Other wise i wouldn't watch the show. Its mainly rich people who have nothing better to do. Come on this show to vist a really nice place. Now i would love to be on this show but it will never happen. My favorite season so far is season 3 becasue of Tom being really cute and the fact that some of the people were unpleasant and it made if funny to watch. Also people had crushes on each other and things of that nature made me like that season.
  • This is a great show. season 6, in fiji, is just starting and it's awesome.

    There have been 6 endurance seasons so far. Orange was my favorite team in season 1. (mainly because it's my favorite color, but ya) In season 2 brown was my favorite, because they never got a chance in season 1. In season 1 Yellow was my favoirite becuase Monroe is freakin' AWESOME!!!! I can't beleive he held the rope so long. I didn't see very much of Tehacipi, because our tv reception quit for a long time. so I also missed most of the 5th season. The Show goes like this: It start out with 20 kids going to the location. there can only be 14 (in the later seasons 16) people staying. so they have a challenge of endurance. wether it's hanging on to a pole, rope or holding up a log. the first 3 to fall or fail have to go home then the teams are made and they have the first challenge. the first challenge is the sumadi challenge. if you win, you get to give the sumadi to another team, and the sumadi is a handy-cap in the next temple challenge. whoever wins the temple challenge gets to choose which two teams go to temple. You don't want to go to temple it's basically a game of rock- paper-sizors, and if you lose, you are going home. Another thing that happens if you win a challenge is that you get an endurance piece. there are 13 of them (14 in season 6, 12 in seasons 1 and 2) the more you have, the better off you are at the end of the game. if you get sent home, you get to give your pieces to another team (in season 6 you can split them up). at the end of the game, you have to set you pieces in front of the silver piramids and guess where the golden one is. the more pieces you have left, the more pyramids you can cover. if you find the gold pyramid, you take the other team's pieces on the board. if you get all the pieces, then you are endurance champion!
  • What is this, some of kind of 'Survivor' or a clone of it?

    Hmmm, I've made up my mind, this tv show is pretty much the same as Survivor where 20 teens: 10 guys, 10 girls go out to an island or some abandoned destination and compete in challenges. OK, I've seen enough of it to decide that it sucks! It's a Survivor clone and we can't really have that now can we?? It's Plagiarism and cheating, besides, Survivor has now finished it's 14th season and it sucked. Now the show is starting to go downhill like all shows do after many many seasons, people just get bored, like I did. 'Endurance' is silly in my opinion and a waste of valuable time. WHAT THE Hec were they thinking?? Stupid Ninkanpoop, a showoff and a form of plagiarism. This show is boring and it's good for teenagers right...But not for screening. Some reality shows are best not to be filmed. This is one of them, boring, silly and dull show....
  • Endurance is 20 teenns that plays to the winners. theres 10 girls and 10 guys and they all have to go yhtough a challenge to determined who will b the 8 teams.

    2 guys and 2 girls leave if they finished the challaenge last. Then after that JD roth comes up with differant ways so the 16 other contestants pick their partners. After that the new partners have to go through a mission togetehr and the team that loses they have to go home. Then when there's 7 teams left they have to commpet for the pyraimd pieces and also the samati. The team that wins the tmple mmission have to send 2 teams to the temple of faith and only one team comes back.

    You can watch endurance on discorvy kids at 8:30 p.m.on weekdays and the same on weekends:)
  • Personally I LOVE ENDURANCE!!!

    The won thing i dislike about it, the team i want to win never does except in 1 season and that was the season i didn't mind so much if the other won. In season 1 i wanted yellow but blue won, in season 2 i wanted green but brown won (sorry brown but u had your shot as gray on s1 you shouldn't of been on e2), on season 4 and 5 i wanted purple but red got it on s4 and green on s5. The only time the team i wanted to win won was on season 3 when gray won but i also kinda wanted orange to win so yeah. Okay but green really should not have won this past season. Purple was so much better and deserved to win. If it would of been Purple and Blue in final two it would of been so much better because both were deserving.
  • How on earth did the green team win? The girl is such a brat.

    Ok first off the green team started out as a pretty weak team.(having purple carrie them and all) I mean they only won one mission (if you ask me purple should be chillin in Hawii right now). Secondly has anyone ever heard of carma?????????????????????????????????????????????? You know wht gose arond comes around ;) I mean that green girl Celly or whatever was a real brat. Like when she cheated on that create your own game chalenge or when she and that girl on purple were fighting and she kept screaming every single mistake the blue girl did ok theres my point.
  • green sucks

    on season five green team should not have won. I mean i know purple and green are friends but purple should of won. purple caried green throug the whole game . that deserves to win.:(boo green:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( : :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o oo o oo oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o o o o o o o o o o oo oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
  • Twenty Teenagers dropped off in the middle of nowhere, this is the whole concept of Endurance. A show that is similar to Survivor, but a lot better.

    Endurance centers around twenty kids. Six kids go home the first/second day if they lose the right to stay challenge. From then on, the remaining people pick their colors or are picked for them and get their first piece. There are seven or eight teams depending on the season and the competition ensues. Teams compete to win pieces. The dreaded Samadhi comes into play as well. The winner of an Endurance mission could give the Samadhi to any team they want. The next mission would be a temple mission where if you lost, you would be at risk of going to temple. The winner would be the only one safe. Team by team it would go down to three teams, and the winner of the last mission would automatically be part of the final two teams. The winner of Endurance would win a grand prize of a trip. There have been many curses on Endurance. If you are the Gray team, you are almost assured to go to temple the first time. IF you go up to temple three times, you will most likely lose on your third time. (Blue Team of Endurance 5 excluded) This is a show worth watching and is a lot of fun to watch.
  • This show is awesome!

    This show is awesome! Its a show on Discovery kids and it is awesome,, this show is about a survival thing where 15(or something like that)teams have to do challenges to survive,, and there are two treehouses,, and there is alot of Drama(which i dont like lol) and it is just awesome,, if anyone hasnt seen this show has to give it a chance,, this show is my third favorite show,, i started watching this show not to long ago,, i should really try to give shows a chance before thinking it is stupid,, lol any way this show,, you have to watch!
  • Great teen survivor show!!

    Just like Survivor only for younger contestants, 20 teens travel from all across America to compete in challenges to see who has the greatest Endurance. Leaving behind cell phones, computers, and everyday normal life, they are put in exotic locations to test their abilities. I think the show's appeal is tapering off. The seasons are getting more and more boring in my opinion, and challenges are becoming repetitive. But I will still continue to watch it as long as they air new seasons because it is still an awesomely addicting show! I give Endurance two big thumbs up and remain a loyal fan!
  • i lubby this show

    a lotta drama.. i like it... lol. This show is sooo awesome though. i like HAVE to watch it every saturday night man! Umm, my favorites are the purple and red teams cuzz they are amazing and they're winning too. Ive read some of the other reviews and their supporting the weaker teams...which i do NOT get O.o. Actually, im rooting for the purple/red/green/orange alliance cuz its working out great. i want the final four to be them- but of course, i dont think its gonnna happen lol. Stuff i want NEVER happens- trust me... haha. so 1 more word and im done- byes!!! WATCH ENDURANCE, FOOLS!! ~~110 words... yep (make that 115 words)
  • This show is awesome!

    I totally love watching Endurance! It's one of the best teen reality shows on tv. It's full of twists, friendship, competition and lots more. The contesents are unique, the challenges are mind-blowing! The host is pretty cool, too.
    I have been watching this show since Season 1 and the show still gets better. The prizes are wicked and Endurance is a great adventure. Getting the sumatri and the luck pieces are totally hard. My overall favourite team has to be the Yellow team from Season 3! They Rock! I really can't wait for more Endurance episodes and seasons! So if you have'nt watched Endurance, start right now. You'll love it!
  • Great show!!!

    I was only recording the shows and putting them on dvd for my nephew (he's 10). but now after watching the shows that they aired over the new years holidays, i'm now a fan of the show. the show does very much remind me of Survivor. but what is better is that i would rather not see some old guy who is completly out of shape with a long grey beard eating bugs. these kids get to do some of the craziest stunts i have ever seen on any tv show. i wish there was something like this back when i was there age that i could have competed on.
  • I love this show!!!

    Endurance is one of the best shows around. I have been watching from the first season. My favorite season is the 3rd because it was done in Hawaii and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. My favorite just also happens to come from the 3rd season, which are Lindi and Chris. Endurance Rocks!!!
  • hey my name is alexis i dont get how to get on the show i have like looked everywhere and i just cant find where to find to sumbit my name!!! well just idk get me back on that one alexis

    hey my name is alexis i dont get how to get on the show i have like looked everywhere and i just cant find where to find to sumbit my name!!! well if you know where i can find or if anyone knows where to do that please please tell me because i am like the biggest fan of the tv show well i dont have much more to sayy so well just idk get me back on that one and make sure you find out where that is well love much to every one!
    peace out !
  • Endurace is about 20 kids going to a remote location and competing for an all expense paid vaction if you win.

    Endurace is such a good show i love to watch it. But my most favorite show and most very very very very very fun fun fun funny season was season 3 it was so cool. the drama the friendship and the relation ships between the teams were so great. that was the season i watched the most. Every day i would watch it at 7:30 eveyday and on sundays i would watch the new one episode. I got so in to endurace 3 that I even told my sister that I invented the Show Endurance because i knew every thing about it but of course it was a joke that i ivented this show and she knew this was a small joke of mine we both got a very good kick about what i said
  • A pretty cool show but not my favorite.

    The reson this shows not my favorite is because it's reality. I just like fiction better. That's me. So, it's about 20 kids who come to a location which changes every year and go into different team and colors. They do "games" using either brains or bronze (usually bronze) and whoever finishes first wins. It's usually for a peice or a sumadi or to send 2 people to temple. The temple is where 2 people go and the play an eloborate game of rock paper scissors to see who goes home. There are some things I don't like about this show, like how a weak team almost wins but never does. People also seem to be overly emotional.
  • a great show!

    this used to be one of my favorite reality game shows (which happen to be one of my favorite kinds of shows) as a kid! i'm so happy its back now! it seems somewhat to me like a teenage version of survivor... but then again most things nowadays can be compared to survivor in some way. either way, i remember wanting to be on this show. i haven't watched it in a while, but it was and maybe will be again one of must-sees.
  • Endurance Questions!!!!!

    Who is your favorite character?
    Max Deleo
    Jenna Jimenez
    Brandon Hendrix
    Layla Brisco
    Skyler Russell
    Chelsea Myers
    Trevor Wilkins
    Lana Neiman
    Christian Justice
    Ashley Gudzak
    Jon Crocilla
    Sabrina Lloyd
    Aaron Thronburg
    Jonna Mannion
    Wayne Williams
    Maryelle DeVitto
    Phil Morelli
    Jacquelynn Pointer
    Scooter Magruder
    Christa Scholtz
    Shep Allen
    Calley Payne
    Jeff Phillips
    Annie Kim
    Tyler Burkhalter
    Michelle Durand
    Mike Lavigne
    Keetin Marchi
    Anotnio Lannicelli
    Willa Zhou
    Bjorn Leum
    Alex Reid
    Kareem Nugent
    Rachel Loften
    Tom Maden
    Vanetta Smith
    Reece Bors
    Sarah Baker
    Monro Gierl
    Bryannah Bascon
    Demian Martinez
    Nicole Clark
    Chris Vanderwier
    Lindi Oest
    John Karidan
    Julie Dubela
    Christopher Tavarez
    Callie Simpkins
    Michael Delvecchio
    Kylie Glessman
    Shea Thomas
    Amelia Land
    Isaac Hainley
    Jeszie Geronimo
    Johnathan Lebowitz
    Daniela Bustamante
    Franke Sisto
    Erika Cook
    Mine are
    Max Deleo
    Jenna Jimenez
    Mike Lavigne
    Keetin Marchi
    Chris Vanderwier
    Lindi Oest
    Johanthan Lebowitz
    Daniela Bustamante
    What is your favorite season?
    Endurance One
    Endurance Two
    Endurance Three
    Endurance Four
    Endurance Five
    Mine are
    Endurance Two
    Endurance Three
    Endurance Five
    Who do you think will win Endurance 5?
    Mine are
    Darci and Connor
    Lilly and Alex
    Who do you think will be next eliminated?
    Mine is
    Taylor and Isaac
  • A lot of action

    I like this show a lot. The action is great. The tension is high. The friendships are so close. Endurance is a great show. I love it. There is so much suspense on who is going to win. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes competitions. This show is the best thing that has ever happened to Discovery Kids.
  • My name is tyler bilfield and i want to be on the show. I'm 15... and i love the show and think that i could go all the way with a positive attitude and my good looks

    this show is great i really like how they articulate all of the people in it. . . anyway um i would like to be on this show and prove to everone in my community that im not a loser. . . and i can achieve in a lot of mental and physical activities. . . i play basketball and baseball for school and have always wanted to be on this show. if anyone has information about how to get on the show please contact me at stupid_irish3@hotmail.com and just put in the subject (Endurance) thank all of you and god bless.
  • Fun. ;-)

    This show is so much fun. I do not watch it a lot. but a good bit.I hope it will stay for a wile. I love the show but I can not just watch it over and over. is this the 4th?
    it is a cute show. lol lol
  • This Endurance episode was quite good- not the best- but was quite sad.

    This Endurance episode was quite good- not the best- but was quite sad. tyhe chrtacters, are involved in a horrific car accident, and everybody scrapes through with various injuries, and she is in a very bad condition. She is hardly breathing, but they drag her out of the car and give her CPR. She is taken in an ambulance, and is close to death at the hospital, where he manages to save her.
  • Endurance - A kid version of Survior.

    In my point of view...I believe "Endurance" is like "Survivor". I ought to know everything about what the show is all about...It's all about teamwork and perseverance and of course strength. These teams are showing some physical and mental skills. These kids are from walks of life and they do have what it takes to have endurance. It's my belief that every man, woman and child are very unique is certain areas. Will "Endurance" be back? Of course. I like its shows challenges, and lots of exotic locales (e.g. Tehachapi, Mexico). And the host, J.D. Roth, did a fine job.
  • A very good show.

    This, is, surprisingly, the best show on Discovery Kids Network. I love this show. It gives me a break on all that Survivor action that happens every Thursday. Red Bull is good. I started watching this show half way through it's second season, but after seeing the greatness and uniqueness of this cool show, I was completely hooked. I was literally nailed to my seat, my eyes superglued to the screen. The challenges can get old, but are mostly fresh and enthralling. One thing about the show is that there is little tension between the players. I mean, they should show some arguments once in a while. I saw an argument once. But that was it. The host is good, JD Roth does a good job of being friendly with the kids so they don't feel left out. My favourite season has to be Hawaii. There was just so many characters in that season. Also, I can't remember, but someone was a one man team. It was an Endurance first, and hopefully it won't be an Endurance last.
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