Endurance - Season 4

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Top Ten Games
    Top Ten Games
    Episode 17
    The top ten challenges from the first four seasons of Endurance are revealed, as voted on by fans at discoverykids.com
  • Best of Endurance: Tehachapi
    A recap of the best moments in Endurance: Tehachapi is shown.
  • Finale
    Episode 15
    The final two teams go up to the Temple of Fate to battle it out for the trip to Costa Rica!
  • Endurance: Tehachapi - Spin Fly
    Two teams have made it to the final day, but now they will go head to head as they compete for the remaining pieces. In this mission both teams will fly high, but only one can win an advantage and move one step closer to winning it all!
  • Spin Fly
    Spin Fly
    Episode 14
    The final two teams battle for the last pyramid pieces before the final Temple of Fate.
  • Circle of Trust
    Circle of Trust
    Episode 13
    The green team has the samadhi, and it will put them at a huge disadvantage in the next temple mission. The teams that don't win this mission will automatically be sent to the Temple of Fate. Can the green team overcome their disadvantage? Or, will another team win the crucial challenge. Find out in this episode in which the final two teams are revealed.moreless
  • Create Your Own Game
    The last Endurance Mission.
  • Cubed
    Episode 11
  • Hang 5
    Hang 5
    Episode 10
    After the four remaining teams test their strength in the Endurance Mission, a discussion about the Samadhi erupts into a shouting match for one team. But up on the hill the painful decision makes emotions run high for everyone!
  • Fireball
    Episode 9
    A favorite game returns as the teams compete in a Temple Mission. One team is eliminated at the Temple of Fate.
  • Waterworks
    Episode 8
    The five remaining teams are surprised with a huge twist, with one team being eliminated at the Temple of Fate.
  • The Halfway Point
    The Halfway Point
    Episode 7
    Only 10 of the original 20 contestants remain. In this recap episode you can see highlights of the first grueling week.
  • Super Stumped
    Super Stumped
    Episode 6
    The teams must work together with other teams in the next temple mission. It's green, yellow, and red vs. orange, blue, and purple. The winning super teams must pick two teams on the opposing team to go to the Temple of Fate, where only one team will be awarded the chance to stay in the game.moreless
  • Endurance: Tehachapi - Super Stamped
    The tension mounts as the two Super Teams face off in a critical Temple Mission, and one team will have to choose between winning to avoid elimination or losing to save their best friends from the Temple of Fate.
  • Drop Out
    Drop Out
    Episode 5
    The teams are expecting to play in a Endurance Mission... but JD announces that this mission will be for something much bigger then the samadhi!
  • Raft Pull
    Raft Pull
    Episode 4
    The stakes are raised as the teams battle it out in their first Temple Mission. As the competition heats up, alliances are revealed, enemies are made, and one team will leave the game for good!
  • Blocked
    Episode 3
    Everyone's been guessing who has the best team, but now it's time to find out. The seven new teams are about to go head to head in their first Endurance Mission, and the dreaded Samadhi is on the line!
  • Power Play
    Power Play
    Episode 2
    It's day two of competition, the partner selection. JD asks a one of the Jeszie who she would not want as a partner, she says Franke. Franke is disappointed to hear this because he want her as a partner. He then asks the whole group who the ideal partner for them would be, Shea speaks up and says Amelia, and Amelia wanted Shea as a partner. JD added a new twist and made the two the blue team right on the spot for speaking up. Then for the competition. Each competitor had to old up a log above their head with one hand as long as possible, the winner would be selecting the teams. Chris won in the end. He put together his team first, the yellow team, him and Callie. The next team was the red team, Franke and Erika, then purple, Jonathan and Daniela. Daniela wanted Michael as a partner and was kind of upset when she got paired up with with Jonathan. Then grey, John and Julie; orange, Michael and Kylie; and Green, Jeszie and Isaac. The teams are now set, next week will be the first temple mission and elimination.moreless
  • Hang Glide
    Hang Glide
    Episode 1
    20 kids arrive in the mountains of Tehachapi for the new season of Endurance. They know a grueling competition awaits them and some are more confident than others. They meet the host JD Roth and he gives them a basic tour of the area; where they sleep, and where the Temple of Fate is. JD announces that no one will be leaving that day. Instead, six of them will be leaving the next day. They will play a mission to find out who has what it takes to be an official contestant on Endurance 4.moreless