Season 3 Episode 21

Season Finale

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 19, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids
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Season Finale
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"And then there were two!" proclaims JD as the Orange (Nicole and Demian) and Gray (Lindi and Chris) teams approach the island for the last gathering of Endurance: Hawaii. Earlier in the day, the Gray team obliterated Orange in the Battle for the Pieces mission. By doing so, they collected two additional pyramid pieces, giving them a 10-piece-to-2-piece lead!

JD asks the contestants to take a moment to reflect on their Endurance experience in Hawaii, and how amazing it was to compete in a setting that is actually an island, within an island, within another island! He also asks the remaining two teams to think about one interesting fact: The two contestants able to determine their teammates after the Choose Your Partner mission at the beginning of the game, Lindi and Demian, made it to the final round, although they got here in drastically different ways. The Orange partnership has been a struggle from the beginning, but it was their friendships (and alliances) that got them this far. The Gray team has been the ultimate competitor - displaying teamwork and a friendship that has let them dominate for most of the game. And to honor how important friendship is in Endurance, JD gives each of the final four contestants a special "13th pyramid piece": the Friendship piece!

But before everyone gets too emotional, JD reminds the teams that there is one Temple mission left, which will determine the Endurance: Hawaii champions. JD hands each team miniature representations of the pyramid pieces they have won: Orange has the Commitment and Leadership pieces; and Gray has Ingenuity, Knowledge, Heart, Trust, Courage, Discipline, Perseverance, Strength, Luck and Teamwork.The teams will bring these miniatures with them to Temple, where they'll play their final mission in an hour.

Before the mission begins, JD points out that both the Gray and Orange teams pay tribute to their fellow (and now eliminated) contestants by prominently displaying the team colors of those no longer in the game. But Demian concedes that Orange copied off Gray's boat! Everyone gets a welcome laugh as the pre-mission tension mounts.

It turns out to be one of the quickest hours of the contestants' lives! Before they know it, it's time to pack their bags and head to Temple, leaving the huts, the lagoon and the island behind forever.

The teams pass through the foggy jungle for the very last time to meet up with JD at Temple, where he explains the championship mission. With the pyramid pieces each pair has earned, the opposing teams will play a game that presses their luck - Endurance It's a version of the old-fashioned shell game, in which a row of pyramids is laid between the two teams. Each team takes turns wagering their own pieces on which pyramid has a special gold pyramid beneath it. The team whose piece sits in front of the pyramid with the gold pyramid wins all the pieces on the board; in other words, fortunes can change very quickly in this game! The only rule is the team that goes first must leave at least one free open space for the opposing team's piece - but however many pieces are left open, the team that goes second must fill in all the empty spaces. The game begins with only two pyramids to wager on, but another pyramid will be added in each round of the game. If the game plays all the way out, the teams could be wagering on 12 pyramids! The more pieces a team wagers, the better their chances of finding the one gold pyramid, but the greater their risk of loosing everything. The team to collect all 12 pyramid pieces will be crowned Endurance: Hawaii champions, and win the trip to the Galapagos Islands!

Down by eight pieces, the Orange team is given first dibs to place their piece in the first round. With a 50-50 chance of picking the winner, Orange finds their luck comes through! Orange now has three pieces; Gray has nine.

Round 2: Even though they won the first round, Orange is still down, and again they go first. They take the aggressive route and put pieces in front of two of the three pyramids, and Gray fills in the empty space. The strategy pays off for Orange, as they find the gold pyramid again and add another piece. Orange now has four pieces; Gray has eight.

Round 3: Once again, the Orange team goes first since they are behind. And once again, Orange is aggressive and fills three of the four empty positions. For the third round in a row, Orange leaves Gray to play with only one piece on the board. But this time the strategy backfires on Orange, as the gold pyramid reveals itself next to Gray's lone piece on the board! Gray takes three of Orange's pieces. And the tally is now Gray with 11 pieces, while Orange is down to their last piece!

Round 4: With only one piece left and five empty spaces out on the board, Orange only has a 20 percent chance of finding the gold pyramid and staying in the game. Nicole and Demian decide to place their piece in front of a pyramid, and for once they're able to agree on something! But alas, their luck has run out, as the gold pyramid reveals itself in front of one of Gray's four pieces. Lindi and Chris are the Endurance: Hawaii champions, and will be going on the trip to the Galapagos Islands!

Chris and Lindi showed the trust, teamwork and endurance to outlast the 18 other contestants. Do you have what it takes? If you think you do, apply now to be a contestant for Endurance 4, on the Discovery Kids Web site! Who knows, you could be the next Endurance champ!moreless

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