Season 3 Episode 9

Squaring Off

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 2004 on Discovery Channel Kids
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Squaring Off
From Discoverykids.com:

The Blue team (Antonio and Willa) was the first team to be eliminated in Endurance: Hawaii, but their presence is still felt the following morning as the remaining teams nervously gather with JD to find out which team Blue left their Commitment piece to. In their departing letter, read to the group by Nicole (Orange team), Blue forgives the Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe) for sending them to Temple and leaves their piece to the team that beat them: Orange (Nicole and Demian).

With that drama behind them, everyone relaxes a bit. All the contestants know the drill: The day after an elimination game, the teams have to play an Endurance mission to decide who gets the Samadhi. But at least they're guaranteed another day in the jungle...or are they? JD reveals yet another twist, and this one is HUGE! Today is another Temple mission, and by the end of the day another team will be headed home!

JD's revelation sends the teams' alliance-scheming into hyper-drive! Nicole hasn't forgotten her promise to go after Yellow if she returned from the Temple, and she vows to target them in today's elimination game. This leaves Monroe fearing that Yellow and their best friends on the Green team (Alex and Bjorn) will be headed to Temple tonight.

Later on, all the contestants convene with JD to play this week's Temple mission, "Squaring Off." In this game, each of the team's colors is displayed in a line using several squares on a giant game board. The teams will take turns trying to cover up each other's team colors using two triangle pieces given to them by JD. Once a team's color is completely obscured by triangle pieces, that team is eliminated from the game. The last team to have an uncovered square displaying their color wins. And one other thing: The team that places the triangle pieces gets to choose the next team to go; the only rule is that the team they choose can't have gone right before them. This is the ultimate game of trust (and test of alliances) for the contestants.

It appears to be Orange's lucky day, as they are randomly chosen to go first. If all goes according to plan and their alliances hold up, Orange is almost guaranteed not to be among the first teams eliminated from the game. Right away Orange goes after Yellow and Green, placing a triangle on each of their squares. They choose the Gray team (Lindi and Chris) to go next. The Gray team targets Yellow and Brown (Vanetta and Tom). Gray then chooses Red (Rachel and Kareem) to go next, and once again Yellow and Green are the targets. Keeping with their alliances, Red chooses the Purple team (Sarah and Reece) to go next, and Purple places their triangles on Yellow and Brown. To no one's surprise, Purple chooses Orange to go next, which makes it appear almost certain that Yellow, Green and Brown will be out of the game before even getting a chance to play. The Orange-Gray-Red-Purple alliance holds up for several turns, but then Reece (Purple), in a moment of compassion, chooses the Yellow team to take a turn! Now the Yellow-Green-Brown alliance has its chance to put pieces on the other team's squares, which they do in spades; until, in a moment of weakness at Nicole's urging, Vanetta (Brown) chooses friendship over alliance and picks Orange (Nicole and Demian) to take the next turn!

With the Orange-Gray-Purple-Red alliance back in control, the Yellow, Brown and Green teams are quickly eliminated. When it comes to picking off teams within the alliance, the remaining teams fill out each other's color line evenly. The Purple and Red teams are eliminated simultaneously, leaving the final two teams: Gray and Orange. Gray is left with the option to either eliminate the Orange team or eliminate themselves and let Orange win. Shockingly, Gray decides to eliminate themselves from the game, leaving Orange to do the alliance's "dirty work" of choosing which two teams will be heading to Temple that evening.

Later, up on the island, Orange reveals they are sending the Green and Yellow teams to the Temple of Fate, which is of no surprise to anyone. Nicole swore revenge and now she is making sure that best friends Yellow and Green will be permanently separated - only one team can win at Temple later that night. It is an emotional time for Monroe, Bryanah, Bjorn and Alex, who know that if they are to survive Temple, it will mean having to eliminate their best friends. In Monroe's own words, "It will be just as hard to come back as it will be to leave."

When Green and Yellow finally reach Temple to meet JD, they are in tears. The game begins, and Yellow is fortunate enough to win two contests of Fire-Water-Wood in a row, thus eliminating the Green team from the game. Although it is a bittersweet victory, Yellow is back in the game and they head back to the huts. Will Yellow survive their hostile feud with Orange? Find out next time on Endurance: Hawaii!moreless

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