Season 3 Episode 17

The Final Four

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids
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The Final Four
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It's down to the final four teams on Endurance: Hawaii, and with a Temple mission to be played in the afternoon, everyone is reassessing their loyalties and alliances. In particular, Nicole (Orange team) seems ready to abandon her team's alliance with the Gray (Lindi and Chris) and Purple (Sarah and Reece) teams, out of fear that one of those teams will send Orange to Temple with the perennially picked-on Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe), should they win the day's mission. No one is more surprised by the newfound friendship between the Orange and Yellow teams than Bryanah, but she realizes that Nicole's offer of a truce isn't one of goodwill, but rather a strategic maneuver to stay in the game.

Later, the teams meet up with JD to play the day's Temple mission, You're Fired. Based equally on physicality and luck, the game requires the contestants to shuttle water from the nearby pond into a series of tubs located across a stretch of land using only small pouches. Once any of the tubs is filled with water, a cannon behind the tub will automatically fire one of three numbered balls into the air. Once airborne, the ball is up for grabs to any of the teams, the object being to catch as many balls as possible. Once all of the balls are launched and retrieved, the team with the numbered ball that matches the one held by JD wins the mission and the right to send two teams to Temple that night. Should one team manage to retrieve all three balls, that team is assured victory. JD reminds everyone that the Gray team will not be able to enter the game until the first ball is launched, because they received the Samadhi from the Yellow team the previous day.

JD begins the game and all of the teams (other than the Gray team) plunge right in. After a few trips taking water from the pond to the tubs, two of the cannons go off almost simultaneously, shooting off two separate balls. One ball travels farther than the other, and Reece, Sarah, Nicole, Demian and Bryanah all choose to tussle over the closer ball. A melee ensues between the five combatants for the one ball; meanwhile, Monroe wisely chooses to go after ball No. 1, the farthest ball, which he retrieves without a fight. After a hard fought scuffle, Nicole manages to retrieve ball No. 2 for the Orange team. With Gray finally in the game, the teams go back to work, putting water in the tub to launch ball No. 3. Finally, the cannon goes off, and Chris is able to make a running, in-air catch to secure ball No. 3 for the Gray team.

Since Yellow has ball No. 1, Orange ball No. 2 and Gray ball No. 3, the Purple team has no chance of winning the mission. When JD finally reveals the winning ball, it has the number "2" written on it, making Orange the winner of the mission! But the Orange team isn't the only team excited by their victory. . . The Yellow team is elated as well, now revealing their secret alliance to the Gray and Purple teams!

After the mission, Chris and Reece are resigned to the fact that they'll be headed to Temple that evening,so they've already hatched a plan: should the Gray team be eliminated, they'll give Purple their four pyramid pieces, and should Purple be out of the game, they'll give Gray their three pieces. The result? The team that returns from Temple will have a commanding lead of seven pyramid pieces - with only three teams remaining!

However, Lindi and Sarah aren't ready to go to Temple without a fight, and they individually go to work on Nicole, seeking to change Nicole's mind and save their respective teams from a trip to Temple. Much to their dismay, Nicole is having none of it. She and Demian seem resolute in their decision to send the Purple and Gray teams to Temple.

Finally, the teams meet up with JD to find out which teams Orange is sending to the Temple of Fate. And Nicole and Demian stick to their new alliance, sending the Purple and Gray teams to Temple!

That evening, Gray and Purple, the former allies, play Fire-Water-Wood to decide which team will leave the jungle forever. Unfortunately for Purple, they lose two contests in a row, and are eliminated from Endurance: Hawaii.

With Gray back in the game and still in the lead with four pyramid pieces, will Purple make good on their promise and leave their pieces to Gray, giving them a commanding lead? Will the Yellow-Orange alliance hold up with only one Temple mission remaining? Or does Nicole have some more tricks up her sleeve? Find out next time on Endurance: Hawaii!moreless

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