Season 3 Episode 16

The Halfway Mark

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 15, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids
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The Halfway Mark
From Discoverykids.com:

On this unusually sunny morning in the jungle, JD meets with the final four teams of Endurance: Hawaii to read the recently departed Brown team's farewell letter, and more importantly, to find out which team Brown has left their Perseverance pyramid piece to. In a jovial letter, in which he congratulates all of the remaining contestants, Tom reveals that Brown has chosen to leave its pyramid piece to the Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe), because they have demonstrated so much perseverance throughout the game. The acquisition of Brown's piece, a small but much-needed recovery, puts Yellow back on the board, after Gray (Lindi and Chris) had taken all of their pieces by way of the Samadhi on a previous day. Currently, the Gray team is in the lead with four pieces; Purple (Sarah and Reece) has three pieces; Orange (Nicole and Demian) has two pieces; and Yellow now has one pyramid piece. Before they convene, JD lets everyone know that a pyramid piece and the powerful Samadhi will be on the line in the day's Endurance mission.

Back at the huts, a feud is brewing between Bryanah and the rest of the girls. It seems that Lindi, Sarah and Nicole feel that Bryanah is trying to turn their teammates against them by flirting with the boys. Bryanah can't figure out why the girls are against her, since she has not done anything offensive to any of them, but she has a feeling that Nicole is manipulating Lindi and Sarah. Whatever the cause, the girls of the Orange, Purple and Gray teams set out to do anything they can to prevent Yellow from winning the day's mission, and thus, get Bryanah thrown out of the game and off of the island.

Game time finally arrives, and the teams meet with JD to play the day's Endurance mission - Try Tri Again JD explains that in previous missions the players have been put to the test physically, but in this game they'll have to use their heads. The teams will be given a stack of triangle pieces that are covered with yellow, red and green half-circles. The task for the teams is to assemble the pieces in a specific layout, aligning each of the colored half-circles with its corresponding half that exists separately on a triangular border. The result is an extremely elaborate puzzle where all of the colored half-circles will align to form complete circles or dots. If one piece is misarranged, the puzzle cannot be solved. The first team to solve the puzzle will win the game's Luck pyramid piece and the all-important Samadhi.

While it might appear to be an easy task, the game confounds all of the teams from the very start, and no one can get their dots to match up . It is extremely tough to tell who is in the lead, because at any moment a team could be just one piece away from winning. At first, it appears that Orange may have found the winning combination, but when they place their very last piece, they find it isn't a match. Meanwhile, the Yellow team discovers the winning layout! In one day, Yellow has shifted the course of the entire game by working its way into a tie for third place (with two pieces) and earning the right to determine which team will be the recipient of the Samadhi. The Purple, Gray and Orange teams are left stunned.

Bryanah and Monroe take some time to enjoy their victory, while the rest of the teams suspect that they will be receiving the Samadhi. But Monroe, who loves making the others uneasy about their futures, simply refuses to reveal who Yellow will give the Samadhi to.

Later, at the island, the teams meet with JD to find out who will be getting the Samadhi. With much ado, Monroe recounts how each of the remaining teams have wronged Yellow at some point in the game; he explains, however, that Yellow's final decision was based on the team they felt was the strongest competition left in the contest. Based on that criterion, Yellow gives the Samadhi to the Gray team. When Chris breaks the Samadhi, it reveals a ball. JD explains that the ball means the Gray team will have to sit out the following day's Temple mission until the first ball of the contest is played. After receiving the Samadhi, Gray's only hope is to overcome their handicap, or that their friends, the Purple team, can win the mission. Meanwhile, the shift of power has left Nicole thinking that it might make good sense for Orange to align with Yellow since Gray and Purple are such good friends. Will Nicole become a turncoat and break up the Gray-Purple-Orange alliance to team up with her nemesis Bryanah ? Will the good fortune continue for the Yellow team in tomorrow's Temple mission? Find out next time on Endurance: Hawaii!moreless

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