Engaged & Underage

MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • MTV follows the run-up to youngin's desire to marry early.

    Like an approaching train, you just can't take your eyes off this show. Watching kids as young as 18 grapple with impending nuptials is bad enough; knowing they are really going to do it is worse. The fights before the wedding are sometimes painful (because you know it's only going to get worse later on). The family reactions are always good; there's usually one family on the "side" of the marriage and one against it. The reasons these kids get hitched so young varies as much as the stories they tell. Seeing the VFWs around the country dressed up for a reception can be sad at times. I don't think I ever once thought, "Wow, they'll make it"! MTV does a great job (as always) of editing and storytelling. I gave it a lesser grade because they are just too short..we need an hour with these puppies!
  • crazy but good

    Althought some of these couples shouldn't be getting married I think it;s funny to watch them try to act like adults. I can already tell that some of these kids will be divorced before 5 years of marriage. The Lauren and David, Ashely and Josh, and Chantel and Jacob look like the ones that will last. But I'm worried about Bre and Josh. He's way too immature! I feel sorry for her. I'm afraid that she's going to get fed up with him being lazy. I hope he changes and starts acting like a man! Ashley and Byron are wrong on so many levels and should never have gotten married. Jenn looks like the one to worry about when Josh goes to off to the war. She looks like the party girl. And I hope Amanda relizes how big of a brat she was about not letting his family see the wedding.
  • annoying and loveable

    I must say that at first this show was going to be dumb and stupid.. and at times it is.. but I do like how they show these kids go through the process step by step. I enjoy watching certain couples because I believe in them, others I hope we get recaps on because I will be surprised if they stay togeter after a year. This is another MTV show that is a guilty pleasure as many of their shows are. I would like to see this show continue and I must say that I love the diversity of the couples on the show.. They arent all just rich young snobs... I LOVE IT MTV! LOL
  • This show chronicles the the BIG next step of young adults relationship, namely, M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E. It shows the good and the bad side of the issue and gives a little insight to those who might be considering marrying young.

    Personally, I love this show. It reminds me that I'm not ready to married at a young age. Some of the couples on the show go into the marriage with large issues that have not been dealt with properly and for me the show basically chronicles what comes with a young marriage, also, dealing with difficult issues such as a Mormon and a Christian joining together. So, altogether, I like the show, although maybe an extension to show what happens after the wedding bells would be nice also.