Engineering An Empire

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  • Season 1
    • Da Vinci's World
      Da Vinci's World
      Episode 14
      After the fall of Rome, Italy fell into a dark sleep, and wasn't reawakened until the 11th century. Autonomous city-states emerged and these tiny republics began to revitalize their cities and build on a massive level not witnessed since the rise of Rome. In the late 15th and 16th centuries, alliances among various city-states continually shifted as foreign superpowers tried to sink their claws into Italy. The masters who are best known for creating the works of art and architecture of the Renaissance, were also the greatest military and civil engineers of the time.moreless
    • The Byzantines
      The Byzantines
      Episode 13
      As much of the world descended into the dark ages after the fall of Rome, one civilization shone brilliantly: the Byzantine Empire. With ruthless might and supreme ingenuity the Byzantines ruled over vast swaths of Europe and Asia for more than a thousand years. The Byzantines constructed the ancient world's longest aqueduct, virtually invincible city walls, a massive stadium, and a colossal domed cathedral that defied the laws of naturemoreless
    • Napoleon: Steel Monster
      Centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, French kings struggled for control against the church and the aristocracy. Chaos and bloody warfare rampaged and France stood on the edge of utter disaster as the French Revolution turned into a period of brutal repression. From the ashes emerged one of the greatest military strategists in history, Napoleon. Throughout his reign, France built brilliantly innovative, widely influential masterpieces that have given the world some of its greatest feats of engineering.moreless
    • China
      Episode 11
      For over 4,000 years the world's greatest empires have come and gone--only China has survived the test of time. Century after century, China's regal emperors mobilized peasant armies to accomplish engineering feats unparalleled in human history. .
    • The Persians
      The Persians
      Episode 10
      The Persian Empire was one of the most mysterious civilizations in the ancient world. Persia became an empire under the Cyrus the Great, who created a policy of religious and cultural tolerance that became the hallmark of Persian rule.
    • Britain: Blood and Steel
      At its pinnacle, the British Empire spanned every continent and covered one quarter of the Earth's land mass. Through the centuries, the rulers of this enormous powerhouse used extraordinary engineering feats to become an industrial and military titan, loaded with riches. Some of their many pioneering accomplishments include the world's first locomotive, a superhighway of underground sewers, the imposing and grand Westminster Palace, and the most powerful and technically advanced navy in the age of sail.moreless
    • Russia
      Episode 8
      At the height of its power the Russian Empire stretched across 15 times zones, incorporated nearly 160 different ethnicities, and made up one sixth of the entire world's landmass. What started as a few small principalities was shaped into an indomitable world power by the sheer force of its leaders. However, building the infrastructure of this empire came at an enormous price. As Russia entered the 20th century, her expansion reached critical mass as her rulers pushed progress at an unsustainable pace and her population reacted in a revolution that changed history. From the Moscow Kremlin, to the building of St. Petersburg, examine the architecture and infrastructure that enabled the rise and fall of the Russian Empire.moreless
    • Maya: Death Empire
      See the engineering feats of the Maya.
    • Carthage
      Episode 6
      See the engineering feats of one of Rome's greatest enemies, Carthage. Before Rome dominated the Mediterranean, Carthage was the one city that ruled the seas. But when Carthage and Rome started fighting each other, one civilization would live, and the other would be destroyed.
    • The Aztecs
      The Aztecs
      Episode 5
      In less than 200 years the Aztec's transformed themselves from a band of wandering nomads to the greatest civilization the New World had ever known. What records remain of this amazing feat indicate they did it through brilliant military campaigns and by ingeniously applying technology to master the harsh environment they faced. They built their capital city where no city should have been possible: in the middle of a lake. The Aztec also practiced human sacrifice on an unprecedented scale and made many enemies. By the time the Spaniards landed they had no trouble recruiting tribal allies to destroy the Aztecs. Watch with host Peter Weller as we examine the architecture and infrastructure behind the New World's greatest, and last, indigenous society.moreless
    • Aztecs
      Episode 5
      See the engineering feats of the Aztecs. A people that would overcome impossible odds and create marvels of engineering as symbols of absolute power. And watch them accomplish all they did in just two centuries.
    • Greece: Age of Alexander
      See the engineering feats of Greece under Alexander the Great.
    • Greece
      Episode 3
      See the engineering feats that gave rise to the Greek empire.
    • Egypt
      Episode 2
      From the year 3000 BC all the way to around 1212 BC, the Egyptians accomplished the impossibe and built the unimaginable. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the temple at Abu Simbel, see all the incredible engineering feats of the Pharaohs of Egypt.
    • Rome
      Episode 1
      See the engineering feats that brought Rome to power in the ancient world. From Julius Caesar and the end of the Roman Republic to the birth of an empire that would transform Europe, North Africa, and parts of the Middle East for at least 500 years with grand feats of engineering.moreless