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This offbeat comedy stars Laura Dern as Amy, a woman who decides she must live an enlightened life, which creates trouble in her personal life and at work.

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    • Season 2 Fizzled

      I love Season 1 but Season 2 seems to be dragging and I've lost interest.
    • SEASON 2 is really good !

      I must admit, I had a hard time watching the 1st few episode of the 1st season. However I like Mike White and I also wanted to find out why Laura Dern won awards for her acting. It gets better and I was quite hooked by the end of season 1. It helps that its only 20 minutes per episode or I might have given it up.

      For those who have tried, you should start watching season 2. The pace picks up and the plot thickens. It is not just aimless wandering anymore. Its not like other shows on TV.

      Many complained about the lead character not being likable but that is what is so great about the show. It is brutally honest. Its very close to real life. We all like to think we are the hero in our own novel but others might find it repulsive yet it may not really matter. What is more important is how we honestly feel about ourselves.

      The romance for Tyler (Mike White) character in season 2 and the love triangle that is so of forming. They are all very real, a lot more than many of the Hollywood series on TV now.

      I especially like the sex scene between Tyler and her new girlfriend. That is usually what happened when we sleep with someone for the 1st time. We are usually shy. Many of us are not as super hot as those people on TV and just start ravaging each other.moreless
    • A clever title goes here!

      Had to push through first few episodes - hooked by the 5th. Really started enjoying the cast. The direction is often brilliant. Intrigued by Mike White who's writer, director AND Tyler - subtle performance /touching character! But here's the thing: It's not a comedy. It could be but that's not how it's played (or written!). Nothing funny or amusing about it. More curious still, the main character elicits as much revulsion as pity. "Amy" is an intensely irritating person - self-absorbed, self-indulgent, no sense of self-containment, needy, passive aggressive, righteous, ridiculous. Laura Dern is very off-putting - her face rarely in repose, way big facial contortions, always foaming at the mouth. So I'm trusting that this is all purposeful, and that's the intent and intelligence of the show: that the main character is extremely flawed, but becoming a little better each episode, not in the nonsensical way of her self-help books but actually becoming a tad more aware, say, more "enlightened" (ie 'letting it go' at end of episode w the ever-gorgeous Robin Wright, or looking at and actually seeing her mother). Am almost at end of 1st season and want more. More of the cast: Timm Sharp is great; the women upstairs especially Sarah Burns; her mother Diane Ladd so odd and yet such a sense of depth, again subtle; Luke Wilson reliably good. And Laura Dern - every so often her face relaxes, her intensity softens, and she's compelling.moreless
    • 'Enlightened' or 'Self-Obsessed"

      The irony of the title is that Amy Jellicoe is not enlightened at all. Her sense of righteousness has merely been re-directed. The stereotype that this show presents is the committed "do-gooder" so obsessed with their own agenda that they are completely oblivious to the reality around them.

      If this is the character that the writer intended to create in Amy then he has absolutely succeeded. But in order for us to sympathize with her, she needs to be more sympathetic. At the moment, she is at worst, manipulative, oblivious, condescending and stupid. At best, merely irritating.

      We are asked to believe that Amy was a (good) buyer in a dept of a market leading consumer goods company. But apparently her transformation included a complete loss of all business sense, including how to pitch an idea or negotiate. Her new job is the pits, but where is her escape strategy? She is prepared to search for work at a Homeless shelter but even when she accepts she can't afford to work in not-for-profit, she doesn't look for alternative business roles? The show needed to address some or all of these issues.

      I think the show has great potential, and I kept watching to see if it would be found. I'm afraid so far, we've seen not a whole lot of comedy despite the fabulous material that could be mined from the bunch of misfits in the basement. At the moment with the exception of Tyler, they are merely set decoration. In terms of Amy's relationship with her old co-workers, that's not comedic, it's merely sad.

      Please, I want this show to be good. It's taken until E10 for Amy to find a direction, I may tune into S2 to see what she does with it, but if it continues like S1, I'm out.

    • This is a really bad show

      I really don't like this show at all! I watched all of the episodes up until now, because I wanted to give it a chance. But it's so stupid!

      I mean who wants to watch a show that the main character is an annoying idiot?!

      And it's really depressing, her living with her sad old mother, and she herself is well over 40 with no family or nothing, and she is so stupid!

      I hope this show is cancelled fast, and that something better will replace it!moreless

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