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  • Amy is trying to find the light in her life, creating trouble for her and her environment and headache for the viewers


    At first I thought - Hey, great, it's Laura Dern and she's back on the screen.

    Unfortunately, I only managed to watch the first 5 episodes before I had to turn it of mid-episode and swore myself to never watch an HBO show again.

    The pilot started with Amy having a nervous meltdown after loosing her department to an ex-lover and coworker, starting with a crying fit and ending with her screaming and raging through forced-open elevator doors.

    After a few weeks off from work, Amy returns to the city a changed person. She is trying to get her job back and to start her life over. The pilot itself promised a good show with a grown woman trying to get back on her feet and change the world around her for the better. While not exactly comedy nor drama, it had some elements of both (and tons of swearing), including some lovely nature-shots.

    Soon after getting stuck in a dead-end job in the basement („earned" by threatening the higher management with a lawsuit), Amy starts the life-changing by treating everyone around her like lower-class citizens and/or assistants. She is desperate to win back her former, somewhat bitchy coworkers by acting like a chliché-ridden obnoxious teenager in highschool, butting into conversations, ignoring even the most obvious hints that she is not welcome etc. While all that might be intended to show Amy finding her way in this new environment she has been put in, it only makes me cringe and wanting to slap this woman to her senses AND has me rooting for her mean co-workers.

    Still, she trudges on, no matter who or what comes between her and her goal, not a care in the world what everyone else around her might want or need, especially her junkie ex-husband and her mother. If this is the „new" Amy, I am sure glad we did not see the old one.

    Still, I am hoping that Laura Dern and the director/producers/writers will find a way to not only make this woman more likeable but to focus this show more on real enlightenment and not „I am woman, hear me roar and now f*cking get me what I want! You know, if that's okay, like, if you want it to? You know?"

    Dear writers, please stop this insanity before it becomes permanent. I don't know any 40-ish year olds that talk like that and I sure hope that, if they are out there, they realize how stupid it sounds sooner rather than later.

    Other than that? Luke Wilson! ;-)