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  • A clever title goes here!

    Had to push through first few episodes - hooked by the 5th. Really started enjoying the cast. The direction is often brilliant. Intrigued by Mike White who's writer, director AND Tyler - subtle performance /touching character! But here's the thing: It's not a comedy. It could be but that's not how it's played (or written!). Nothing funny or amusing about it. More curious still, the main character elicits as much revulsion as pity. "Amy" is an intensely irritating person - self-absorbed, self-indulgent, no sense of self-containment, needy, passive aggressive, righteous, ridiculous. Laura Dern is very off-putting - her face rarely in repose, way big facial contortions, always foaming at the mouth. So I'm trusting that this is all purposeful, and that's the intent and intelligence of the show: that the main character is extremely flawed, but becoming a little better each episode, not in the nonsensical way of her self-help books but actually becoming a tad more aware, say, more "enlightened" (ie 'letting it go' at end of episode w the ever-gorgeous Robin Wright, or looking at and actually seeing her mother). Am almost at end of 1st season and want more. More of the cast: Timm Sharp is great; the women upstairs especially Sarah Burns; her mother Diane Ladd so odd and yet such a sense of depth, again subtle; Luke Wilson reliably good. And Laura Dern - every so often her face relaxes, her intensity softens, and she's compelling.