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  • SEASON 2 is really good !

    I must admit, I had a hard time watching the 1st few episode of the 1st season. However I like Mike White and I also wanted to find out why Laura Dern won awards for her acting. It gets better and I was quite hooked by the end of season 1. It helps that its only 20 minutes per episode or I might have given it up.

    For those who have tried, you should start watching season 2. The pace picks up and the plot thickens. It is not just aimless wandering anymore. Its not like other shows on TV.

    Many complained about the lead character not being likable but that is what is so great about the show. It is brutally honest. Its very close to real life. We all like to think we are the hero in our own novel but others might find it repulsive yet it may not really matter. What is more important is how we honestly feel about ourselves.

    The romance for Tyler (Mike White) character in season 2 and the love triangle that is so of forming. They are all very real, a lot more than many of the Hollywood series on TV now.

    I especially like the sex scene between Tyler and her new girlfriend. That is usually what happened when we sleep with someone for the 1st time. We are usually shy. Many of us are not as super hot as those people on TV and just start ravaging each other.