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The fall season hasn't even begun, but Fox is already making changes to its schedule. The network announced today that it's pushing one of its promising young comedies, Enlisted, to midseason instead of debuting the series on its previously scheduled premiere date of Friday, November 8. The show will still air on Fridays, but will now premiere on January 10 at 9:30pm. 

Fox says the decision is aimed at taking advantage of the network's "winter sports promotional platform," which sounds to me like fancy talk for being able to run Enlisted ads during NFL and NCAA football broadcasts, in hopes of snagging some of the male audience the Stripes-ish Enlisted was made for.

The vacated November slot will go to a second new episode of Raising Hope, meaning Fox Fridays starting November 8 will look like this: Bones from 8pm to 9pm and back-to-back new episodes of Raising Hope from 9pm to 10pm. It's unclear how this change will affect Raising Hope's schedule, but my limited math skills tell me that more Raising Hope earlier means less Raising Hope later. 

I'd like to point out that this last-minute shuffling could've been avoided if Fox had paired Enlisted with Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Tuesday nights instead of using the multi-camera Dads as the lead-in for single-camera Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I suppose there's always the chance that Enlisted could take over for Dads if that show fails. But that would be such a waste of a "winter sports promotional platform!" 

Oh geez I haven't even told you what Enlisted is about! It's a comedy about three brothers (Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young) who work together at a military base in Florida, washing tanks and polishing mortar shells while all the active soldiers are deployed overseas doing real army stuff. I wasn't that high on the pilot, but I think the series has a lot of potential, and with veteran comedy producer Mike Royce (Men of a Certain Age) on board, it has a chance to be something pretty special. 

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