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  • I myself haven't seen the show but my cousin was one of the producers for the show.

    I myself haven't seen the show at all but Paul R Picard who was one of the producers for this show and also for the Dukes of Hazzard was my 1st cousin twice removed. Since he was my grandmother's 1st cousin. His father was my great grandfather's older brother. But since I haven't seen the show itself I would think it may have been an okay show. But the show came out a couple of years before I was born since I was born in 1984.
  • I liked the show all right!

    Enos is a great supporting character
    The actor didn't like the idea of carrying a show
    But I am glad that the producers of DOH agreed to let him come back to Hazzard
    In case that it failed, and it was on Saturday
    IMHO, it should be on that Friday night
    And then Fridays would had been big hits
    If not for dumb CBS not to put it on Saturdays
    It was a bad mistake for them
    Not to let the show partnered up with DOH
  • Should have stayed in Hazzard

    Enos was an attempt by CBS to strike gold a second time by spinning off a supporting character from its hugely popular and top-rated Dukes of Hazzard. I think the network actually wanted Enos to succeed. The supporting cast was decent, the scripts were at least on par with those of Dukes, and James Best and Cathy Bach from the parent show made guest appearances. Unfortunately, the show was hampered by a poor concept and the reluctance of its star, Sonny Shroyer. Shroyer didn't believe in the project from the outset and was reluctant to do the series. He only agreed to do it if the network put it in his contract that he could return to Dukes in event that the series failed. It turned out that Shroyer's reluctance was prophetic. Enos Strate was a great supporting character on Dukes but was unable to carry the lead in his own series. Enos bit the dust after only 17 episodes and no one really mourned its demise. The character went back to Dukes of Hazzard where he belonged and the show went to the great TV scrap heap in the sky.
  • bad idea

    now the dukes of hazzard was corny enough, but this spin off was just horrible. i thought the name of the show was enos and turk. i do not know why anyone would think that this was a good idea. at least it did not last that long and enos went back to hazzard where he belongs.
  • My client was the star of this show. His name is Sonny Shroyer.

    Not many people know that Michelle Pfiefer was on the first episode of Enos as a guest star. She was virtually an unknown at the time. Jay Leno also made a guest appearance in an episode.

    This show would have made it if it hadn't been up against "Real People" on NBC and the 1981 actors strike was happening as well. Just bad timing.

    Hey Warner Brothers, I hope you read this. You need to release Enos on DVD!!!