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  • Superbly crafted - to my surprise, OWN has offered up a show that I will be watching on a regular basis.

    In "Enough Already," Peter Walsh, once an organizer on TLC's "Clean Sweep" and author of "It's All Too Much" and "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" returns to television with a new series designed to clutter people's clutter issues.

    If you ever saw "Clean Sweep" on TLC, then you can expect a similar format here. Imagine that program, but with Peter Walsh as the sole host and narrator and you'll have a good idea of what "Enough Already" is like. In each episode, Peter Walsh tackles peoples' clutter issues - both emotionally and physically. This means both getting rid of clutter that is taking over people's homes and tackling the emotional clutter that is causing them to keep the stuff. He reveals that the clutter can be generally tied to two causes - stuff people are keeping that ties them to the past and stuff that they think they might need for the future. All of it prevents them from living in the now.

    The clutter is organized in to that which will be kept (usually no more than 5 to 10% of what's there), with the rest to be either trashed, donated, recycled or sold in a yard sale. After it is all gone, Peter Walsh sends in his team and they transform two rooms in the room into the spaces that the people living there really want.

    One thing I really liked was that in the episode I saw, the family was dealing with some intense emotional issues. Peter Walsh was sensitive to this and when he sensed that they weren't willing to talk about what they needed to with each other on camera, he asked them to turn off the cameras so that they could discuss what they needed to. A very classy program.
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