Enough Rope with Andrew Denton - Season 1

Monday 9:30 PM on ABC1 Premiered Mar 17, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Alan Bond
    Alan Bond
    Episode 31
    In the last 20 years, Alan Bond has gone from being an America's Cup hero, billionaire tycoon and Australian of the Year, to being bankrupt, put in jail and disgraced. He joins Andrew on this episode to speak openly about his extraordinary life for the first time.

  • Steve Irwin
    Steve Irwin
    Episode 30
    Andrew talks to Australian wildlife crusader, Steve Irwin.

    A replay of the May interview with Australian of the Year, Fiona Stanley is played.
  • Steve Waugh
    Steve Waugh
    Episode 29
    Andrew talks to Australian cricket captain, Steve Waugh. Other than his role with the Australian Cricket team, Steve is a charity worker for young sufferers of leprosy in India, is known the world over for his photography and is Australia's most successful sports author.

    One year on from the horrific Bali bombing, Andrew talks with survivors, Peter and Leigh Hughes.moreless
  • Toni Collette, Sir David Attenborough
    Andrew speaks with Aussie actress, Toni Collette; broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough; and teenagers, Julian Dibley-Hall and Ya El Stone.
  • Billy Bragg, Germaine Greer
    Appearing on Enough Rope are singer/songwriter Billy Bragg; and outspoken feminist, Germaine Greer.
  • Rachel Ward
    Rachel Ward
    Episode 26
    Appearing on the show are model, author, actress and director, Rachel Ward; and Washington political journalist Helen Thomas.
  • 'Topic of Cancer' Re-union
    A decade ago, Andrew made a documentary for the ABC called 'The Topic of Cancer'. It was made with and about a group of 13 teenagers from the cancer support organisation CanTeen. Of the 13, 12 had suffered from cancer and some were still being treated for it. The 13th, Alex, was a sibling whose life had been affected in its own way by his brother's illness.

    Andrew dedicates this episode to reuniting nine of the original 13 participants to discuss what life, death and living with cancer has taught them. Of the original 13, 10 are still alive and mostly in very good health.

    Appearing on the show are Claire Williams, Katrina Douglas, Mason Roy, Georgina Josey, Alex McWilliam, Kim Davis, Brett Finneran, Robbie Kite, Belinda Walsh.

  • Guy Pearce, Tex Perkins
    Andrew chats with actor, Guy Pearce; rock singer, Tex Perkins and Real estate agents Bill Bridges, Lindsey Murphy and Len Pretti.
  • Deborah Harry, Rudy Giuliani, Adam Gilchrist
    In a jammed filled hour, Andrew chats with former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani about his experience of September 11 and his upcoming visit to Australia for Mission Australia.

    Also on the show are Australian national cricket team vice-captain, Adam Gilchrist and the ultimate punk act, Blondie herself, Deborah Harry.
  • Russell Crowe
    Russell Crowe
    Episode 22
    Andrew talks to actor Russell Crowe.
  • Mark 'Chopper' Read, Kate Ceberano
    Andrew chats with infamous Australian criminal turned top selling author, Mark 'Chopper' Read.

    Also stopping by for a chat is singer, Kate Ceberano.

    Finally, Andrew talks with Jill Hellyer and her son Allan Stephan about living with schizophrenia.
  • Jane Turner, Gina Riley and Mark Latham
    Joining Andrew on Enough Rope are then, Shadow Treasurer, Mark Latham; talented actresses and comedians Jane Turner and Gina Riley (without their alter egos, Kath and Kim) and author of the controversial book 'The Bride Stripped Bare', Nikki Gemmell.
  • Annie Lennox, Natasha Stott-Despoja
    Andrew talks with the former leader of the Australian Domocrats, Natasha Stott-Despoja.

    Also on the show, Andrew chats with lead singer of the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox.

    Finally, Andrew explores the miracles of IVF and chats with Geraldine Hewitt a 19 year old who is on a determined search to find her biological father and Peter Browne, a 53-year-old who donated sperm several times in his early 30s, who has no children of his own and is desperate to meet any children he may have fathered.moreless
  • Sigrid Thornton, Dr Tim Flannery
    Appearing on the show are beloved Australian actress, Sigrid Thornton; scientist, explorer and best-selling author, Dr Tim Flannery and Canadian medical activist, John Davidson.
  • Derryn Hinch
    Derryn Hinch
    Episode 17
    Andrew chats with the man Australia calls, The Human Headline, Derryn Hinch about the ups and downs in person and professional life. Andrews also talks with Louise Anike and Josie Jackson, two members of the Older Women's Network Theatre Group.
  • Rose Porteous, John Safran
    Andrew chats with socialite and millionare widow, Rose Porteous.

    Also on the show, John Safran shares stories of his adventures in the media.

    Hugh Carey, Sandra Pankhurst and Carl Scully, stop by to share their experience in the cleaning business with Andrew and his audience.
  • The Wiggles, Dr Helen Caldicott
    Andrew introduces Australia's biggest entertainment team, Murray Cook Jeff Fatt, Greg Page and Anthony Field - otherwise known as, The Wiggles.

    Also on the show is Australia's best-known voice of protest, taking the case for nuclear disarmament to the world stage, Dr Helen Caldicott.
  • Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey
    Episode 14
    Andrew chats with Hollywood heavy-weight Jim Carrey about the man behind the mask.
  • Rove McManus
    Rove McManus
    Episode 13
    Andrew talks to fellow talk show host, Rove McManus.

    Also joining Andrew via satellite is mountaineer Joe Simpson who shares his remarkable story of survival after being left for dead on the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes.
  • Pete Postlethwaite, Rene Rivkin
    Andrew speaks again to disgraced stockbroker Rene Rivkin on his $30,000 fine and nine months periodic detention for insider trading.

    British actor Pete Postlethwaite stops by for a chat.

  • Barry Humphries
    Barry Humphries
    Episode 11
    Australian acting and comedic legend, Barry Humphries, drops by to talk to Andrew about his life in and out of pantyhose.

    Also on the show, Andrews talks to one of Australia's best know athletes, Skier, cyclist, adventurer, world and Australian record holder, Paralympian - Michael Milton.
  • Paul Hogan
    Paul Hogan
    Episode 10
    Andrew talks to laconic Aussie icon , Paul Hogan.

    Also on the show, Andrew chats with current Australian of the Year, Professor Fiona Stanley.
  • Rebecca Gibney
    Rebecca Gibney
    Episode 9
    Andrew chats with one of Australia's most beloved actresses, Rebecca Gibney.

    Also on the show, Andrew speaks with diseases expert Dr Peter Collignon; removalists Jason Cheney and Bill Atlis and show and tell audience member, Brendan Wakeham who has brought along a letter written to his grandfather in 1947 Japanese prisoner of war guard at camp.moreless
  • Rob Hirst , Rene Rivkin
    Flamboyant stockbroker, Rene Rivkin, dropped by to talk to Andrew, just two days before he was found guilty of insider-trading.

    Andrew's second guest was Midnight Oil songwriter, medicine man and drummer, Rob Hirst.
  • Dennis Lillee
    Dennis Lillee
    Episode 7
    Andrew chats to Australia's most consistent fast bowler during the 1970s and early 1980s, cricket star, Dennis Lillee.

    Other guests include: Fisherfolk, Jim Mendolia, a man who's been fishing all his life, Rhonda Marriage, who with her husband Russell, fishes the estuaries for everything, from barramundi to bream, king salmon to sharks and Hans Jusseit, who sails the ocean blue hunting tuna; author Naomi Wolf and Show and Tell with audience members Lee Perrine, Peter Koshnitsky and Belinda Groves.moreless
  • Richard Roxburgh
    Richard Roxburgh
    Episode 6
    Actor Richard Roxburgh drops by to talk to give Andrew a few Shakesperean acting lessons.

    Other guests include shipoffools.com founders Steven Goddard and Simon Jenkins; former ANC leader and current South African constitutional judge, Albie Sachs and Show and Tell with audience member, Dave Thomas.
  • Molly Meldrum
    Molly Meldrum
    Episode 5
    Andrew interviews one of Australia's music industry icons, Molly Meldrum.

    Other guests include Spearhead lead singer, Michael Franti and Professor Roger Short who believes he may hold the secret to stopping the spread of AIDS.

    Also on the show, Andrew goes inside the minds of three psychiatrists to learn more about the profession.moreless
  • John Elliott
    John Elliott
    Episode 4
    Andrew speaks with legendary business man, John Elliott. Famous for his catchphrase, "Pigs arse!" the chain-smoking media favourite once, in the '80s, simultaneously held the fate of Australia's two biggest companies in his hands at the same time as being federal president of the Liberal Party.

    Also featured are conversations with three of Australia's finest jockeys, comedian Richard Herring and audience show and tell.moreless
  • Nova Peris
    Nova Peris
    Episode 3
    Andrew chats with Australian sports star, Nova Peris about her childhood, her Olympic experiences and her new book, Nova: My Story.

    Andrew also talks to a group of teachers to discover a little more about their jobs and to Lieutenant Colonel Dale Storr who was an Iraqi POW for 33 days in the 1991 Gulf War.moreless
  • Heath Ledger
    Heath Ledger
    Episode 2
    Andrew interviews actor Heath Ledger who is back in Australia promoting his new film, Ned Kelly.

    Also featuring on this episode are five-times world-champion surfer, Layne Beachley; Truck drivers, Rod Hannifey (Dubbo), Keren Wilkin (Quilpie) and former long-haul driver Shane Kent.
  • Claudia Karvan
    Claudia Karvan
    Episode 1

    Claudia Karvan - Claudia is a well known and accomplished Australian actress, whose most recent work inclues 'The Secret Life of Us'.

    Intensive Care Nurses - Narelle Nielson from the Westmead Children's Hospital ICU; Sandy Thompson from the Randwick Children's Hospital ICU and Sarah Woolley from Royal North Shore neurosurgery ICU.

    Guzin Najim - Guzin has lived most of her life as an Iraqi civilian, living through the death and destruction that clouds the country.

    Audience Show & Tell - Rob Alberts has the same skin condition as Michael Jackson; John Turner was run over by a bloody Volvo drver and Sophie Greenfield sent an inappropriate office email.moreless