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  • grammys

    explaination for increased audience. ROBIN THICHE. He drew those who do not usually watch.
  • Stars who are no longer with us.

    I did not hear anything about Jeanne Cooper who passed away this year. She was one of the best actress. She even had a facelift on live tv. How could you forget about someone so great?
  • Love to Love You Donna Summer

    Shame on ET for implying that Donna Summer's husband, Bruce Sudano, releasing a remix of Love to Love You Baby would somehow displease her.
  • Rob is Obnoxious

    I liked this show but Rob is just so full of himself!!!! I can't stand to watch anymore . . .
  • Dutchess of Cambridge/Kim K.

    How can you compare the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate, to Kim K. It is an insult to we Americans and to the people of England? I don't watch ET anymore because of the attack you kept going concerning Paula Dean. You are supposedly entertainment news but where does the news stop and the witch hunt begin. Reporting on it once or twice is enough but to keep bringing it up every night for weeks is too much.

    You have compared Kate to the other one long enough. There is no comparison between Kate and the money hungry, indecent Kim K.
  • Dutchees Of Cambridge

    How anybody compare a Royal with an American trash. That is an insult for Royals, England and the rest of the world. It is disgusting to have to hear our reporters to be so low and stupid . If you have no stories talk about something good or funny. If you do not know about Class , learn , before you make such of references between a Princes and American trash like kim K. I am offended about this.
  • No ones perfect! Not even you!!

    Let me start don't think what Paula Deen, emitted to saying, was right! But "WE" all have said things about someone, or something, we wish could be taken back! Paula, didn't have to tell the truth, either, And she did! There are so many people in the news or on TV have said bad comments or sang songs, about other races, or religions, or hurt someone physically. And they were forgiven. I just think if someone is SORRY, and shows in time ,that they meant it, that person should be forgiven!!!! Life is to short for all this hate and bitterness! (but if someone continues to say or do wrong, then I get not letting it go!)

    PS: I enjoy the show
  • The Jacksons Minus One

    Why would the Jacksons be asked if they missed Michael's presence in the group? When was the last time they all played together? Were they there when Michael needed them - instead of the drugs? Seems like it would be said of other groups that they are profiting from the death of their brother!!
  • nancy o'dell

    LOVE YOU! LOVE THE SHOW! I probably have ET on when I take my last breth.
  • Stupid reporters

    I was watching ET interview on the Boston Bombing with the trainer. The reporter asked a question "so when he prayed in the gym, you thought something is up?" what a stupid thing to say. Islam and praying has nothing to do with the evil choices this guy made. But when a reporter asks a stupid question like this, he makes people think if you see anyone you know starts praying then "something is up". The trainer was a lot smarter in his choice of words. Sometimes reporters don't think about the impact their comments will have on the lifes of Muslim Americans. The trainer also said several people in the gym started saying the guy was a terrorist because he started praying in the gym. That really breaks my heart. I wish people will try to understand what Islam is all about before they make any judgments like that. Muslim Americans are against any terrorist acts in the US or anywhere else in the world.
  • and the new James Bond

    Stephen Amell
  • Modern family

    Can't believe you said that could be most talked about when Modern family cast caught in elevator.

    What a joke. Who really cares!
  • Entertainment Tonight and omg! Insider Set Visits for the SAG Awards Auction!

    Simple, just go the SAG Award website and bid!
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    put them out of the game!!

    Success!! I assume you make a bet made from the stockexchange wreck!!

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    The ingredients of a investors return is secure respectable,

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    The way the economy is going investors, it is a unsecure market,

    the goverments have'nt got the intellectual process, to come with a plan of interest.

    There is faint faith and hope that the goverments, can come up with a solution.

    Investors!! its a gamble!!! a great risk and loss!!!

    A request going out to Rihanna Fenty

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  • Everyone Is Not Treated The Same

    Don't wanna make this a black or white thing, what's the difference between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods?? Tiger lost so much i.e. (his Nike endorsement, Buick endorsement, basically anything that created revenue for him) but Arnold is awarded interviews, books, and publicity for being a habitual liar and cheating on his wife as well as fathering a child out of wedlock. Not to mention the fact that he was a deadbeat dad for 8-9 years. Don't all women hurt from this or just white women? P.S. Would we ever hear about this on tv as we heard about Tiger so much?
  • Amanda Bynes

    To the Photographer who was 'trying' to take her picture and said she pinched and scratched him...maybe you should've given her some distance like she asked you to...I bust out laughing when you yelled 'Lady you scratched me!' and when she tried to walk towards you, in a non-agressive manner, I laughed even harder as you pathetically cried out, while going backwards, "stay away from me...please, stay away from me " as she still came foreward...How does it feel to be approached after you asked them to stop?...You're a pathetic excuse for a man...you're looking for some easy money...This isn't the first time in the past 6 months that you've had a run in with someone you were trying to take pictures of, is it?

  • Celebrity DUIs

  • Where is Mark?

    What has Nancy O'Dell done with Mark? He is important to this show. Why does Nancy think she is so great that she doesn't need Mark? Please bring Mark back,
  • Aurora Horror and Batman

    Such a terrible horror that was took place in Aurora on July 20th, 2012.

    Just too much terrible things are coming from these Batman Movies.

    Maybe the Movie Company should stop making them for awhile.

    Just too much! Like the last movie another persons life was lost.

    "GOD be with all the families and friends in Aurora."

  • Children watching violent TV or Movies

    July 20, 2012

    I cannot believe that after the Aurora tragedy you had a "doctor" on who said that there has been no research that the violence in Movies, TV or Video Games has any effect on children. I mean really??? How insensitive and ignorant!!! It makes sense that You are trying to cover the butts of the entertainment industry, but to blatantly lie about current research is inexcusable.

    You should apologize on air and admit you were wrong about the research.
  • O'Dell vs Steines

    Why are Nancy O'Dell and Mark Stienes not shown together. It's been weeks since they have been on the set together. Is there something to that? They seemed to have been working together well. What happened?
  • All WHITE fantastic beach bodies!!! NOT!!!!!!

    I am really very disappointed with the lack of diversity in sharing stoies of white celebrities as if other minorites don't exust or that you don't have all races watching your show. The 5 hottest bodies did not show a SINGLE minority and there are MANY with Fantastic bodies that I can think of that could have been included. Are you afraid you will lose your majority viewers if you show more diversity in your stores? Well you are going to lose many of your minority viewers if you keep this up!!!

    ! I feel like if you are not white and famous you only get minimal mention on your show and then the minority stories mostly always have to have some degree of negativity. I hope your producers can be more racially equitable in the news they share with viewers. More Diversity Please!!
  • were it really a heart attack?

    i were watching et tonight and heard the 911 call the andy griffin wife made dont it sound stranger how calm she were and that she buried him 5 hour later. no autosy they say it were a heart attack there are many way to made death look like a heart attack someone really need to look deeper into this look at the age different.
  • I get to keep up with fashion here!

    this is for fans to keep up with celebrity gossip, what to expect on screen next, and more Hollywood fails and successes. I think Nancy is a great tv host and always greets the screen with a smile. Again, I get to keep up with all the fashion through ET! Annnd, I like the way the visual effects are made for the ET stage area.
  • Quite Good!

    Check all the videos and see how awesome!
  • fan of Lynda Carter

    check out Lynda Carter who sings she save over a half century of people and she is multi lingo as well

  • Someone needs to tell the hostess Nancy ODell to cut her hair. It is too long and looks horrible. Especially for someone her age.


    Someone needs to tell the hostess Nancy ODell to cut her hair. It is too long and looks horrible. Especially for someone her age. She is a pretty woman but her long hair takes away from her looks. When she wears it pulled back, it does not look so bad.

  • I am sick of hearing about Anna Nicole. We lost our only son two years ago and your continous harping about her loss is not helping us at all. It certainly won\'t help her and as for us, we are sick of hearing about it. Get on with something else.

    Will change the channel each time we hear Anna Nicoles name. Enough is enough. Two months is plenty long enough to hear this story repeated over and over. There is plenty of other entertainment news out there. We sympathize with her, since we know about the loss of a child, but move on. We have watched your show for years, but you are on thin ice now. Please move to something else. It hurts horribly to lose a child, but harping on it day after day does not remove the hurt. We know from experience!
  • In watching your coverage of comedian Jeni's death i was appalled by the sound click of one of his comedian friends, Paul Rodriguez.

    Suicide has enough problems with a bad stigmatism without the comments you aired from Paul Rodriguez. His insensitive and ignorant comments were hurtful as a survivor of someone close to me who has committed suicide. Suicides do not kill themselves to be selfish. they do it because they are under an alarming amount of inner pain. I am sure that Mr. Jeni's family did not appreicate and were very hurt by Mr. Rodriguez's comments as well. It was very insensitive of you to air those over national tv. How will the stigma of suicide ever be prevented when you air such ignorant and hurtful comments as those of Mr. Rodriguez.
  • Stop with the tabloid mess, ET.

    ET, come home! Stop with the tabloid crap-who wants to hear about all this tabloid mess? Leave Michael Jackson alone--oh, I couldn't stand the constant attention it was given everywhere else, what made you think I'd love it on ET? Give the man a peaceful rest, and all the other dead men and women celebrities you've exploited for your own gain--

    This planet has - or rather had - a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy. ~Douglas Adams

    ...as well as the living celebrities who have enough publicity.
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