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  • hosts

    I can't believe the horrible negativity shared about Lady Gaga's performance @the Oscars. The creator of How to Get Away With Murder" was crass and rude with her comments about Lady Gaga's performance!! Now I am no longer going to watch her show, not that she cares!
  • gawd!!! that voice!!

    I cannot watch ET at the Oscars because of the gawd awful nasal tone and monotonous sound of Nancy O'Dell's voice! I had to turn the channel. will miss seeing the oscar dresses bec I just can't take anymore of her incessant rushed nasal monotone.

    Don't the executives at these big networks sound check their on air people??? Ughhh!!!!
  • Kendra library video

    Horrible. Appalled that you would even give her one second of air time! This is a family show I thought. If you viewed this video I am sure you would not put it out there for kids to look up. I was wrong. You have no taste in good quality need and info. Shame on you ET!!!!!!! You need to review and censor things you speak of. This was a lot worse than what you reported!!!!! I am very disappointed in your show!
  • Just the Facts Folks!

    I sincerely wish the host of ET would go back to the old format. Stories reported with the new format has turned into a debate among the host. when I tune in to ET its to hear the facts not opinions. If I wanted to

    hear opinions or watch a debate I would watch reruns of "Crossfire or Hardball".
  • Make a change

    Nancy O'Dell's voice is so irritating !! I usually cannot watch the entire show because of it. Brooke Anderson is much better!!
  • Why all the Tabloid Smuck?

    This WAS a great show, but a few weeks ago there seemed to be a format change. I feel like I'm watching a smarmy tabloid now. I liked the lighthearted show before Kevin and Brooke became so strident. Quit trying to be something you're not, and just entertain!

    get rid of him not a good fit i quit watching
  • What was Entertainment Tonight thinking???

    What made ET executives think it was a good idea to give Rocsi Diaz the boot and bring in Neschel Turner to replace Ms. Diaz. I know Ms. turner has a lot of experience reporting but her personality is very dull compared to Ms. Diaz. I was a long time watcher of ET but am no longer a fan due to this VERY bad decision.
  • Dump kevin

    I can not stand Kevin. I have watched entertainment tonight since it first came on the air, but that will change because of Kevin. I don't watch to hear what he thinks. Get rid of him!
  • Why is Kevin there??

    I quit watching the other show that Kevin hosted and now he's on this station, Brooke is still being treated as a third wheel, not liking the show anymore
  • Where's The Entertainment Tonight?

    Call me crazy but I don't think people tune in to ET to see grown ups acting like children, riding them around on their back or other frat like behaviour. Newsflash! We tune in to see celebrities not host & co hosts. Somewhere they got it twisted, they are there to report the news not to turn the show into a self gratifying ego boost. They are NOT celebrities. Stick to the news or watch your ratings go down the tube!
  • rob leaving

    going to miss ROB missed him when he left Portland, but glad he is going to do what he likes best "weather" I know won't be watching ET as much.
  • Wheres Mary

    ET is NOT the same as before. WIth the new producer he talks about the Kardashians all the time. Kim wears a bikini they talk about it, Kim wears a wig they talk about it, WHY dont they talk about when a Negative story is out there about her. So, tired of hearing about Kim
  • Keep your hands to yourself, Nancy

    What is wrong with Nancy O'Dell that she can't keep her hands to herself?

    Come on, Nancy, gross and obnoxious !
  • Please get Brooke Anderson off this show!

    I am not watching ET unless Brooke is not on it. She acts like it's her show, hogs every minute she can. Such a drama queen. She acted like Barbara Walters when when she interviewed Donald Sterling's

    Confidante and then kept crowing about her"hard hitting" interview. So embarrassing.

  • Tired of seeing the Kartrashians

    I did watch the show every day. But, lately everyday they have something about the Kardashians. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS TRASHY FAMILY AND .
  • The show is not what it use to be

    They were once a gossip page I would go to to read about what was going on. Now, I avoid them. Cause I know it's all going to be about the Kardashians. There NOT even talented. But, ET still talks about them. You have lost my respect.
  • Only entertaining becuase of the melodrama

    ET is the most overinflated "news" show on TV. I specifically remember in 2009 when ET has such a slow day that there top story was "The Furry Smack Down of the Century!" Where a video of a cat and dog are in-locked in a furious starring contest, or how ET called it, "An epic battle of All that happened was a dog jumped up on a couch, as did a cat, the cat starred at the dog, the dog growled and walked away, or how ET called it, "Dog surrenders to Tonight on ET a "Nightmare at 30,000 feet," where a dog pooped on a plain, and everyone went insane, the plane had to reroute to a different part of the country, well I suppose it is far enough considering that happened in real life, yet the words they used were inflated to the point of explosion.

  • Yuck! Kim & Kanye

    Why all the attention to these two. This is her third marriage and will probably last about as long as the

    last one.
  • Leave out the garbage news.

    Last night I watched the show and was so tired of it in no time. Why did you not even mention the fact that country singer Kevin Sharp had lost his battle with cancer and died at age 43? Because all you seem to be interested in is the garbage end of the news. I don't care about the trashy "Non-Houswwife" behavior, nor do I care about all the drug riddled so called talented people you shove at us everyday. Not all of entertainment news is about garbage.
  • Mary Hart

    Mary Hart looks like a witch. Her hair is a rats nest. She need to get with the times.
  • grammys

    explaination for increased audience. ROBIN THICHE. He drew those who do not usually watch.
  • Stars who are no longer with us.

    I did not hear anything about Jeanne Cooper who passed away this year. She was one of the best actress. She even had a facelift on live tv. How could you forget about someone so great?
  • Love to Love You Donna Summer

    Shame on ET for implying that Donna Summer's husband, Bruce Sudano, releasing a remix of Love to Love You Baby would somehow displease her.
  • Rob is Obnoxious

    I liked this show but Rob is just so full of himself!!!! I can't stand to watch anymore . . .
  • Dutchess of Cambridge/Kim K.

    How can you compare the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate, to Kim K. It is an insult to we Americans and to the people of England? I don't watch ET anymore because of the attack you kept going concerning Paula Dean. You are supposedly entertainment news but where does the news stop and the witch hunt begin. Reporting on it once or twice is enough but to keep bringing it up every night for weeks is too much.

    You have compared Kate to the other one long enough. There is no comparison between Kate and the money hungry, indecent Kim K.
  • Dutchees Of Cambridge

    How anybody compare a Royal with an American trash. That is an insult for Royals, England and the rest of the world. It is disgusting to have to hear our reporters to be so low and stupid . If you have no stories talk about something good or funny. If you do not know about Class , learn , before you make such of references between a Princes and American trash like kim K. I am offended about this.
  • No ones perfect! Not even you!!

    Let me start don't think what Paula Deen, emitted to saying, was right! But "WE" all have said things about someone, or something, we wish could be taken back! Paula, didn't have to tell the truth, either, And she did! There are so many people in the news or on TV have said bad comments or sang songs, about other races, or religions, or hurt someone physically. And they were forgiven. I just think if someone is SORRY, and shows in time ,that they meant it, that person should be forgiven!!!! Life is to short for all this hate and bitterness! (but if someone continues to say or do wrong, then I get not letting it go!)

    PS: I enjoy the show
  • The Jacksons Minus One

    Why would the Jacksons be asked if they missed Michael's presence in the group? When was the last time they all played together? Were they there when Michael needed them - instead of the drugs? Seems like it would be said of other groups that they are profiting from the death of their brother!!
  • nancy o'dell

    LOVE YOU! LOVE THE SHOW! I probably have ET on when I take my last breth.
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