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  • August 3, 2007
    August 3, 2007
    Episode 305

    Lindsay's Last Cover Shoot Before Rehab ET Looks at What's on Friday Nights This Fall

  • August 2, 2007
    August 2, 2007
    Episode 304

    Nicole's Drug Confession
    A Plus- Model's Anorexic Confession
    Firefighter Wins American Inventor

  • August 1, 2007
    August 1, 2007
    Episode 303

    Tammy Faye's Scrapbook Memories Nicole on Jail and Motherhood

  • July 31, 2007
    July 31, 2007
    Episode 302

    Usher's Baby Scare. Star Jones Admits to Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • July 30, 2007
    July 30, 2007
    Episode 301

    BREAKING NEWS: Tom Snyder Has Died. The Latest from Comic Con! 'The Simpsons' Hit a Box Office Homer Tammy Faye's Husband Speaks Out

  • July 27, 2007
    July 27, 2007
    Episode 298

    Mo'Nique's Fat Chance Pageant
    Lindsay: The 911 Call -- and Where She Is Now
    ABC Stars Celebrate the New Season
    EXCLUSIVE PICS: Larry and Dannielynn

  • July 26, 2007
    July 26, 2007
    Episode 297

    EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay's Side of the Story. Larry Birkhead: 'It's Cool Being a Dad'. Jerry O'Connell: 'We Want Kids' Catherine's Cooking Confession! Matt's Big Movie Premiere! Matt Damon is 'Bourne' to Run Prince's Planet D'oh! Homer Hits the Big Screen Johnny Depp to Marry? Jessica Alba Breaks Up with Boyfriend Britney's Shocking Meltdown? Beyonce Takes a Tumble! Lindsay's Last Photo Before the Arrest Paris' Advice

  • July 25, 2007
    July 25, 2007
    Episode 296

    Paris' Advice for Lindsay Matt Damon is 'Bourne' to Run

  • July 24, 2007
    July 24, 2007
    Episode 295

    Glenn Close Takes on 'Damages'. Bindi's Birthday Photo Album!

  • July 23, 2007
    July 23, 2007
    Episode 294

    Paris: More Than Meets the Eye

  • July 20, 2007
    July 20, 2007
    Episode 291

    Lindsay Booked for Hit and Run. Tammy Faye on 'Larry King': 'My Life is in God's Hands'. Jaslene's Too Skinny Controversy!

  • July 19, 2007
    July 19, 2007
    Episode 290

    Justin's Southern Cooking in the Big Apple. Countdown to the Emmy Noms!

  • July 18, 2007
    July 18, 2007
    Episode 289

    Eva Longoria's Wedding Reception Exclusive! Tori Spelling's Weight Update!

  • July 17, 2007
    July 17, 2007
    Episode 288

    'Hairspray' Wigs Out in the Big Apple. Bill Engvall's Family Values. Robert De Niro's Chinese Revolution. Eva Takes It Off for 'Jane'. Daniel Baldwin's Rehab Diary.

  • July 16, 2007
    July 16, 2007
    Episode 287

    Victoria Beckham Comes to America Just In: The All-New Mary-Kate Olsen Interview!

  • July 13, 2007
    July 13, 2007
    Episode 284

    New Katie Holmes and Suri Footage! The Beckhams Take Hollywood. Scott Baio's Love Affairs and Internet Rumors! Julian McMahon: 'Nip/Tuck' Not 'Kinky' Enough. Charlize is 'Burning' Runway Wannabes Vie for Jobs in 'A Model Life'.

  • July 12, 2007
    July 12, 2007
    Episode 283

    News From Inside the ESPY Awards! Eva's Wedding Dress Secrets! Deborah Gibson Reveals Secret Disorder Kevin Spacey Returns as Lex Luthor

  • July 10, 2007
    July 10, 2007
    Episode 282

    Eva and Tony's Wedding Diary! Scott Baio: I'm a Philanderer

  • July 9, 2007
    July 9, 2007
    Episode 281

    Sign of the Times Harry Potter Readies for Battle

  • July 6, 2007
    July 6, 2007
    Episode 278

    Eva and Tony's Wedding Weekend Kicks Into High Gear. Nicole Richie Baby Bump. Rumors Grow Cybill: 'I'm So Hot for Bruce Willis'.

  • July 5, 2007
    July 5, 2007
    Episode 277

    Sanjaya Malakar Heads Out on Tour! Cybill Speaks Out on Sexual Assault

  • July 4, 2007
    July 4, 2007
    Episode 276

    Eva Longoria's Final Fitting! ET's 'Live Earth' Exclusive! Vanessa Williams Recounts Dognapping Stars Remember the Troops

  • July 3, 2007
    July 3, 2007
    Episode 275

    Lindsay Spends Birthday in Rehab Prince Edward and Wife Expecting Isaiah Washington: 'I'm Not Homophobic' Eva's Romantic Wedding Weekend! Is Joey Fatone The New Bob Barker?

  • July 2, 2007
    July 2, 2007
    Episode 274

    ET Exclusive: Eva's Surprise Wedding Gift! The 'Transformers' Invade! Harry Potter Readies for Battle Julie Chen Launches New 'Big Brother' Season Garcelle Talks Babies and 'Playboy'!

  • Crowe and DiCaprio Share 'Lies'
    Crowe and DiCaprio Share 'Lies'
  • Jeffrey Donovan Gets a 'Burn Notice'
    Jeffrey Donovan Gets a 'Burn Notice' Fishburne Pursues 'The Alchemist'
  • Dad: Paris Looks Good as Ever
    Dad: Paris Looks Good as Ever Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Reveals Babies' Gender Clooney and Pals Raise Almost $10 Million for Darfur Ivanka Trump Talks to ET About Paris Hilton Paris: Jail Was 'Traumatic' Usher and Fiancee Expecting Paris' Surprise Appearance Paris: 'Thank God I'm Free!' Nicky Cuts Vacation Short to See Sis Benoit Text Messages Released Designer Liz Claiborne Passes Away An Open Letter to Larry King Jessica Announces Her New Fragrance! BET's Star-Studded Bash Paris Rents Malibu Beach House Rosie's New Gig Stamos Apologizes for Interview Paul and Ringo Reunite! Jimmy's Appendix Scar Exclusive! It's McSteamy vs. McStamos in 'Wedding Wars' Fergie, Avril and Fall Out Boy Get Ready to 'Rock' Isaiah Washington: What Next? Shia LaBeouf Eyes 'Eagle'moreless
  • Jordin Sparks is Living the 'Idol' Dream
    Jordin Sparks is Living the 'Idol' Dream Matt Lauer on Princes William and Harry 'December' Heats Up Avril, Fergie and Fall Out Boy Sign Up for 'Fashion Rocks' Hilary Duff's 'Shape' Secrets Hef's Life Story Heads for the Big Screen Sandra Bullock Loves 'Steve' Paris' Countdown to Freedom Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Speak-Out About Last Night!moreless
  • Andrea Bowen is the 'Girl, Positive'
    Andrea Bowen is the 'Girl, Positive' Paris Out of Jail Tomorrow? Behind the Purple Curtain: Prince! Hilary Duff's 'Shape' Secrets
  • Lisa Ling Asks, 'Who Cares About Girls?'
    Lisa Ling Asks, 'Who Cares About Girls?' Bruce Ups the Ante in the New 'Die Hard' Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and More to Perform in 'Dream Concert' Kelly Clarkson's Bulimic Past Lynda Carter: 'I Needed Help' On Tour with Joey Fatone!
  • Jen's Special Visitor
    Jen's Special Visitor
    Episode 264
    Jen's Special Visitor Behind the Scenes of the 'Dancing' Tour A Concert for Diana 'Lord of the Rings' Musical Gets Mixed Reviews New 'Trouble' for Clive and Frank Will Ferrell Meets 'Jumpshot' Jackson Catherine the Great! Farrah's Health Update
  • ET's Daytime Emmy Dish
    ET's Daytime Emmy Dish Josh on Dating Fergie and Signing on to 'Transformers' Christie Brinkley's New Battle Gisele Out-Earns Kate, Heidi Hillary Channels Tony Soprano, Picks Celine Dion Jack Black's 'Man-Witch' The Latest 'Bond 22' News Nicole's New 'Wedding' Look Jen's Special Visitor Joey Fatone's Home Movies
  • All About Al!
    All About Al!
    Episode 262
    All About Al! Katherine Heigl Launches Her Own Scrubs 'Thump' and Grind Owen Wilson Hears Sound of 'Thunder' Anna's Will and the Future of Dannielynn George Clooney is 'Michael Clayton' Christie Brinkley's New Battle
  • Kyra Sedgwick is 'The Closer'
    Kyra Sedgwick is 'The Closer' ET Rides Along with Rachael Ray and Bob Barker Dad: Paris Doing 'Much Better' The Olsen Twins Turn 21!
  • Bob Barker's Last Show
    Bob Barker's Last Show 'SNL' Star to Voice 'Space Chimp' Rockin' Rulers Steve Carell Talks to the Animals Travolta's 'Hairspray' Confessions Marcia Brady's Final Weigh-In Countdown to the Daytime Emmys!
  • Mo'Nique's 'Fat Chance' Pageant
    Mo'Nique's 'Fat Chance' Pageant 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' Get Katie Holmes' New Look! Jennifer Aniston Goes Country Brangelina's 'Mighty' Premiere Barbara Walters in Hollywood Who Tops the Forbes 100 List?
  • 'Last Comic Standing''s Back with New Laughs
    'Last Comic Standing''s Back with New Laughs Cameron and Justin: Reunited? Rachel Weisz to Star in Peter Jackson Pic The Daytime Emmy Fashion Scoop! Drew Gets Lost 'South of the Border' Paris Hilton: The Update Primetime Stars on the Forbes 100 List Latifah Lets Loose in 'Hairspray'
  • Chandra Wilson Does Daytime
    Chandra Wilson Does Daytime No Doubt Head to Studio Without Gwen Larry Birkhead's Emotional Interview Rihanna's Legs are Takin' Her to the Top 'Rise' of the Fantastic Four Murray Takes Shine to 'Ember' Paris Jail Watch Patrick Dempsey's on Diaper Duty 'Hairspray''s Scheming Heavy
  • 'Nancy Drew' is On the Case!
    'Nancy Drew' is On the Case! It's the Return of the 'Bridezillas' Paris' Weekend in Jail Larry Birkhead's Emotional Interview Lancome Reveals Its New Star Face ET's 'Hairspray' Exclusive
  • Catherine Bell and Kim Delaney are in the Army Now
    Catherine Bell and Kim Delaney are in the Army Now Nicole's Bel-Air Princess Party Connery Declines 'Indy IV' Invitation Paris Back to Jail? The 'Ocean's Thirteen' Cross-Country Tour! Isaiah Washington Dropped from 'Grey's' All About Al!
  • William Shatner is into 'Fast Cars'
    William Shatner is into 'Fast Cars' Anya Answers Your Style Questions! Sarah Jessica: Once Bitten! Rihanna: The 'Good Girl' Ruling the World 'Thundercats' to Join 'Transformers' and 'He-Man' on Big Screen Dustin and Emma Take 'Last Chance' George's Sin City Heist Paris Behind Bars: Day Four Bob Barker's Last Show
  • Surfin' Birds
    Surfin' Birds
    Episode 249
    Surfin' Birds Simon Cowell's 'American Inventor' Katharine McPhee's Big Movie Debut Katie on Tom! Justin Timberlake Signs YouTube Star to His Record Company Will Posh Go Primetime? The 'Ocean's' Gang Takes Hollywood Paris: The Jailhouse Update Sarah Jessica: Once Bitten!
  • Jerry's 'Got Talent'
    Jerry's 'Got Talent'
    Episode 248
    Jerry's 'Got Talent' British Princes in First-Ever U.S. TV Interview Wine and Dine Jim Carrey's New Jailbird Comedy Paris in Jail George's Gang Invades Hollywood Katie on Tom! Oprah and the 'Project Runway' Gang Hit Fashion's Big Night
  • Chef Ramsay Turns Up the Heat in 'Hell's Kitchen'
    Chef Ramsay Turns Up the Heat in 'Hell's Kitchen' The Katie Holmes Exclusive! Paris Talks to ET About Jail Time Inside MTV's Movie Awards Bob Barker's Last Days The Olsen Twins Try Grown-Up Fashion
  • 'Lost' Star Goes Historical In 'Marco Polo'
    'Lost' Star Goes Historical In 'Marco Polo' Reese Witherspoon Brings Back 'Midnight' Michael Jackson Buys Rights to Songs by Eminem Tammy Faye's Brave Battle Inside Mo'Nique's 'Charm School' ET's Summer Trend Report!
  • Debra Messing is 'The Starter Wife'
    Debra Messing is 'The Starter Wife' Justin Timberlake: The Next Record Mogul? Dane Cook to be 'Bachelor No. 2'? The Latest: Tammy Faye's Cancer Battle Why the Stars Adore Dior Leonard Maltin's Top 25 for 25 Years
  • Mystery and Murder on 'Hidden Palms'
    Mystery and Murder on 'Hidden Palms' Jackson's 'Thriller' of an Auction Starts Today Borat Branches Out Into Books Twice as Nice The Police Kick Off Reunion Tour 'Knocked Up''s Knock-Out! The Latest on Lindsay The Daniel Smith Inquest Resumes Diana: The Last Days of a Princess
  • Star Diet Secrets
    Star Diet Secrets
    Episode 241
    Star Diet Secrets Eva Longoria Dances for the ALMA Awards Britney Opens Up To Her Fans Rosie Blogs on Her 'View' Exit Summer TV Series Preview Lindsay Enters Rehab Paula's 'OK!' Confession Arrr! 'Pirate Master' Takes to the High Seas! Leo's Cannes News! Leo's '11th Hour' Plea Paris Roughs It in Sweats, Heels at 'Camp'moreless
  • Ashley Judd's Husband Wins Indy 500
    Ashley Judd's Husband Wins Indy 500 'Pirates' Makes Memorial Day Record Lindsay Lohan Cited for Suspicion of DUI ET's Leonard Maltin Celebrates 25 Years ET's Summer Blockbuster Preview! Janet's Bahamas Getaway
  • Ryan O'Neal Not Charged
    Ryan O'Neal Not Charged Ty Pennington in Court 'Pirates' Plunder 'World's End' Chandra Wilson Speaks Out! The 'Ocean's' Boys Conquer Cannes! Green Day's Darfur Efforts 'Proposal' for Sandra Bullock? The Stars' Summer Wedding Preview
  • Barbara Walters on 'The View' Feud
    Barbara Walters on 'The View' Feud Mary-Kate Goes Solo 'So You Think You Can Dance' Is Back Fall Out Boy's Reign Continues! 'Amelie' Star to Play Coco Chanel 'Lost' Hunk Holloway Mugs for Cool Water Meet the 'Dancing' King! Mike Myers' 'Secret Life' Your New 'American Idol': Jordin Sparks! Anna Nicole's Brother: Behind Barsmoreless
  • Anne Heche Responds to Husband's Divorce Papers
    Anne Heche Responds to Husband's Divorce Papers Nicole Richie in Rehab? Lt. Andy Faces the Music! Blake Breaks Down His 'Idol' Style 'Lost''s Big Season Three Finale! Paul McCartney Premieres Video on YouTube Rosie's Replacement? Britney's Pedicure Emergency! 'Barbarella' Returns! 'Idol''s Final Showdown Anna Nicole's Brother: The Prison Interview
  • Tom Arnold Files for Divorce
    Tom Arnold Files for Divorce Update: Hasselhoff Gets the Girls Keeping Johnny's Legacy Alive Jon Heder's 'Dynamite' News Prince Moving to the Roosevelt Hotel? 'Idol''s Final Two Speak! Maroon 5: A Long Time Coming Brad and Angelina Together in Cannes Julia's Dramatic New Role The Final Dance-Off! Lindsay, Jessica and Pals Fly the 'Chanel' Skiesmoreless
  • Dennis Quaid and Wife Expecting
    Dennis Quaid and Wife Expecting UPDATE: Lane Garrison Pleads Guilty Scott Stapp Arrested The Transgender Panel Isaiah Expects to Return Next Season Mark Burnett Goes 'On the Lot' The 'Dancing' Preview with Apolo Farrah's Cancer Update Jerry's 'Got Talent' Marcia Brady Breaks Down Britney Hits the Road
  • John and Jessica: Over?
    John and Jessica: Over? Ryan Phillippe Files for Joint Custody Nick Carter Helps Save the Dolphins Farrah Fawcett: The Latest Fallen 'Idol' Melinda Doolittle Speaks Out! Heche Ex Calls Anne 'Bizarre, Delusional' 'Heroes,' 'Babel' Stars Win Asian Excellence Awards Pacino and De Niro Reunite to 'Kill' Amy and Joey's Secret Date Detailsmoreless
  • Timberlake Travels to Far, Far Away
    Timberlake Travels to Far, Far Away Paris Abandons Appeal The CW Bulks Up with Brand-New Shows Victoria Principal: Her Secret Battle Update: Sandra's Stalker Charged FOX Announces Its Fall and Spring Schedules Amy and Joey Back Together? Jaslene wins 'America's Next Top Model' Carrie Underwood Wins Big Kutcher and Diaz Head to 'Vegas' 'Idol' Shocker: Melinda is Out! Brad's Breakfast of Champs! 'CSI''s Finale Secrets!moreless
  • Anna Nicole's Assets
    Anna Nicole's Assets
    Episode 228
    Anna Nicole's Assets Britney's Message to Her Fans Update: Ike Turner Released The Anna Nicole Diary CBS Adds Five New Series Kate Walsh Engaged 'Idol''s Final Three Compete! Amanda Bynes: Latest Star Designer Jerry Seinfeld's TV Return The 'Dancing' Update: Ian and Cheryl Say Goodbye! Spielberg and Jackson Unite for 'Tintin' 'The Price is Right''s Million-Dollar Spectacularmoreless
  • 'Men's Health' Celebrates Eric Dane
    'Men's Health' Celebrates Eric Dane ABC Unveils Its 2007-2008 Schedule Jerry Falwell Dies At 73 'Married with Children' Star Arrested Richards and Sambora Split Tony Nominations Announced Lindsay Tops 'Hot 100' List The 'Dancing' Semi-Final Showdown! Linkin Park's Countdown to Rock! Beyonce Smells Like Diamonds! Kimberley Locke's Charity Endeavor Ty Pennington Breaks His Silence Tammy Faye: The All-New Interview Nic Cage Becomes 'Capone'moreless
  • Jordana Brewster Weds!
    Jordana Brewster Weds! Breaking News: Anna Nicole Smith's Will 'Sex and the City' Creator Returns to TV Britney's Wig Secrets! Kathy Hilton Speaks Out Can the Cheerleader Save the World? Alexis Arquette and the Emotional Summit Paul Walker's Taste of 'Heaven' Joey's 'Dance' Plan Earl Wins 'Survivor: Fiji'
  • Sheryl Crow Adopts!
    Sheryl Crow Adopts!
    Episode 223
    Sheryl Crow Adopts! Update: Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order The Wilson Brothers Share Their 'Story' Kelly Clarkson Talks Touring Jaime Pressly Has Baby Boy Tammy Faye: Faith and Hope Fallen 'Idol' LaKisha Speaks Out! 'Terminator' Franchise: 'I'll Be Back' Paula Abdul: 'Straight Up!' Alexis Arquette's Transgender Summit Marie Osmond on Her Divorce Whitney's Bahamian Adventuremoreless
  • Bobby Sues Whitney
    Bobby Sues Whitney
    Episode 222
    Bobby Sues Whitney Katie Couric Aims to Strike Out Colon Cancer ET Exclusive: Poolside with Ms. Jackson! Eddie Murphy Travels to 'Fantasy Island' Paris Speaks Out 'Free Paris' T-Shirts Hit the Web Aaron Stanford is a 'Traveler' Man Tim Roth Wants to Crush 'Hulk' Billy Ray's Last Dance! The Anna Nicole Documentary LaKisha Leaves 'Idol'! 'Ugly Betty''s Kiss and Tell!moreless
  • 'Ocean's Thirteen' Benefit Premiere
    'Ocean's Thirteen' Benefit Premiere Martina McBride's Alleged Stalker Helen Mirren 'Honored' by Dinner Invite 'Downtown: A Street Tale' Tom Selleck Rolls the Dice on 'Las Vegas' Cojo's Tops and Flops from the Costume Ball Time's Big Bash Costner to Cast 'Swing Vote' 'Idol''s Final Four More 'Dirt' And 'Nip/Tuck' For FX! Star Shine! The Olsens, Jessica and More Lohan's Red-Carpet 'Rule'moreless
  • Tom Sizemore Arrested
    Tom Sizemore Arrested
    Episode 220
    Tom Sizemore Arrested Fans Flock to 'Free Paris' Courteney Back for More 'Dirt' The 'Dancing' Smackdown! Bjork Powers Up! Justin Brings 'SexyBack' to HBO Tim Allen Heads to 'Yosemite' Behind the Scenes of a 'Dancing' Photo Shoot Anna Nicole with Dannielynn: The Movie Moments
  • Neve Campbell Ties the Knot
    Neve Campbell Ties the Knot 'Lost' No More Tori & Dean Picked Up! David Hasselhoff's Custody Suspended Ty Pennington Arrested Kevin Costner's New Bundle of Joy How Will Paris Handle Jail? Billy Ray's 'Dance' Secrets Larry's Bittersweet Derby Return
  • Eve Charged with DUI
    Eve Charged with DUI
    Episode 216
    Eve Charged with DUI Nicole's TV Nose Job Anna Nicole's Wedding Recreated? Ousted 'Idols' Phil and Chris Speak Out! Clooney's Great 'Escape' Arrr! Mark Burnett Premieres 'Pirate Master' Jessica Plans New Clothing Launch for Fall! Bette's Sin City Spectacular
  • Tobey's Super Spidey Sequel
    Tobey's Super Spidey Sequel 'Gilmore Girls' Comes to an End Leo, Rosie Among 'Most Influential' 'Idol''s Double Drama! Oprah Plays 'Deal or No Deal' Patrick Dempsey to Cruise for Indy 500 Emma Roberts Finds Inner 'Wild Child' Fall Out Boy to Go to Uganda for Humanitarian Trip When Anna Met Larry: Chapter Two! Romance Secrets from 'CSI'moreless
  • Drew and Eric Get 'Lucky'
    Drew and Eric Get 'Lucky' Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito Split When Anna Met Larry Britney Spears: Back on Stage One Night Only: MTV Video Awards 'Idol''s Final Six Rock to Bon Jovi Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson Up for MTV Movie Awards 'Cheers' Star Makes his 'Dancing' Exit Michael Weatherly's Vacation Diary Gisele: No 'Angel' 'Star Wars' Ready for 'Robot Chicken' Spoof Springer's 'Hustle' Revealed One on One: Suzanne Somersmoreless
  • 'Newhart' Star Tom Poston Passes Away
    'Newhart' Star Tom Poston Passes Away Hasselhoff Speaks Out on Custody Battle Dannielynn Arrives Ellen Hosts from Hospital Bed Grandma Jezebels, Beware! Tim Gunn's Book Is 'Auf' Daniel's Death Scene Bruce Buddies Up with Demi and Ashton The 'Dancing with the Stars' Recap Crowe Sharpens Sword for 'Nottingham' Sigourney Weaver to Take On 'Baby Mama'? Anna Nicole: The Playboy Yearsmoreless
  • Web-Slinging Soundtrack
    Web-Slinging Soundtrack Britney's Secret Show? Debra Opri Joins Hasselhoff Custody Battle Elisabeth Announces Pregnancy on 'The View' Former 'American Idol' Finalist Arrested Mark Burnett and Roma Downey Wed The Olivia Newton-John Exclusive The Stars Sign on to Lifetime TV Dannielynn's Travel Plans Joey's Private Jailhouse Phone Call
  • Kelly Clarkson: On the Road Again
    Kelly Clarkson: On the Road Again Dannielynn's New Name Nicole to 'Marry a Millionaire' The Women of 'Celebrity Fit Club' Simon's 'Idol' Chatter! Angelina Launches New Children's Charity The Anna Nicole Movie: Beginnings Sarah Silverman to Host 'MTV Movie Awards' Latifah Takes on 'All of Me'
  • Olivia Newton-John and Her Daughter's Anorexia
    Olivia Newton-John and Her Daughter's Anorexia Police Say Fan Tried to Run Over Sandra's Hubby Regis Back on 'Live' Hugh Grant Arrested Eve Arrested on Suspicion of DUI Alec Offers Tearful Apology on 'The View' High-Waisted Jeans are Back! This Week's Shocking 'Idol' Results! Spinal Tap Reunite to Combat Global Warming Buy Celeb Handbags for a Good Cause Anna Nicole: The Movie Travolta Makes 'Old Dogs' Family Affairmoreless
  • 'Next' is Now for Nic
    'Next' is Now for Nic
    Episode 207
    'Next' is Now for Nic Drew: 'Most Beautiful' Without Makeup Rosie Leaving 'The View' Rachael Harris Delves into the 'Underbelly' Heather Mills' Last Dance! Scarlett to Sing in Concert? 'Road' Leads to Mini 'Titanic' Reunion Rachael Hosts Former President Bill Clinton Anya's Blog: It's All in the Bag! Alexis Arquette's Plastic Surgery Storymoreless
  • Streep's Acting in 'Doubt'
    Streep's Acting in 'Doubt' Kim: Alec is 'Unstable and Irrational' Jonathan Rhys Meyers Enters Rehab America May Re-try 'Traveling Pants' Lindsay's Out and Sienna's In 'The View' Crew Honors Former Co-Host Arctic Monkeys: 'Monkey' Music Inside the Dance-Off! Sanjaya's 'Top Ten' List on Dave Letterman The Arquette Family Secret
  • Blue Angel Tragedy Hits Hollywood
    Blue Angel Tragedy Hits Hollywood Clooney and Pitt Have Time to 'Burn' 'Idol Gives Back' This Week Alec and Kim's Custody War On the Scene: Young Hollywood Awards Hot New Trends in Wedding Gowns
  • Marcia Brady's Weight Battle
    Marcia Brady's Weight Battle Sanjaya Goes to Washington Clay Aiken: The ET Exclusive! Britney's Family Feud The Springer Hustle! Spidey to Spin Broadway Web 'Lost' Star Fox Joins 'Racer' Jason Priestley in '7th Heaven' More 'L Word' For Cybill Kylie Minogue Follows in Madonna's Fashion Footsteps Larry's Plan for Dannielynn Sanjaya Speaks!moreless
  • Networks Limit Usage of Gunman Video
    Networks Limit Usage of Gunman Video 'Ocean's 13' to Premiere at Cannes Tim Gunn 'Makes It Work' with New Show 'Idol''s Producer Dishes on the Finalists! Clyde's Last Glide on the Dance Floor Bob Barker to Celebrate 50 Years on TV Larry: The New Fight for Dannielynn Sanjaya Says Goodbye! Bana and McAdams to 'Time Travel' Fall Out Boy's Fashion Foray for DKNYmoreless
  • Luke and Kate's Killer Thriller
    Luke and Kate's Killer Thriller Lindsay Lohan Calls Rehab 'Weird' Next 'Survivor' to Film in China Kirstie's Secret Jenny Craig Clause Yunjin Kim Reveals Her Take on 'Lost' Stars to Sing ABBA with Pierce & Meryl Exclusive Larry and Dannielynn Photos 'Idol' Goes Country Jude Law Pic to Open Cannes?
  • Posh's Sunglasses Line Hits Stores
    Posh's Sunglasses Line Hits Stores Chris Rock Seeks Paternity Test Bill Clinton Unites Hollywood for Breast Cancer Awareness Backstage at the TV Land Awards Martina McBride Headlines 'Idol''s Country Week The 'Dancing' Dish
  • Prince William and Girlfriend Split
    Prince William and Girlfriend Split Regis Gives 'Live' Health Update Britney Blasts Rumors with Paparazzi Rant A 'Two and a Half Men' Wedding Dannielynn on the Move Dannielynn's Photo Album Gosling vs. Hopkins in 'Fracture' Joey Fatone's 'Dancing' Preview
  • Stern Lawyer Files Suit Against Virgie's Attorney
    Stern Lawyer Files Suit Against Virgie's Attorney Larry Versus Virgie Shia LaBeouf to Star as Mini-Indy Christina Ricci Goes for 'Speed' Halle's 'Perfect' Thriller 'Drive' Takes Viewers on a Bumpy Ride Cojo's New Memoirs Haley Speaks Out! Chaka Khan Meets Judge Judy!
  • CBS Cancels Imus' Show
    CBS Cancels Imus' Show Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora Finalize Divorce Daniel Smith Inquest Moved to End of May Timbaland's Studio Shocker The Dannielynn Update Friendly Night 'Trippers' Madonna Recording with Justin Timberlake Marc Anthony to Pay $2.5 Million in Back Taxes ABC's Pregnant Program The Fallen 'Idol': Haley Heads Home!moreless
  • Drew Signs With CoverGirl
    Drew Signs With CoverGirl Alicia Silverstone Goes Green at Home The Women of Summer Beantown Babe Gives Birth Wanna Give 'Bratz' a Beat? Fire Destroys Johnny Cash Home Jaclyn Smith's 'Shear Genius' What's Next for Dannielynn? Leeza's Last Dance! 'Idol''s Final Eight: How'd They Do?
  • Larry Birkhead Visits Dannielynn
    Larry Birkhead Visits Dannielynn 'Dancing with the Stars' Baby News She Bangs! Hollywood's Latest Hair Trend Caitlin Van Zandt Sees the 'Light' The 'Dancing' Details You Didn't See!
  • Anna Nicole's Last Film to Debut at Cannes
    Anna Nicole's Last Film to Debut at Cannes Howard K. Stern Hires Attorney L. Lin Wood Oldest Hanson Brother Now a Daddy The Truth About Leo's 'Lies' Howard Won't Fight For Custody Long Live the 'King'!
  • 'Blades of Glory' First Again
    'Blades of Glory' First Again
  • Mandy Moore To Host Run/Walk Events
    Mandy Moore To Host Run/Walk Events Dannielynn's First Easter On the Set with Lindsay!
  • Welcome to the 'Grindhouse'
    Welcome to the 'Grindhouse' Hilary Buzzes the Bayou Anna's Bodyguard to Write Tell-All Anna Nicole Doc Under Investigation Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol' 'Concert for Diana' to Air on VH1, NBC Whitney Gets Child Custody 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' Valerie Bertinelli's Weight War! Dannielynn Today: ET's Exclusive Update 'Idol' Says Goodbye to Gina! ET's Summer Movie Preview '07moreless
  • Daniel's Inquest: The Latest
    Daniel's Inquest: The Latest Howard's Family Fights Back! 'Idol''s Final Nine Sing Tony Bennett Shandi Says So Long to 'Dancing' Dreams Aisha Takes on Anorexia Dannielynn's DNA: The Latest 'Ugly Betty''s Extreme Makeover
  • Courtney Love's Dramatic Weight Loss
    Courtney Love's Dramatic Weight Loss Ken Warwick on the Sanjaya Effect Hilary Looking to Get 'Intimate' Glenn Close to Star in FX Drama Can Gere Maintain 'The Hoax'? Lindsay's Happy E-Card! Cojo: What's In and What's Out! Secrets from the 'NCIS' Lab Backstage: The Star Slime Report! ET's Backstage at 'Dancing with the Stars'moreless
  • Hilary Duff: 'Dignified' Diva
    Hilary Duff: 'Dignified' Diva Larry Birkhead Denies Filing for Trademark Anna Nicole: Her Former Friend's Past Arrest Former 'Family Ties' Star Arrested Tom Brady Visits Africa Dannielynn: The DNA Drama Meredith Vieira Opens Up About Anxiety The New 'Bachelor' is in the Navy Now! Inside a Star Couple's Nip/Tuck
  • Inside the Anna Nicole Smith Baby Battle
    Inside the Anna Nicole Smith Baby Battle Marie Osmond and Husband Call it Quits Now You See It, Now You Don't! Will and Jon's 'Glory' Daze Katharine McPhee: Razor Sharp Mark Wahlberg is 'Happening' It's Bye-Bye for Chris Sligh A Star Couple's Plastic Surgery
  • Britney and K-Fed Settle Divorce
    Britney and K-Fed Settle Divorce Michael Jackson 'Not in Hospital' Britney's Dentist Talks to ET Clooney's Million-Dollar Rumor Reward Jim Carrey Looking For Some 'Me Time' Adam Sandler's Mane 'Mess' What's Next for Jennifer Hudson? Randy Spelling on 'Sons of Hollywood' Howard K. Stern Appeals Paternity Ruling 'Idol' Says Bye-Bye to Chris Sligh Fallen 'Idol' Chris Sligh Speaks Out! Daniel: In Anna's Own Words Cojo's Best and Worst Dressed!moreless
  • David Caruso to be a Dad Again
    David Caruso to be a Dad Again Lisa Rinna Joins 'Entourage' Cast Brad Garrett On ''Til Death' Constantine Maroulis Returns to the Tube Wynonna Judd Divorce Filing Idol's Hair-Raising Night! Paulina's Last 'Dance' Virgie's Big Mac Attack 'Grey's Anatomy' Gossip!
  • Versace Heiress in Treatment for Anorexia
    Versace Heiress in Treatment for Anorexia Brad Garrett's Wedding Gift to You! Heather Locklear Ready to 'Run' Britney Visits L.A. Area Hospital Nigel Lythgoe Dishes 'Idol' Dirt One-on-One with the Medical Examiner 'Potter' Trio to Graduate Together Stevie Nicks on Anna Nicole and Britney Backstage Report: The 'Dancing' Recap
  • Eddie Griffin Smashes Car
    Eddie Griffin Smashes Car Bikini Secrets of the Miss USA Pageant Leonard Maltin Steven Cojocaru Jann Carl Fallen 'Idol' Stephanie Speaks Out Donny Osmond's 'Great American Dream' Anna's Death Ruled Accidental Overdose The Daniel Inquest Starts Tomorrow Breaking News From a 'Dancing' Star!
  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier
    Episode 174
    Kevin Frazier Mark Steines Frederic Von Anhalt Offers DNA Sample Battle at the Box Office Debtors Summons Issued for Virgie Arthur Kate and Leo: Together Again! Tara Conner to Crown the New Miss USA The 'Idol' Cast-Off Speaks!
  • Daniel's Mysterious Death
    Daniel's Mysterious Death Songs From The Sea UPDATE: The Anna Nicole Autopsy Report Crowe to Direct Surf Flick Terry McMillan Sues Ex for $40 Million Edwards and Wife Make Joint Announcement H&M Gives Away Madonna's Coats! Jesse Metcalfe in Rehab Britney's Child Custody Issues Meet Jennifer Lopez! Sir Paul Joins New Starbucks Record Label Andy Richter is 'Andy Barker P.I.' TV's Sexiest Men Revealed! Update: The Anna Nicole Baby Battle 'Idol': Stephanie's Swan Song!moreless
  • Vivica A. Fox Arrested On Suspicion of DUI
    Vivica A. Fox Arrested On Suspicion of DUI ABC Gets 'Grey'-er! Wahlberg Aims High in 'Shooter' New Bombshells in Anna Nicole Case Backstage for the Star Dance-Off! Tom Cruise's New Mission Dannielynn: The DNA Test Britney Released from Rehab Regis Returns Home Following Surgery The Contents of the Anna Nicole Package Countdown to the Daniel Inquestmoreless
  • Ellen DeGeneres Launches Card Line
    Ellen DeGeneres Launches Card Line Star Style Alert: Update Your Look for Spring! Travis Barker Reunites with Shanna Moakler Katherine Heigl Plays Dress Up Tori & Dean Are 'Inn'-separable The Daniel Inquest TV's Sexiest Women Revealed!
  • Mary Hart
    Mary Hart
    Episode 170
    Mary Hart The Anna Nicole Diaries Larry King Talks About Surgery Naomi Starts Garbage Duty 'Dancing' with Billy Ray Cyrus Anna Nicole: The Controversial Memo 'Dancing with the Stars' Returns Tonight The Daniel Smith Inquest
  • Diane Farr's a New Mom!
    Diane Farr's a New Mom! Anna Nicole: The Latest News Craig Grapples With 'Blindness' Carmen Explains Her Runway Wipeout! Cate Blanchett Joins 'Indy' Cast Olivia Newton-John: 'Twist of Fate' It's Bye-Bye Brandon Bye-Bye! 'Dancing' with Shandi!
  • Regis' Heart Surgery a Success
    Regis' Heart Surgery a Success 'October Road' Gets Primetime Real Estate Inside Eva's Birthday Bash! Sandra Shares Her 'Premonition' David Duchovny Returns to TV Baby News: Angelina Adoption Official Lindsay's New 'Rules' 'Idol': Brandon Says Goodbye! Elizabeth Taylor's Advice for Britney! Tensions Escalate on 'Grey's Anatomy'
  • The Family of Richard Jeni Speaks Out
    The Family of Richard Jeni Speaks Out '300' Star to 'Escape from New York' R.E.M. Reunites for Rock Hall Induction Leo's Bodyguards Battle Photographers 'Idol''s Final 12 Compete Madonna Cracks the Whip for H&M Fashions Exclusive: 'Dancing' with Laila Diana Ross Gets 'Idolized!'
  • The Family of Richard Jeni Speaks Out
    The Family of Richard Jeni Speaks Out '300' Star to 'Escape from New York' R.E.M. Reunites for Rock Hall Induction Leo's Bodyguards Battle Photographers 'Idol''s Final 12 Compete Madonna Cracks the Whip for H&M Fashions Exclusive: 'Dancing' with Laila Diana Ross Gets 'Idolized!'
  • '300' Breaks March Box Office Records
    '300' Breaks March Box Office Records Joss Stone: Soul Sister! Chris Rock in 'Love' Rob and Amber's Spelling Disaster! Regis Philbin to Undergo Bypass Surgery A&E Premieres 'Kings of South Beach' On the Set with Julia Louis-Dreyfus Anna Nicole: The Latest Patricia Heaton's Returning to TV
  • Anna's Gravesite Closed to Tourists
    Anna's Gravesite Closed to Tourists Maggie Gyllenhaal Joins 'Batman' Sequel Salma Hayek Expecting Queen Latifah's Got 'Life Support' 'Idol''s Top 12 Celebrate
  • The '300' Spartans
    The '300' Spartans
    Episode 161
    The '300' Spartans The Stars' Secret Beauty Tips Revealed! Johnny Depp's Daughter Hospitalized Indy's Kid Revealed? Lane Garrison Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter 'Idol' Producer Fires Back at Rosie 'Ugly Betty''s Fashionable Set Derek Jeter's Mystery Date Virgie's Next Move
  • Rosie's Battle with Depression
    Rosie's Battle with Depression Pierce & Meryl's 'Mamma Mia!' Duet Star Jones Reynolds Joins Court TV Lance Bass 'Out of Sync' Tim Daly Goes 'Grey' Robbie Williams Leaves Rehab David E. Kelley's Got 'Wedding Bells' Britney: Trouble in Rehab? Anna Nicole: Dannielynn and the Private Gathering Tori Spelling's Baby Shower The 'Idol' Chatter!moreless
  • Star Style Alert: Spring Trends!
    Star Style Alert: Spring Trends! Brangelina's Adoption Update 'Spider-Man 3' to Debut in Japan Jerry Springer's 'Got Talent' 'Pussycat Dolls' Purr-forming for Fame Anna Nicole: The Graveside Exclusive Oprah Uncovers Internet Diet Secrets The 'NCIS' Widow Rapper Consequence: Doin' Time
  • Nicole Richie Hospitalized
    Nicole Richie Hospitalized David Beckham Injures Knee Exclusive: Virgie's Final Words Larry Birkhead: 'She Needed All of Us' Jennifer Lopez's 'DanceLife'
  • ET Exclusive: Inside The Service
    ET Exclusive: Inside The Service Howard's Eulogy for Anna Nicole John Ratzenberger Joins 'Dancing with the Stars' Four More 'Idol' Dreams End Angelina Jolie To Adopt Again? Elizabeth Taylor's Advice For Young Hollywood Calista Flockhart's 'Brothers and Sisters' The Funeral of Anna Nicole Smith
  • Katherine Heigl: Unhappy with 'Grey's' Bosses
    Katherine Heigl: Unhappy with 'Grey's' Bosses Anna Nicole: The Autopsy Report Country Star Singing at Anna's Funeral Britney: The Latest Jared Padalecki Explores the 'Supernatural' Howard: What Anna Wanted Vanessa's Big Announcement
  • On the Trail of the 'Zodiac' Killer
    On the Trail of the 'Zodiac' Killer Star Style Alert: Attack of the Blonde Pixies! Judgment in the Battle for Anna's Body Oscar Dresses for Less Breaking Christie Brinkley News Howard Today: Why Virgie Won't Touch the Baby Anna's Autopsy Report and Funeral Secrets Vincent Pastore Quits 'Dancing with the Stars' Alan Arkin To 'Get Smart' Paris Hilton's Car Impounded Posh to Star in Reality TV Show Who Will Be the Next 'Top Model'?moreless
  • DiCaprio Departs For New HK Thriller
    DiCaprio Departs For New HK Thriller Howard K. Stern: On the Record Exclusive: At Home with Elizabeth Taylor Anna Nicole's Friend Claims She Had Lupus 'Idol''s Final 20 Compete!
  • Korn Pulls the Plug!
    Korn Pulls the Plug!
    Episode 152
    Korn Pulls the Plug! Young Hollywood's Top-Earning Stars 'The Black Donnellys' Premieres Jack Nicholson Goes Bald for Oscars
  • ET's Oscar Preview
    ET's Oscar Preview
    Episode 149
    ET's Oscar Preview Forged Anna Nicole Documents Surface 'Idol' Cuts the Competition By Four Amanda Peet Has Baby Girl Jack Coleman's Horned-Rimmed Glasses Judgment Made In The Anna Nicole Case
  • Billy Bob: Space Cowboy
    Billy Bob: Space Cowboy Star Style Alert: Anya's Oscar Blog! Jim Carrey: Obsessed with 'The Number 23' Britney Back In Rehab! Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams Welcome a Baby Boy! Keanu Enlists as 'Night Watchman' 'The O.C.' Says Goodbye The Battle Over Anna Nicole Continues Exclusive: The Nurse Who Tried to Save Anna's Life!moreless
  • The Stars' Oscar Diets!
    The Stars' Oscar Diets! Marcia Cross Has Twins! Second Lawsuit Filed Against Brandy Heather Mills on 'Dancing with the Stars' Nigel Lythgoe's 'Idol' Gossip ET's Oscar Preview The Nurse in Anna's Hotel Room Breaks Her Silence
  • The Battle Over Anna Nicole's Body
    The Battle Over Anna Nicole's Body Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro's Divorce is Official Nicole Richie Pleads Not Guilty to Misdemeanor DUI Ready for 'Saw IV'? Alison Sweeney Joins 'Biggest Loser' Mariska Hargitay's 'SVU' Reveals Britney's Bald New Look Christie Brinkley: A Model Mom!
  • 'Ghost Rider' Cruises into No. 1
    'Ghost Rider' Cruises into No. 1 Nine Inch Nails in Concert! Bahamian Police Launch Investigation into Shane Gibson Final Curtain Call for 'Studio 60'? Celebrity Baby News Ray Liotta Arrested After Car Crash Cojo's Oscar '06 Fashion Flashback! Eric Mabius and the Women in His Life Anna Nicole's Close Friend Speaks Out Christie Brinkley: A Day in the Life It's Oscar Week!moreless
  • Hugh Grant and Girlfriend Split Up
    Hugh Grant and Girlfriend Split Up Anna Nicole's Will Released Nicole and Naomi Unite for 'Need' First Ladies' Dresses Displayed for Worthy Cause Meet the 'American Idol' Top 24 Howard and Dannielynn Come Home What the Bodyguard Knows Dr. Phil and the 1,000-Pound Man
  • At the Movies This Weekend
    At the Movies This Weekend Behind the Scenes at 'The Class' Star Style Alert: Copy the Grammy Looks! Keri Russell Ties the Knot Why We Love 'Grey's Anatomy' Howard's Reunion with Baby Dannielynn What the Bodyguard Knows!
  • Anna Nicole's Belongings Turned in to Sheriff's Station
    Anna Nicole's Belongings Turned in to Sheriff's Station Howard K. Stern's Lawyer Talks to ET Anna Bought Two Double Cemetery Plots in the Bahamas Howard K. Stern Speaks Out on Drug Rumors Beyonce Makes SI Swimsuit Issue History Oprah's New TV Movie Shock Jock Howard Stern Engaged Anna Nicole's Mother Goes to Court Nicolas Cage is 'Ghost Rider' Rob and Amber 'Race' Again! Head to 'The Hills' Howard K. Stern's Sister Opens Up Anna Nicole on Her Mothermoreless
  • Is Jessica Wigging Out?
    Is Jessica Wigging Out? 'Lost' Debuts Backstory Videos Birkhead Asks Florida Court to Uphold Earlier Ruling Anna Nicole: Her Last Wishes Leo Takes on Enron McGraw-Hill Home Robbed Anna Nicole: The 911 Call Anna Nicole's House Ransacked? Paula Abdul Takes it on the Chin! Inside The Top-Secret Safehouse
  • Howard K. Stern Speaks Out on Alleged Break-In
    Howard K. Stern Speaks Out on Alleged Break-In Howard Reunites With Dannielynn Nic Cage Seeks 'Apprentice' The Police Announce Tour Dates Family Matters on 'Heroes'
  • Anna Nicole's Mother Arrives in Bahamas
    Anna Nicole's Mother Arrives in Bahamas Kate Tracks a Killer Farewell Messages to Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole Planned to Wed Gearing Up For Grammy Sunday! Andrea Bowen Dishes 'Desperate' Dirt! Metallics, Headbands are in for Fall
  • Anna Nicole Smith: Her Last Interview
    Anna Nicole Smith: Her Last Interview What Does the Future Hold for Dannielynn? Remembering Anna Nicole Smith Florida Fan Wins 'Ugly Betty' Dress Contest Kevin Costner and Wife Expecting! UPDATE: New Grammy Performers Announced 'Survivor' Heads to Fiji UPDATE: The Ryan O'Neal Assault Case Anna Nicole: The Two Witnesses Inside SI's Swimsuit Issue! 'Survivor' vs. 'Ugly Betty'moreless
  • Big Laughs in Orbit with 'Norbit'
    Big Laughs in Orbit with 'Norbit' ET and 'The Insider' Producer Honored at Annual Publicists Awards Celine Dion to Debut New Song at Oscars Prepare for 'Hannibal Rising' Britney: Out in NYC Paula Abdul Sued Over Reality Show Josh Holloway: Secrets from the 'Lost' Set Anna Nicole: Uncovering the Truth Can Dr. Phil Save an Obese Baby?moreless
  • TV Star David Faustino Files for Divorce
    TV Star David Faustino Files for Divorce Barbara Walters' Oscar Special Warrant Issued for Daniel Baldwin 'Indy Jones IV' News and More! Tim and Faith: On the Road Again Lunching with Oscar! Anna Nicole: The Legal Battle Michael Weatherly's 'NCIS' Secrets
  • Fall Out Boy: The 'Boys' Are Back
    Fall Out Boy: The 'Boys' Are Back Craig's Bond Named 'Best' Martin Scorsese Honored Matthew Perry Switches It Up on 'Studio 60' Anna Nicole Smith: The Next Chapter What Happened to Super Bowl's Mystery Groom? Lunching with Oscar! Inside Marcia Cross' Wedding!
  • Anne Heche's Hubby Files for Divorce
    Anne Heche's Hubby Files for Divorce UPDATE: Farrah Fawcett Cancer-Free Seeing Stars at the Super Bowl Lindsay Drops Out of Upcoming Film Inside Star Weddings! ET Exclusive: Lindsay's Rehab Reunion Tara Conner: On the Record Christie Brinkley: Protecting Her Children Kimora Lee Takes on Fashion Week's Waifs!
  • Patrick Dempsey is a Father -- Again!
    Patrick Dempsey is a Father -- Again! Diane Keaton: Sexy at 61! Pam Anderson, Kid Rock Divorce Official Jordana Brewster is 'Mrs. Smith' James Brown's Widow Files Suit Final 'Harry Potter' Book Due in July Tara Conner: The In-Depth ET Interview Clay's 'Idol' Rival? Former 'SNL' Star to Run for Senate Vanessa Williams: Being Bad is Good Tyra Takes on the Tabloidsmoreless
  • New Details in 'Prison Break' Star's Crash
    New Details in 'Prison Break' Star's Crash Jeff Probst Reveals New 'Survivor' Twists 'Idol' Rumors: New Judge Courtney Love? 'American Idol' is Appointment TV Kevin Nealon Becomes a Dad Katharine McPhee Weighs in on 'Idol' Isaiah Washington Returning To Work
  • Brandy Sued for Wrongful Death
    Brandy Sued for Wrongful Death Letterman Celebrates 25 Years The Britney Update The Police to Reunite Katharine McPhee: A Star Is Born Simon Cowell's 'Idol' Dish ET's Super Bowl Awards!
  • Tyra Talks Back to Fat Critics
    Tyra Talks Back to Fat Critics Norah Jones' Timeless Tunes Angelina Jolie's Mother Dies Jon Bon Jovi Launches New Cologne
  • George Sets Dating Record Straight
    George Sets Dating Record Straight Lindsay's Week in Review! Miss USA Tara Conner's Photo Shoot Eva Mendes' Fitness Secrets
  • At the Movies This Weekend
    At the Movies This Weekend Nicole Kidman in On-Set Accident Chris Daughtry Debut Goes No.1 'Supernatural' Goes Bump in the Night Jessica's Super Bowl Secrets! The Super Bowl's Mystery Groom Star Style Alert: Lindsay's Good Luck Shopping Trip! Anne Heche's New Romance!
  • Isaiah Washington Begins Counseling
    Isaiah Washington Begins Counseling James Brown's Heirs File Petition Anne Heche Leaves Hubby for Co-Star! Teachers: Get Free Tickets to 'Freedom Writers' 'American Idol' Rolls On Anna Nicole Wins Round in Court Heather Mills Receiving Death Threats Lindsay in Rehab: The Latest
  • Lily Tomlin to Star in New TV Comedy
    Lily Tomlin to Star in New TV Comedy 'Friends' to Share On-Screen Kiss 'Dreamgirls' lead the Oscar Race! Isaiah Meets with Gay Rights Groups The 2006 Oscars' Surprise 'Crash' Update: Lindsay's Weekend Update: Christie Brinkley's Divorce
  • Paris Hilton Pleads 'No Contest' in DUI Case
    Paris Hilton Pleads 'No Contest' in DUI Case The Shins' Starry 'Night' Another 'Bachelor' Breakup! Disney Files for Divorce Keith Urban Speaks Out on Rehab 'Heroes' Returns Paula on the 'Idol' Drama! Stargazing at Sundance!
  • James Brown's Widow Cut Out of Will
    James Brown's Widow Cut Out of Will Keri Russell Baby News Kelly Clarkson Teams Up with NASCAR Trend Alert: The Non-Surgical Facelift It's a Celebration on the 'Ugly Betty' Set Dina Lohan Speaks Out Dr. Phil's Advice for 'Idol' Rejects The Donald's Night at the Playboy Mansion
  • Accident on the Set of Julia Roberts Movie
    Accident on the Set of Julia Roberts Movie Tim Gunn Gets His Own Show! Oprah Tops Rich List Christina to Perform at Grammy Awards Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab ET's 2007 Movie Preview! Oprah's Confession Justin Timberlake Exclusive Paula Abdul's Strange Behavior? Cybill's Beauty Secrets to Rachael Ray
  • ABC's Got a New 'Emergency'
    ABC's Got a New 'Emergency' Rosie Takes on 'Idol'! Golden Globes Dresses for Less! Golden Globes Fashion Action
  • Keith Urban Released from Rehab
    Keith Urban Released from Rehab Naomi Pleads Guilty to Assault Charge 'American Idol' Returns For Round Six
  • A 'Dream' Night for 'Betty,' 'Borat' and 'Babel'
    A 'Dream' Night for 'Betty,' 'Borat' and 'Babel' A 'Dream' Night for 'Betty,' 'Borat' and 'Babel' One-on-One: Bindi Irwin Get Your Grammy On! New York Clamps Down on Too-Skinny Models Angelina's New Orleans Outing 'Dancing' Sidesteps 'Idol' Competition O.J. Says 'Confession' Not His Shopping with Britney! The Golden Globes Lowdown! Cojo's Golden Glamour Forecastmoreless
  • Mark Burnett on Donald Trump
    Mark Burnett on Donald Trump David Beckham on Coming to America Jack is Back! Paula's 'Idol' Peek! Madonna on Motherhood About Last Night!
  • Cameron and Justin Split!
    Cameron and Justin Split! Heather Locklear Heads to 'Angels Fall' Meryl Streep: From 'Prada' to 'Mamma' Oprah's Oscar Special! Jay Leno Crowned King for 'Igor' Mini-Me in Rehab Va Va Voom Vanessa! Inside the People's Choice Awards Star Trend Alert!
  • Marcia Cross On Bed Rest
    Marcia Cross On Bed Rest 'Munsters' Actress Dies at 84 George Michael Denies Drug Charge Marilyn Manson's Alleged Affair Courteney Cox Is Diggin' the 'Dirt' America Ferrera's 'Ugly' Campaign 'The View' Takes on The Donald! Body of James Brown Remains Unburied A McDreamy Exclusive!
  • Britney, Paris, Lindsay Top Blackwell's Worst Dressed!
    Britney, Paris, Lindsay Top Blackwell's Worst Dressed! Queen Latifah's 'Choice' Photo Shoot Suzanne Somers Loses Home in Malibu Fire Oprah Blackmailer Waives Hearing Whitney Houston's Auction Gets Underway Trapeze Dresses and Boatnecks: The Fashion Forecast for 2007 Mary J. Blige on her Grammy Whammy Start Steppin'!
  • Justin's 'Alpha' Role
    Justin's 'Alpha' Role
    Episode 108
    Justin's 'Alpha' Role Bindi Irwin to Land in L.A. Lifetime Introduces a Dating Show with a Twist A Weekend with Brad James Brown's Final Message
  • Burt Bacharach's Daughter Commits Suicide
    Burt Bacharach's Daughter Commits Suicide Girl Power Matt Lauer Celebrates His 10th Year on 'Today' Britney, K-Fed File Custody Agreement Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito Wed Star Style Alert: Reese Hits the Mall and Paris Shows Off Her New Louis! NBC Viewers Cast 'Grease' Leads! Hilary Meets Doc McDreamy! Steve Irwin's Last Special Jim Lampley Accused of Domestic Violencemoreless
  • Lindsay Lohan's Emergency Surgery
    Lindsay Lohan's Emergency Surgery Will Miss USA Pose for Playboy? Paris Hilton 'Fired' as Face of Florida Clubs The SAG Noms Are In! Leo Lands a Triple SAG Nom! Masi Oka is 'Heroes'' Golden Boy One-on-One with Oprah! Trump's War of Words!
  • Win a Grammy Duet with Justin Timberlake
    Win a Grammy Duet with Justin Timberlake Mario Lopez to Host 'Miss America Pageant' Teri Garr Recovering from Brain Aneurysm Gisele's Sexy New Swimwear! Donald Trump: The New Interview
  • It's a Boy for Will Ferrell!
    It's a Boy for Will Ferrell! Courteney Cox Gets the 'Dirt' Kate Moss Denies Reports of Marriage In Africa with Oprah! New Year's Celeb Party Round-Up!
  • January 30, 2007
    January 30, 2007
    Episode 102

    Brandy Sued for Wrongful Death. David Letterman Celebrates 25 Years. Simon Cowell's 'American Idol' Dish. Interview with Peyton Manning.

  • TV's Brightest New Stars
    TV's Brightest New Stars What's in the Stars for the Stars!
  • Cojo's 2006 Golden Red-Carpet Report!
    Cojo's 2006 Golden Red-Carpet Report!
  • Ryan Seacrest Rocks With Dick Clark
    Ryan Seacrest Rocks With Dick Clark James Brown's Tearful Tribute Julia Roberts Expecting Baby No. 3
  • Michael Jordan & Wife File for Divorce
    Michael Jordan & Wife File for Divorce Nick and Jessica Split Assets Mike Tyson Arrested for Drug Possession and DUI Clive's Apocalyptic 'Children' Catch up with 'Eureka' New Year's Resolutions of the Stars Hip-Hop Eulogy Leo's Rough 'Diamond' Lionel Richie Performs for ET
  • Inside James Brown's Memorial
    Inside James Brown's Memorial Love & Chemistry On 'Men in Trees' Plus-Sized Model Mia Tyler Speaks Out
  • Nicole and Keith Reunite!
    Nicole and Keith Reunite! Star Weight-Loss Secrets of 2006 Favorite Male and Female TV Stars! America the Beautiful
  • Gerald Ford Dies
    Gerald Ford Dies
    Episode 96
    Gerald Ford Dies Cate and Judi Clash in 'Scandal' George Lopez Meets 'Jeannie' Marilu Henner Ties the Knot The Jolie-Pitts' Christmas in Costa Rica Schwarzenegger Undergoes Surgery The TV Wrap for 2006 James Brown's Funeral Set for Weekend
  • The Naughty and Nice List for '06
    The Naughty and Nice List for '06 A Clay Aiken Christmas Special
  • Rosie Versus The Donald: The Latest!
    Rosie Versus The Donald: The Latest! Your Top Stars and Stories of 2006!
  • Get Fabulous Holiday Hair!
    Get Fabulous Holiday Hair! Farrah to Help Others 'Fight the Fight' Barbara Walters Looks at Heaven Top 10 Albums of 2006 Ryan's 'ET on MTV' Weekend! The 'Transformers' Revealed!
  • Miss Nevada Dethroned
    Miss Nevada Dethroned Meet the Florist to the Stars! Diddy has Twin Girls! Screech's Sex Tape Confession In the Wine Country with Teri Hatcher
  • The Simpsons Hit the Big Screen!
    The Simpsons Hit the Big Screen! Evangeline Lilly's Home Burns Down Backstage at the 'Dancing with the Stars' Tour! Santa's Slay Ride Lara Flynn Boyle's Secret Wedding! Ruben's New Weight-Loss Challenge Eminem Divorce Finalized Holiday Music Buyer's Guide! Britney's Wild Weekend The new Miss USA Scandal
  • TV Preview: The 'Big Day' Arrives
    TV Preview: The 'Big Day' Arrives Little Richard's Wedding Bonanza Peter Boyle Memorial Service Held Jordana Spiro's Got Her 'Boys' The 'Price' is Right Anna Nicole's Day in Court At Home with Mo'Nique
  • Ben's Crazy 'Night'
    Ben's Crazy 'Night'
    Episode 89
    Ben's Crazy 'Night' Brittany Murphy Checks in to the 'White Hotel' Britney Tops Online Celeb Vids Matt and Angelina Uncensored! Rob Lowe's 'Perfect Day' One-on-One with Mel Gibson! The Sole 'Survivor'!
  • Cojo's Holiday Gift Guide!
    Cojo's Holiday Gift Guide! 'Pursuit of Happyness' Takes No. 1
  • New Star Trend: Facial Rejuvenation!
    New Star Trend: Facial Rejuvenation! Sara Evans to Dance Again Angelina's Red-Carpet Return! 'Survivor' Champ to Be Revealed Sunday The Golden Globes: Hollywood Reacts! Kelly and Clay: Reunited 'Marshall' Makes Waves! The Spectacular Stunts of 'Apocalypto'
  • The Golden Globes Nominees!
    The Golden Globes Nominees! Jail Time for Nicole? Cowboys & Crooners Grabbed Top 2006 Globes Ana Gasteyer Defies Gravity in 'Wicked'
  • ET's Top 20 Stars Revealed!
    ET's Top 20 Stars Revealed! 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Star Dies Clooney Campaigns for Darfur in Egypt Cover 'Dreamgirl': Beyonce 'Dancing' Champ John O'Hurley Becomes a Dad Diana Concert Tickets Sell Out Stella McCartney Welcomes Baby Girl Julia's New Love! Ryan O'Neal Guests on 'Bones' 'My Bare Lady' Heats Up!
  • Meet Black-Ty!
    Meet Black-Ty!
    Episode 84
    Meet Black-Ty! Lawsuit to Block 'Borat' DVD Rejected Jada Pinkett Smith Donates $1 Million to Alma Mater The 'Dreamgirls' Take Over Hollywood! Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People
  • Jessica's 'Brave' Turn
    Jessica's 'Brave' Turn Taylor Hicks on His New Album 'NCIS' Star Dies It's McSteamy vs. McStamos in 'Wedding Wars' Prince to Perform at Super Bowl Dragon Tale The Cruises' Post-Wedding Party! One-On-One: Matthew McConaughey
  • 'Apocalypto' No. 1
    'Apocalypto' No. 1
    Episode 82
    'Apocalypto' No. 1
  • Wesley Snipes Arrested
    Wesley Snipes Arrested Bindi Irwin Speaks Out on 'GMA' New York's Newest Star! 'Sleeper Cell's Oded Fehr is Back for Another Terror-Filled Season Adrianne Curry's Plastic Surgery Confession Sara Ramirez's Dangerous Diet On the Set: Charlize's 'Ferris Wheel'
  • Madonna to Create Clothing Line for H&M
    Madonna to Create Clothing Line for H&M Rebecca Romijn Joins 'Ugly Betty' Ryan O'Neal's TV Return CariDee Wins 'Top Model' Britney Addresses Pantygate 'Pirates' Set to Break DVD Sales Record Jen and Vince's Real-Life 'Break-Up' The Grammy Race Is On! Katharine McPhee's Bulimia Battle Cojo's Best and Worst
  • TomKat's Post-Wedding Party
    TomKat's Post-Wedding Party Olivia Newton-John's 'Grease' Lawsuit Tori Spelling to Hold Estate Sale Who Will Win 'Top Model'? Angelina's 'Good Shepherd' Beyonce's 'Dreamgirls' Diet U2 'Dismantle' the 2006 Grammys Grammys 2006 Fashion Flashback!
  • 'Rocky' Returns!
    'Rocky' Returns!
    Episode 78
    'Rocky' Returns! Dakota's 'Web' Audrey Hepburn's Dress Doesn't Go-Lightly! Gibson's 'Apocalypto' Now! Rip Torn Arrested on DWI Charge Letterman Gets Another Four Years George's 'Good' News Christmas on the Tube Backstage: The 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show' Inside the Billboard Music Awards!
  • Sounds So 'Sweet'
    Sounds So 'Sweet'
    Episode 77
    Sounds So 'Sweet' Rick Schroder Spends a Day on '24' Shady's Back! Vivica A. Fox Joins 'Curb' 'Project Runway' Baby News! Mel's 'Apocalypto' Now! Brazil-Bound with 'CSI: Miami' One-on-One with the 'Dream' Team! I Do's and Divorces of 2006 The Top 10 Scandals of '06 Oscar Buzz! TV Wrap for 2006 The Top 10 Movies of 2006 2006 Awards Round-Up About Last Night!moreless
  • 'Happy Feet' No. 1 for Third Week
    'Happy Feet' No. 1 for Third Week
  • Cameron's Romantic 'Holiday'
    Cameron's Romantic 'Holiday'
  • Lindsay Lohan Attending AA
    Lindsay Lohan Attending AA Cameron and Jude's 'Holiday' Romance Richards to Meet with Audience Members Noah Wyle's New Quest GQ's Men of the Year Making 'Dreamgirls' Magic! Starry Night!
  • Eva Longoria and Tony Parker: Engaged!
    Eva Longoria and Tony Parker: Engaged! DeVito Apologizes After 'View' Interview Celine Dion Cancels Vegas Shows Wiggles Singer Announces Departure Due to Illness Anna Nicole's Bittersweet Weight Loss 'Scrubs' is Back! Will's 'Pursuit of Happyness' Jennifer Hudson Lives Her 'Dream'
  • Britney to Ring in New Year in Vegas
    Britney to Ring in New Year in Vegas Hugh Discovers 'The Fountain' 'Nativity' Controversy Denzel's Sense of 'Deja Vu' Sofia Coppola Has Baby Girl First Mystery Wrapped Up On 'Veronica Mars' Snoop Dogg Arrested 2006 Picks! Anna Nicole Breaks Down
  • 'The Bachelor' Pops the Question, Sort Of
    'The Bachelor' Pops the Question, Sort Of ET's Surprise Wedding! Hot DVD: 'Miami Vice' Nicole Richie Named Worst Dressed! Matt Lauer: Dad Again! Pam and Kid Rock Split! Celebrity Cops Coming to CBS 'NCIS'' Little Person A 'Dreamgirls' Exclusive!
  • The 'Boss' Is Back!
    The 'Boss' Is Back!
    Episode 70
    The 'Boss' Is Back! Musical Munitions Pam Anderson, Kid Rock File for Divorce Jennifer Hudson Signs with Arista 'AMC' Introducing Transgender Character The All-New Anna Nicole Exclusive! Out and About: Britney and Paris Julia Roberts Talks Family! Oprah: How To Stay Fit During the Holidays! The Top 10 Scandals of 2006 On the Set: 'CSI: Miami'moreless
  • 'Happy Feet' Tops Thanksgiving Box Office
    'Happy Feet' Tops Thanksgiving Box Office Richards Speaks Out to Jesse Jackson Brangelina's Thanksgiving Travels
  • Luke and Laura's Wedding: Then and Now!
    Luke and Laura's Wedding: Then and Now! Hollywood: Home for the Holidays
  • Heidi Klum Baby News!
    Heidi Klum Baby News! Backstage Report: The AMAs! Stars' Thanksgiving Plans
  • Jay-Z Celebrates Comeback CD
    Jay-Z Celebrates Comeback CD Tom & Katie's Thanksgiving Plans! Hollywood Reacts to Richards' Outburst Patricia Arquette Returns as Allison DuBois Rachael Ray's Turkey Day Tips! Katie's Wedding Dress Recreated Presenting 'Miss Potter'!
  • Clay Versus Kelly
    Clay Versus Kelly
    Episode 65
    Clay Versus Kelly Filmmaker Robert Altman Dies A-List Celebs Step Out Memorial Service Held for Ed Bradley Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell 'Get Smart' Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday Concert Tom and Katie Say 'I Do'! The Honeymooners! Plus-Size Velvet's Eating Disorder Past
  • The Life of a Legend
    The Life of a Legend Stars React to TomKat's 'I Do's' 'The Class' is a New Group of 'Friends' About Last Night!
  • 'Happy Feet' Outrun 007
    'Happy Feet' Outrun 007 Katie's Wedding Dress!
  • Kate Hudson Divorce News
    Kate Hudson Divorce News John Forsythe Health Update Desperate Singles On 'Cold Case' Luke Perry's New Gig in 'Cincinnati' Tom and Katie's Wedding Buzz! Tom and Katie Wedding Buzz! The 'Dancing' King! Jann's Blog: Your Latest Cruise News!
  • Meet the New Bond
    Meet the New Bond
    Episode 61
    Meet the New Bond Whitney Houston's Home May Face Auction Model Reportedly Starves Herself to Death 'Weeds' Lights Up for a Third Season Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Announced Bet on Bond in 'Casino Royale' Stars Land In Italy for TomKat Nuptials Jaime Pressly Announces Pregnancy on 'Tonight Show' Stars Flock to Singer Gerald Levert's Memorial Nicole Richie Blasts Gastric Bypass Rumors Demi Moore in the 'Bobby' Spotlight Jann's Latest Cruise News! Matt's CIA Identitymoreless
  • Star Jones Reynolds Announces New Show
    Star Jones Reynolds Announces New Show New 'Harry Potter' Poster Revealed Robin, Billy and Whoopi Return for 'Comic Relief' Countdown to TomKat's Big Day! Reese Skips Carolina Herrera Opening Aretha Franklin Performs Benefit Concert Gorgeous George: The Sexiest Man Alive! Emmitt: All Fired Up! 'Ugly Vanessa' in NYC's Beauty War Zone!moreless
  • Country Fans Stand by Faith
    Country Fans Stand by Faith Brad and Angelina's Wax Wedding Cancelled Cruise Wedding News! Hot DVD: 'You, Me and Dupree' Stanley Tucci Weighs in on '3 Lbs.' 'Ugly Vanessa' vs. the Velvet Ropes Emmitt's Secret Dance Rehearsal!
  • Got 'Game'?
    Got 'Game'?
    Episode 58
    Got 'Game'? Howie's Happy 'Deal' Math Rock 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Engaged Meet the New 007 Mick Jagger's Father Dies The TomKat Wedding: The Latest Details! Jude Law and Sienna Miller Split
  • Tobey Maguire is a Dad!
    Tobey Maguire is a Dad! 'Borat' Still No. 1
  • Dance of the Penguins
    Dance of the Penguins Actor Jack Palance Dies 'Studio 60' Gets Full-Season Pickup Michael J. Fox on Election Results Jessica Simpson's 'Blonde Ambition' Tom and Katie's New York Night Out! Frat Boys Sue 'Borat' Life's a Beach Rob & David Get Lucky 'Numb3rs' McDreamy, McSteamy and ... McStamos? Backstage with 'Dancing''s Final Two! 'Ugly Vanessa''s Investigation Anna Nicole's Challenge to Her Mother!moreless
  • Celebrity Break-Up: Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis
    Celebrity Break-Up: Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis Christie Brinkley's Court Appearance Daniel Baldwin Arrested Vanessa Williams' 'Ugly' Fashion Secrets Anna Nicole: On the Record Ugly Vanessa's Hidden Camera Investigation Meet the 'Gold Rush' Champ!
  • K-Fed Responds to Britney's Divorce Filing
    K-Fed Responds to Britney's Divorce Filing Reese Witherspoon Files Divorce Papers Maltin's Holiday Preview Barry Manilow's Chart-Topping Success Star Style Alert: Britney's Post Break-Up Looks! TomKat Wedding News! Inside the CMA Awards Ryan Phillippe Speaks Out Aniston, Depp Lead Noms for People's Choice ET's Hidden Camera Exposé The 'Dancing' Review!
  • Martin Scorsese Signs Paramount Deal
    Martin Scorsese Signs Paramount Deal Rob Lowe Joins 'Brothers and Sisters' Britney Files for Divorce! Hot DVDs: 'Little Man' and 'The Da Vinci Code' Tom and Katie to Wed in a Castle? Carrie's $850K Dress and More CMA Fashions Roseanne Barr: Blonde and Bitchin' Crowe Caps 'A Good Year' Anna Nicole's Exclusive Baby Video! Lindsay's 'Bobby' Exclusive An 'NCIS' Love Connection?moreless
  • Anna Nicole Smith Released from Hospital
    Anna Nicole Smith Released from Hospital Kylie Minogue's Big Comeback! Hilary's Alleged Stalker Arrested! Lance Armstrong's NYC Run On the Set: Meg Ryan Jon Bon Jovi's Jackets Hit Stores Is Will 'Stranger Than Fiction'? Anna Nicole: Inside the Delivery Room A Night with Brad! Sarah Michelle Gellar's Horror 'Return'
  • Borat Conquers U.S. Box Office
    Borat Conquers U.S. Box Office
  • 'High School Musical' Hits the Road
    'High School Musical' Hits the Road Shakira's Big Night! Gucci Brings Tokyo Mary J. Blige and iPods Justin Wins Big At MTV Europe Awards Christie Brinkley's Royal Night Round Two for 'Dexter' Lionel Speaks Out on Nicole What's on the Tube This November Dr. McDreamy's New Photo Shoot! Anna Nicole: A Mother's Grief Bi-Coastal Beautiesmoreless
  • Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner To Form New United Artists
    Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner To Form New United Artists Jesse Metcalfe Gets 'Loaded'! Gorgeous George Honored! Prince Takes Over Vegas Club Monique's Last 'Dance' Rachel Bilson Transforms in New Season of 'The O.C.' The Heartbreaking Anna Nicole Exclusive True-Life Drama of 'Bobby' Revealed!
  • 2006 Holiday Movie Release Schedule
    2006 Holiday Movie Release Schedule Shirley Temple Black Injured Exclusive: Anna Nicole Speaks Out on Hospitalization Stars Strike an Artsy Pose Scott Wolf's on Cloud 'Nine' In the Kitchen with Mo'Nique The Anna Nicole World Exclusive 'Borat' Invades America
  • 'The Escape Clause': Santa vs. Jack Frost!
    'The Escape Clause': Santa vs. Jack Frost! Bob Barker Calls It Quits Kevin Federline Shows Cancelled Jerry Bruckheimer and Les Moonves Honored Josh Groban on Romance Julianne Nicholson's Got 'Criminal Intent' Whitney's Hollywood Comeback! Mark's Blog: My Anna Nicole Exclusive Glamour Time! Hot DVD: 'Mission: Impossible III'
  • Penelope and Pedro Come Back to 'Volver'
    Penelope and Pedro Come Back to 'Volver' Turn It Up! Reese and Ryan Split Tori Spelling Opens a B&B Jason Bateman Becomes a Dad Hugh Jackman Gets 'Flushed Away' Kate and Hugh Get 'Flushed Away' Hilary's New Look: Raven Hair! Old and New Hit Shows Arrive On DVD Brad Pitt: Shirtless!moreless
  • Josh Kelley On His Accident
    Josh Kelley On His Accident Will 'Saw III' Cut Down the Competition? Seacrest, Clark to Ring in New Year Michael J. Fox Responds to Rush Criticism Will Ferrell Looking to Score with 'Semi-Pro' The Stars Hit the Town Clay Aiken to Appear on 'Days' Rachael Ray Crashes a Rod Stewart Concert Alison Clinton's Health Crisismoreless
  • Ryan's 'ET on MTV' Halloween Forecast!
    Ryan's 'ET on MTV' Halloween Forecast! Liev Schreiber Joins 'CSI' cast Diddy's First No.1 Album in Nine Years Tom and Katie's Guest List Mariah Carey's Concert Canceled George Clooney Reunites with Coen Brothers Oprah Speaks on Holocaust Education Jerry's Last Dance! The 'Dancing' Update! Star Style Alert: The 'Housewives' Fashions Revealedmoreless
  • Isaiah Washington Issues Apology
    Isaiah Washington Issues Apology Madonna Speaks Out on Oprah The Real Paris Opens Up! Gwen Stefani Picks 'Sweet' Date Jen Takes The Stage! Backstage Report: The Hollywood Awards!
  • Britney Names Baby Jayden James
    Britney Names Baby Jayden James Original 'Halloween' Returns to Theaters ET Inducted Into Hall of Fame Tom and Katie Set a Date! Charlize Theron Ready To Do 'Battle' Update: Sara Evans Divorce Scandal Anna Nicole's Baby Battle
  • The 'Legend' Returns
    The 'Legend' Returns Joan Rivers Uncensored! 'Project Runway' Gowns for Sale Michael J. Fox Gets Political The Lost Johnny Carson Episode! Keith Urban Rehab Update The '24' Forecast Anna Nicole: What's Next?
  • Box Office Magic for 'The Prestige'
    Box Office Magic for 'The Prestige'
  • It's Cojo: Uncensored!
    It's Cojo: Uncensored!
  • Sara Evans' Nanny: Polygraph Results Revealed!
    Sara Evans' Nanny: Polygraph Results Revealed! Keith Urban Enters Rehab Anna Nicole: Inside Daniel's Funeral Twins for Melissa Etheridge! 'The O.C.' Heads into Season Four Lisa Marie Presley Hits The Stage Bindi Irwin Series Put On Hold NBC Won't Show Madonna on Cross One on One: Eva Longoria Halloween DVD Devilish Delights Kirsten: 'I Felt Like a Smurf'! War Heroes, Warring Magicians, a Mustang and a Girl Named 'Antoinette'moreless
  • Haley Joel Osment Pleads No Contest to DUI
    Haley Joel Osment Pleads No Contest to DUI Jeffrey Wins 'Project Runway' Inside Anna Nicole's Funeral for Daniel Armani Confirms TomKat Wedding Design Rod Stewart Earns Fourth No.1 Album Monster Mash-Up: Piven versus Slater The Latest Celebrity Trend! 'Stars' Get Another 'Dance' Vanessa Williams Gets 'Ugly' Sara and Alison: Their Last Video Together Dr. McSteamy's Secrets Revealed!moreless
  • Magic Reigns in 'The Prestige'
    Magic Reigns in 'The Prestige' Katharine Hits the 'Kat-Walk' and Justin's Jeans Spark a Dance-Off Barry Gibb Makes 'Home Movies' Available Jennifer Aniston Goes 'Counter Clockwise' Hugh Jackman's Baby Talk! Whitney Houston Files For Divorce Is 'Nine' Tim Daly's Lucky Number? Sara Evans Speaks Out Tori and Dean's Baby Secrets Revealed Mark Takes On America's Next Top Models!moreless
  • Madonna Speaks Out on Impending Adoption
    Madonna Speaks Out on Impending Adoption Just 'Press Play'! ET and Pizza Hut's Tasty DVD Pick of the Week! New Star Wedding Trends! Leo Develops Environmental Series Victoria's Secret Nabs Justin Timberlake Vince Vaughn To Sue Over Newspaper Reports Reese & Ryan Hit the Town! George Clooney's Star-Packed Night TV Wrap: 'Ugly Betty,' 'Dancing with the Stars' & More ET Exclusive: The Alleged 'Other Woman' Speaks Jennifer Gets Glamorousmoreless
  • Who Will Win 'Project Runway'?
    Who Will Win 'Project Runway'? Breaking News: Sara Evans' Divorce Scandal Oprah's Home Rocked By Earthquake L.A. Fashion Week Launches and Lindsay Makes Bandages Trendy Oprah: Pulled Over By Police! Kirsten Channels 'Marie Antoinette'
  • October 13, 2006
    October 13, 2006
    Episode 29

    Jessica's Secret Crush! Irwin Memorial Tribute to Benefit Wildlife Warriors 'Dynasty' Star Diagnosed with Cancer Michael C. Hall Turns Serial Killer Hollywood Reacts to Lidle's Death Anna Nicole: The Bahamas Update Tori Spelling: One on One!

  • October 12, 2006
    October 12, 2006
    Episode 28

    Humor and Horror Hit the Movies! Ellen: From 'Nemo' to Virtual Seal Chad Lowe Joins '24' TLC's 'Little People' is Back for Year Two Usher Leaves 'Chicago' Due to Illness Model Thin: The Experts Weigh In Hollywood's Favorite Hot Spots! Roger Daltrey to Guest Star on 'CSI' Mel Gibson Speaks Out 'Dancing''s Celeb Casualty! Star Style Alert: They Got the Beat! '80s Fashions

  • October 11, 2006
    October 11, 2006
    Episode 27

    David Bowie's New Gig Anna Nicole: Her Baby's Birth Certificate A 'Grey's Anatomy' Real-Life Fight Bindi Irwin Honors Father's Commitment Fight Breaks Out on 'Grey's Anatomy' Set 'Jericho' Is A Keeper for CBS! Sex and Secrets from 'The Office' Christie Brinkley's First Interview Anna Nicole's Close Friend Speaks Out The Thin Model Catwalk Controversy

  • October 10, 2006
    October 10, 2006
    Episode 26

    One Bad 'Apple' Paris and Nicole Reunite Hot DVD: 'Click' Bo Bice Undergoes Surgery Oprah's Tom Cruise News! Veronica Mars: Sorority Sister? Anna Nicole and Daniel's Memorial Robin Williams for President? Cosmo's Most Eligible Hunks

  • October 9, 2006
    October 9, 2006
    Episode 25

    'Brian' Is Back! Vivica's Last Dance! Ruben Studdard Sheds Nearly 100 Pounds 'Scrubs' Star Welcomes Third Child Mel Gibson To Speak Out Tim Allen Weds A 'Grey's Anatomy' Weekend! Matthew Perry Gets a New Group of 'Friends' Anna Nicole's Son Remembered in Mexia A Plus-Sized Model's Eating Disorder Past Ewan McGregor: Suave Superspy!

  • October 6, 2006
    October 6, 2006
    Episode 22

    Eva Reunites with Tony in Paris Drummer Travis Barker Breaks Arm Bon Jovi Teams Up With Bill Clinton Jack Black to Produce Football Comedy U2 At The 'Zoo' 'Galactica' Goes Warp Speed Into Its Third Season Get The 411! Barry's Return to the Stage

  • October 5, 2006
    October 5, 2006
    Episode 21

    Chainsaws, Comedy, Cops & Crooks 'Project Runway': The $10,000 Winner Halle Berry's Got 'Class' Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner Split Behind the Scenes of 'The Departed' Ludacris, Janet Score Top Albums "Medium," "Numb3rs" and More in Your DVD Store! 'CSI''s Chainsaw Massacre Inside 'Ugly Betty''s Closet! John Travolta Dresses Up!

  • October 4, 2006
    October 4, 2006
    Episode 20

    Maggie Gyllenhaal Gives Birth Paris Hilton Files Battery Charge Against Shanna Moakler Roy Horn Health Update 'Lost' Is Back! 'Veronica Mars' Heads to College TV News: Mark Harmon and Dr. McSteamy! Anna Nicole: The Latest The 'Dancing' Recap

  • October 3, 2006
    October 3, 2006
    Episode 19

    Tori Spelling Pregnant Jen Makes Her Mark on Designer Tees Liza Guest Stars on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' Mr. T is Back! Hot DVD: 'X-Men: The Last Stand' Beyonce Wins 'Baby Boy' Suit Rosie O'Donnell Gets 'Nip/Tuck'-ed The 'Dancing' Forecast!

  • October 2, 2006
    October 2, 2006
    Episode 18

    Actress Jennie Garth Gives Birth! Carrie Underwood Joins Literacy Campaign Cher Auctions Off Gowns, Mementos Jessica's Mane Man Opens Salon Oldest Hanson Brother Marries 'CSI: Miami''s Party on the Beach!

  • September 29, 2006
    September 29, 2006
    Episode 15

    Dr. McSteamy Joins 'Grey's Anatomy' Eva Longoria on Relationship Rumors Madonna: A 'Record' Year Robert Downey Jr. Suits Up for 'Iron Man' Cecilia Says Goodbye to the Cook Islands Carmen's Got a Secret! Ireland, Taylor Dazzle with New Jewelry Collection Weekend Movie Preview David James Elliott Has a New 'Home' TV's Best Bets!

  • September 28, 2006
    September 28, 2006
    Episode 14

    Anna Nicole and Howard Pledge Their 'Commitment' New Flicks Taunt 'Jackass' A 'Project Runway' Surprise! Megan Eliminated from 'Top Model' James Woods is a 'Shark'! Justin's 'FutureSex' Tops Charts for Second Week Tony Danza and Wife Split Rachael Ray to Appear on 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' Stars Weigh in on Extreme Diets Scarlett Johansson Gets Royal Role 'Ugly Bettys' Invade New York Clay Aiken: A Day In The Life! The 'Dancing' Dish: Mario Lopez 'Dancing' Cast-Off: Harry Hamlin! Breakfast With Oprah! Danny Bonaduce's 'CSI' Shocker

  • September 27, 2006
    September 27, 2006
    Episode 13

    Medications Caused Daniel Smith's Death Jewel to Host 'Nashville Star' Fall Movie Forecast It's A 'Top Model' Meltdown! Terrell Owens Denies Suicide Attempt Gyllenhaal, Witherspoon In Talks To Co-Star 'Kidnapped' Is Worth the Ransom 'Top Model' Sneak Peek: The Makeover Episode! Last Dance for Shanna Moakler! Backstage Gossip: 'Dancing with the Stars'!

  • September 26, 2006
    September 26, 2006
    Episode 12

    'American Idol' in Hollywood! Chevy Chase Returns to NBC 'Talent' Winner Signs Record Deal Gisele On the Ultra-Thin Model Controversy Hot DVD: 'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' It's Heartbreak Time in Stars Hollow Latin Grammy Nominations Announced! Star Couple News! George Michael's First Tour in 15 Years Julie Andrews to Receive Lifetime Award Terri Irwin's Heartbreak Elizabeth Edwards' Breast Cancer Battle Jessica's Night Out!

  • September 25, 2006
    September 25, 2006
    Episode 11

    'Scrubs' Star Injured in Fall Janet Turns '20'! Tryouts Announced for Next 'America's Got Talent' Luda Gets Crazy! New 'Harry Potter' Pics Revealed Dr. Phil Meets Rachael Ray Anna Nicole: Under 24 Hour Care? Pom-Pom Princesses Kellie & Jamie's 'Race' Ends Croc Hunter's Wife Speaks Out Hamlin's Hot To Trot! Aaron Carter Breaks Off Engagement Police Called to Hasselhoff Home Donnie Wahlberg is on the Lam in 'Runaway'

  • September 22, 2006
    September 22, 2006
    Episode 9

    Lindsay Lohan Break-Up Rumors Untrue Edward Furlong and Wife Welcome Baby Billy's Goose is Cooked on 'Survivor' 'Desperate Housewives': The Game! Sandra Bullock Sues for 'Stalker' Alert Lifetime Calling for Locklear Rachael Ray Gets Personal Madonna Clarifies 'Confessions' Crucifixion 'House' and More in your DVD Store! Partying With The CW! TV Preview: 'Brothers and Sisters' 'The Amazing Race 10' is Off and Running

  • September 21, 2006
    September 21, 2006
    Episode 8

    Lou Diamond Phillips Charged with Misdemeanor Domestic Battery Jennifer Aniston Goes Broadway for '24 Hours' Christina and Rachel's Red-Carpet Run-In! 'Top Model' Tops Its Own Ratings Military Coup Delays Filming on Nicolas Cage Movie Tiger Woods Angered Over Photos Heidi Klum Gets Personal in Self Magazine Tyra's 'Top Model' Controversy! Clay Aiken Addresses Gay Rumors on 'GMA' Justin Goes No. 1 with 'FutureSex' Madonna Sets Tour Record Our 'All the King's Men' Exclusive! 'Jackass': The Second Coming Will it be Dr. McDreamy or Dr. McVet? New Clues in Anna Nicole's Son's Death? Larry Birkhead's Emotional Reaction Va-Va-Vanessa! Maxim's Cover Girl

  • September 20, 2006
    September 20, 2006
    Episode 7

    Matt LeBlanc Finalizes Divorce Count The 'Ways' Brad and Angelina Give to Humanitarian Groups Rachael Ray Teams Up with Epic Records Gwyneth's Guilty Pleasure! Bindi Sue Honors Father at Irwin Memorial Mark Harmon: Out of 'NCIS'? Anna Nicole's Former Boyfriend Speaks Out Backstage Report: 'Dancing with the Stars'!

  • September 19, 2006
    September 19, 2006
    Episode 6

    Rachael Ray's Overnight Success! Mariah Carey Leads AMA Noms Jay Leno Looks for a 'Tonight' Correspondent Eminem Divorce Update Springer's 'Dancing' Scoop Jessica's New Job! Anna Nicole's Son: The Final Photos

  • September 18, 2006
    September 18, 2006
    Episode 5

    She's 'Fergalicious'! Familiar faces return for 'Hairspray' Willie Nelson Cited for Drug Possession 'Dancing' Drama for Springer and Lopez Oprah and Rachael Join Forces! Charlie Sheen's Back For Another Round of 'Men' Patricia Kennedy Lawford Passes Away ET Presents The CW! The Rock Sticks to 'Game Plan'

  • September 15, 2006
    September 15, 2006
    Episode 2

    Orlando's Island-Bound Again Amanda Peet Pregnant with First Child Barry Manilow Gives the Clothes Off His Back Fall Fare in Theaters 'Survivor' Cooks the Competition Tyra's Not-So-Top-Model Past! Jon Heder's 'Dynamite' News Weekend Movie Preview 'Murphy Brown' Bartender Dies Howie Mandel Makes a New 'Deal'

  • September 14, 2006
    September 14, 2006
    Episode 1

    Bounty Hunter 'Dog' Arrested Would-Be Brangelina Bodyguard Busted Christie Brinkley to File for Divorce Whitney and Bobby: It's Over Whitney & Bobby: The Latest Sean Penn Opens Up Beyonce Tops the Charts A Controversial New 'Survivor' Rachael Ray's New Set Unveiled! 'Dancing with the Stars': The First Casualty! Backstage at Gwen's L.A.M.B. Show!