Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 11, 2006 on HBO
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As the gang anticipates the upcoming premiere for "Aquaman", the search is on for a perfect date for Vince. Meanwhile, Ari tries to cope with financial difficulties and his new office space, which is not quite what he is used to.

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  • Who the heck fed the writers stupid pills? All the characters are still there, but they all sounds like their IQ's have dropped by at least 10 points.

    I would be lying if I said I watched this series for the cleverly scripted plots, or the way it asks important questions about life. But I would be right on the money if I said one of the strengths of this series was it's snappy dialogue. And what I saw in this episode was a team of writers dumbing down the narrative and then adding in the occasional curse word hoping that we wouldn't notice that the network execs have decided to make this show more accessible to the viewing public... the sad thing is that the execs might think they're right in seeking a broader audience by opening up the storytelling to more people at the expense of losing the show's edge, because numbers have reflected that more people are watching - but only because of word of mouth, not because Joe Shmoe can actually "get it" now.

    And what's the deal with mothers showing up? I mean, come on. Did they have a chat with the folks at Desperate Housewives? Men with men being men with no hindrances - that's why people love this show. This is the best they could come up with on how to "shake things up"? Let's just hope this is a temporary addition and things will straighten up soon...moreless
  • Review

    Very powerful start to the season and I liked the extended episode, which makes me strongly thinkg that this should should run 52 minutes like other HBO hit series wonders Sopranos and Six Feet Under. Skipping ahead in time is something we are used to seeing in the first episode back from a finale and this one is no different. Six months and the filming of Aquaman has past since we last left our boys and the writers did a good job in filling in the missing holes of those months with this episode. The most interesting being Aris situation, whose company is still on the rise. I would have though Ari would have had it more together in six months, but he only has a half a dozen agents on him right now and is sinking finicially. I thought the lack of Mandy Moore was perfect for the start of the season. Vince truely has gotten over her by being with everyone other then her on Aquaman and I think her lack of being there is going to really help the show. Eric still dating Sloane is setting up some drama late into the season it looks like. The Woods / Drama / Turtle scenes were all a great way to jump back into the season. Overall, the best episode of Entourage yet...hands down for me.moreless
  • Season Three Opens up a BANG! as Vincent Chase's new movie Aquaman is ready to premiere. Vince is faced with the challenge of finding a woman worthy enough to walk the red carpet beside him. Vince is only going to be happy with taking his mother.moreless

    This episode is an instant classic. The series premiere opens with the boys looking better than ever. With Aquaman about to open and the burdens of running a struggling agency (for the time being) Ari is under more stress than ever. But due to the sure success of Aquaman via Vince Chase, both the boys and Ari are sure to be in the clear of all worries soon.

    Turtle and Drama, throughout the episode, are tied up dealing with Guest Tickets for the premiere. It turns out the best "offer" for both Turtle and Drama, came after they had given all fifty of their tickets away. In order for Ari to accomadate "Vince's" ticket problem, he takes two tickets that were reserved for James Woods, and Woods is determined to get them back. James Woods guest appearance is the funniest guest star since Val Kilmer in "The Sherpa and The Script". His spastic interaction with the guys, especially Drama, is hilarious. At the premiere when he puts Drama in a headlock, I fell out of my chair laughing at Drama's expression afterwards.

    We get to see Ari and his wife have alot more dialogue than we are accustumed. I loved watching them verbally battle each other, especially when they were discussing her father's trustfund. I am going to enjoy seeing more of Ari in the near future.

    In order to get Vince's mother (who is afraid of flying) to Las Angelos for the red carpet event, Eric and Turtle have to scheme on their mothers as well. With a plan that Turtle says "ruined the best pu*** night of the year". I loved seeing the boys at their best, along side their mothers.moreless
  • The boys are back in town.

    While this episode doesn't eclipse some of the brilliant work in season two, it certainly keeps the show's excellent status quo. It also helps that after nine months of not seeing these characters, their charm and lovability can win over any plotline.

    Tonight's storyline with Vince's mom was really sweet and it looks like Ari's going to have to start talking faster than ever with his struggling new agency. But the star of tonight's episode was James Woods. You know how James Woods is awesome, not just as an actor but as a human being? He's willing to make himself look like a total schmuck. Here, he gets outwitted by Drama of all people but Woods is secure enough an actor that he's okay with it. If you own Volume of Family Guy, I highly recommend watching "Peter's Got Woods" with the commentary and just listen James Woods being awesome. Entourage is a show where most actors are lucky to be on it. But Woods is so great that Entourage was lucky to have him in their third season premiere.

    Here's to a great third season of one of television's greatest shows.moreless
  • The summer has finally started and my favorite boys are back.

    I found this episode filled with funny momemts from the first minute.

    Drama and Turtle giving out tickets to women for the Aquaman premiere base on a ratinn system was classic, and funny to me because my guy roommates have a rating system too. So I could relate to Eric and Vinne listing to them rate girls.

    Ari new office and everything that occured in it this episode was great, Lloyd offering quarters for the meter, James Wood and Vinne and the boys visiting.

    I have to say that I melted when Vince called his mom on the radio to ask her to be his date.

    I was also so sad that she was going to be able to make it, and then in one of the cutes scenes I have seen recently on televison Eric convinced Vince's mom to come to LA by having all the moms come. The reunion was so sweet that an ahhh actually came from my mouth when they all walked off the plane.

    Ari and his wife crack me up and they too had some cute lines on the red carpet. I can not wait to see if Aquaman flopps.moreless
James Woods (I)

James Woods (I)


Guest Star

Mercedes Ruehl

Mercedes Ruehl

Mrs. Chase

Guest Star

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti


Guest Star

Rex Lee

Rex Lee


Recurring Role

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui


Recurring Role

Perrey Reeves

Perrey Reeves

Mrs. Ari Gold

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the opening credits (Still running through season 3), when Adrian Grenier's name comes up, the Pizza place to the right of his neon name is backwards.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Eric: I don't know women's dress sizes. And I don't look at your mom's body.
      Vince: Really? I look at your mom's.
      Eric: Shut the fuck up.

    • Ari: You pick up my suit from the tailor?
      Mrs. Ari: I'm going to the fucking tailor, Ari. To pick up the new fuckin $5,000 suit that I fucking paid for!

    • James Woods: You got five seconds to give me my fuckin tickets!! Five!
      Drama: Or what? You're gonna huff and puff and blow the house down?
      James Woods: How bout I'm gonna knock this fuckin door down and come in there and shove your head up Turtle's ass!!! Give me my fuckin tickets!!! You got five seconds!! Five!!

    • James Woods: So, this is the shithole he's been working out of, huh?
      Lloyd: You haven't been up here yet?
      James Woods: No, he's hidin this place like Anne Frank.

    • Mrs. Ari: My father put that money aside for me incase something happened to us and its almost gone.
      Ari: But we're still here! And I could have banged Heidi Klum when she was 23, but I took a pass. What the fuck is gonna make me leave now?
      Mrs. Ari: You could die.
      Ari: You'd like that wouldn't you?
      Mrs. Ari: Not until I saw that the life insurance check didn't bounce.

    • Mrs. Ari: You eat at The Palm four nights a week!
      Ari: Do I ever order the lobster? No, I order the Gigi salad and I sign clients.

    • Ari: The gym, Lloyd! The fucking gym!
      Lloyd: It's pretty urgent.
      Ari: It's pretty urgent that in the 15 minutes a day I have free, I take the time to keep this body fit. And not just so you have a great ass to look at, I want to live!

    • Vince: What's so special about these two, huh?
      Turtle: These two will fuck us if we take them, guaranteed!
      Vince: How do you know?
      Turtle: Because they said if you take us we'll fuck you!

    • Vince: Ma, you know what? Just forget about the 100 million potentially heartbroken listeners and listen to me for a second.
      Vince's Mom: Oh fuck, Vincent!

    • Drama: I begged Ma to come to my Viking Quest DVD release party. She said no! What could possibly get her to come to this?!

    • Ari: You've been baggin every girl west of Sapova the past six months. Just pick the one skank that's gonna photogrpah well and be done with it. BOOM!

    • Ari: Big week. The kind of week you will remember your whole lives. Like the week you got your first blowjob. You remember that week? I do. Ninth grade...
      Eric: Oh, one of the boys on the chess team, Ari?

    • Drama: You're telling me I couldn't be rep'd at this shithole?
      Turtle: You've been rep'd at bigger shitholes.

    • Drama: You could use the exercise anyway, fatboy.
      Turtle: Yeah, why don't you race me up you 50 year old cocksucker!

    • Lloyd: You do have a lovely view.
      Ari: Its West fuckin Hollywood, Lloyd! And what I got is nine people and 1,400 square feet.

    • Ari holds up his finger
      Ari: What the fuck is this?
      Lloyd: Your finger.
      Ari: It's dust Lloyd, it's fuckin dust! Why is it here?!
      Lloyd: The cleaning staff's on strike. You know that.
      Ari: They strike, you work. Your Asian, you're supposed to be a neat freak.

    • Drama: Every girl I've given a ticket to has been at least an 8.
      Eric: What do you rate Drama? I'm just curious.
      Drama: Blow me, E.

    • Turtle: Fifty hot girls have walked by, the guy's had a problem with every one of them.
      Eric: That's cause none will look at him.

    • Ari: (to Lloyd) I want every desk to be sterile enough for you to get trained on!

  • NOTES (4)

    • In Latinamerica, this episode aired on November 5, 2007, on HBO OLE.

    • Location Credits

      A rating system is discussed
      Urth Café
      8565 Melrose Ave.
      West Hollywood, CA 90069

      Looking for a dress for Vince's mom.
      Michael Kors
      360 N. Rodeo Dr.
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Vince purchases some jewelry for his mom.
      Van Cleef & Arpels
      300 N. Rodeo Dr.
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    • Music Credits

      "China Grove" by The Doobie Brothers
      "Be Easy" by Ghostface Killah
      "So Excited" by Stevie Ray Vaughn
      "Pouring Water" by Baby Woodrose
      "Track 7 Vol. 1" by Brian Kidd
      "Pushin' On" by Quantic Soul Orchestra
      "Boy Loses Girl" by MasterSource
      "There They Go" by Fort Minor
      "Devil in Me" by 22-20s
      "Feelin' Alright" by Joe Cocker
      "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" by Elton John

    • This Season 3 premiere attracted 2.7 million viewers.


    • Drama: They'll overshadow him. I learned that from Tom Sizemore when he took Heidi Fleiss to the Black Hawk Down premiere.

      Entourage actor Jeremy Piven (Ari) played Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott in the 2001 movie Black Hawk Down. Heidi Fleiss was a high profile escort known as the "Hollywood Madame". Tom Sizemore was later convicted of abusing Fleiss in 2003.

    • In the opening scene, Turtle is wearing a t-shirt that reads "Welcome to New York Johnny." This is a reference to the Yankees signing outfielder Johnny Damon, taking him from their rival Boston Red Sox.

    • "When you're doing a comic book character it's even more critical that everything would be absolutely real".

      James Cameron's interview bit on the red carpet of Aquaman's premiere, is a reference to Richard Donner's words.

      When Donner was interviewed for the documentary "Making Superman: Filming the legend" which was included in the dvd special features, he stated how important it was making the audience believe that Superman can really fly.