Season 7 Episode 5

Bottoms Up

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 01, 2010 on HBO

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  • we're at war


    it seems like both HBO summer hit shows (true blood being the other) started off mediocre but got really amazing again. this episode had a swarm of really great hilarious guest stars, from mike tyson to bob saget. vince starts dating prono actress sasha grey and starts going from crazy to crazy alcoholic with turtles new taquila. eric and sloan try new moves in the bedroom but it kind of came off as gross rather than funny. rex lee was finally in this episode and he had more of a part this time but it was really only playing with a dog. lizzy giving ari something to sweat over by taking or trying to take alot of his clients. vince wanting to promote turtle tequila, mike tyson wanting to do "the black brady bunch". and the most entertaining storyline this episode was drama discovering that the bob saget is trying to steal the script "that was written for him" which leads drama to stand outside of bob sagets home with a baseball bat. kind of disapointed that they skipped vegas though which was where last episode ended.
  • Bob Saget, Tequila, Porn, and Stan Lee

    Quite an interesting episode with Bob Saget this week as he takes the show Drama was about to do. Apparently Phil Yagoda really may have John's back fighting the network cause they want him instead of Drama. I see Drama's fury but Bob isn't the bad guy in all of this, Stamos is literally his best friend. Vince makes a bad decision by showing up to his meeting for Airwalker with Stan Lee and Phillip Randall slightly buzzed and with porn star/girlfriend Sasha Grey on his arm. Turtle talks to Eric and Vince agrees to be Avion's faceman for their ad campaign. And Eric tries butt sex with Sloan, fun day!!!