Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 11, 2010 on HBO

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  • Here's my counter offer

    This episode moved swimmingly thru as we saw Vince cut his hair, make a bad PR statement, make a friend out of Eric's enemy, and jump out of a plane all in one episode. Turtle had every right to blame fired-girl for the 10,000 dollar charge because she a spiteful person anyway even if she didn't do it. I hope that Drama really gets his own show soon because he's always the odd man out to all of the characters when he really is not a bad guy at all. E got to only have 30 seconds of screentime with Bob Saget so hopefully we see more of him next week for some reconciliation. And Vince's unscheduled haircut with the conflicting reshoots with the Cassevete's film could turn into a disaster especially since the guy directed "The Notebook" don't underestimate him Vince, you're much too pretty to die in Season 7, save that for the movie.