Season 3 Episode 5

Crash and Burn

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 09, 2006 on HBO
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Vince, Eric, and Ari seek to find a resolution to scheduling conflicts that would prevent Vince from doing both Medellin and Aquaman 2. Turtle deals with Saigon's rising popularity, while Ari deals with his daughter's continued obsession with Max.

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  • Review

    It was a fine episode from the drama spect of the show but one of the worst written "comedy" portions of the shows apeal in a very long time. I dont think I laughed one time during the span of the thirty minute runtime - though I did enjoy the conflicting parts between Aquaman 2 / Meddion. I think Turtles storyline is coming along well, though Im not so sure how sold I am on the idea of him becoming his own agent. Him doing his won thing has caused a rift between him and Drama, which was one of the primary reasons it used to be okay when Eric and Vince decided to go off and do there own thing. Drama cant do anything on his own and neother can Turtle. There relationship needs to pick back up and not be so much fighting. Overall, simply average Entourage for me.moreless
  • After "taking down Spidey", Vince treats the gang to personal Aston Martins, and he gets Turtle's rap group Saigon played on Big Boy's station.

    With Medillion and Aquaman 2 set to start filming on the same date, Vince and crew is forced to convince the head of Warner Bros. to "dry dock" Aquaman 2 for 90 days. Allan gives Vince 65 days, therefore now the crew has to convince Paul Haggis to shoot the movie quicker, or cut half of it out. Needless to say Haggis wasn't in favor of the changes, but he "can't sleep" since Vince won't be in Medillion. The only thing the guys can come up with, during a great brainstorming session, is shoot half now and half later when Vince can put on more weight. Excited about being able to do both movies, Vince tells Allen their plans for Medillion over dinner at The Palm. Allen has to break the news to Vince that he still can't make Medillion because of his "franchise". The ending scene was outragous with Vince telling Allen his newly aquired position on Aquaman 2. Ari and Vince also had a heart touching scene together in Ari's office when Ari was giving him the "Be a Man" speech.

    Ari was faced with a reoccuring family problem between his daughter and Max dating. Ari cleverly resolves the issue which includes Max filming in Kazaktan for a long period of time.

    Turtle and his rap group Saigon have a great episode. After Vince got Big Boy to play the Saigon track on air, Turtles phone hasn't stopped ringing. Ari informs Turtle that Saigon is going to get a deal.moreless
  • This is probably the first episode of Entourage that I\'ve considered to be bad...

    One of the major reasons I\'ve enjoyed watching Entourage so much is due to the fun playboy situations the characters find themselves in mixed in with witty banter and beautiful women. This episode, unfortunately, misses on all marks.

    The clever dialogue is completely missing and the situations are both boring and forced. And everyone suddenly seems out of character. Ari suddenly agrees to rep both Turtle and Drama? The episode tries to make it logically believable, but while you\'re watching it, you can\'t help but wonder if they writers just got lazy.

    And, I\'m glad that Jeremy Piven won an Emmy, but does anyone really care about his daughter\'s relationships? It made for a fun mini-subplot several episodes ago, but why bother stretching out such a boring story across several episodes? Can they think of nothing better to do than what normally airs on family sitcoms?

    Also, unlike most of the other previous guest stars, Paul Haggis can\'t act, which really drags down any scene he\'s in.

    Compare this to any other episode of Entourage and it just feels like this one is a total failure. I really hope this isn\'t a sign of things to come...moreless
  • I think that the writers were trying to show us how Hollywood really works.

    This episode I feel, tries to show how Hollywood works. The episode starts with Eric,Vince and Ari looking for a way for Vince to do his dream project, Medillion where Vince plays Pablo Escobar. The starting date of Medillion is the same as Aquaman II and the guys want the studio head to delay the start of Aquaman II by 90 days so that Vince could film the other film. After some negotiations, the studio head agrees by delaying 75 days.They go to the director of Medillion and try to convince him make the movie in the time given. After some wooing, Eric end Vince convince the director to do the movie in 75 days although he isn't happy about it. When they go to the studio head at Warner Bros. with the good news, they receive a shock. The studio still doesn't want Vince to do the movie anyway.They set the 75 day delay simply because they thought that the director would never go for it. As the studio head said,They need to protect their Billion dollar character and they can't have their Aquaman doing blow in Colombia. Vince is angry and feels betrayed because he thought that he had his word so he fights back. He tells the studio head that he wants 20 million dollar to do Aquaman II. The episode ends with Ari just arriving at the meeting and he feels the tension. As for the side issues, Turtle gets Ari to represent his artist,Saigon and Drama convinces Vince to convince Ari to take him on as his agent,although I get the feeling that Ari isn't too interested. Ari appears to score a victory as his daughter as her little boyfriend is leaving the country to work in a movie. But that main story here is that you can't trust anyone in Hollywood.moreless
  • Awesome Episode

    I find it odd that I have this episode the highest possible, (for me.. first rated 10 of the season) yet I don\'t think it was the funniest episode of the season. I guess it goes to show you that Entourage is NOT a comedy alone, but an all around great show. I don\'t recall any LOL moments, but it certainly was entertaining.

    It has all the elements that make the series grand. Great writing, great acting, big time special guest (Haggis, Marshall), interesting plot twists, and still mantains a realistic feel. I don\'t work in the entertainment biz, but such problems as movie scheduling, working within existing contacts and studios demanding a certain image of its actors all seem authentic.

    The Ari character is just amazing well written, especially during his chat with Vinny to \"man up.\" I truly believe that Ari is the key to the realism of the series, preventing the show from just concerning a superstar and his friends (parties... girls...expensive rides...etc). Plus, Piven plays the role perfectly.

    Great show.moreless
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Paul Haggis


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Turtle: I was thinking some place more like Spago, you know where people would see me and you?
      Ari: One o' clock, no sweatsuit.
      Turtle: Fair enough.

    • Ari Gold: You want to hire Max Ballard. He's Dakota Fanning with a dick.

    • Paul Haggis: A contract? Ah. If I let contracts rule my life, I'd still be doing "The Facts of Life" rather than hanging with my boys. (ponts to his Oscars)

    • Drama: Every small boy has a dream. For some that dream is to soar to the heavens as an astronaut. For others, it's to step onto a broadway...
      Ari: All right. I'll rep you.

    • Turtle: Vince said you were gonna come here and listen to me...
      Ari: (in a Turtle-like voice) Vince said.. Vince said he'd throw me a piece of pussy because he's famous. Whatever you want, Turtle. Okay. I will rep you.

    • Drama: I'm an actor with no agent. You know what they say, an actor with no agent is ...
      Eric: ...is what?
      Drama: ...is fucked.

    • Vince: I want you talk to Turtle. He needs some help with Saigon.
      Ari: What, he's moving there?

    • Eric: He (Vince) already started learning Spanish.
      Ari: I know. He left 15 messages on the machine. The wife things I'm fucking the gardener.

    • Ari: Noah can build an Ark and save all of God's creatures in 40 days. He can't shoot a movie in 65?

    • Eric: So we're gonna take all these to the studio?
      Vince: Unless you think we're gonna look like schmucks driving the same car.
      Drama: No. We'd be schmucks in Jettas. In Aston Martin's we look good. And independently wealthy.

    • Eric: I'm test driving a new car.
      Ari: Matchbox or Hot Wheels?

    • Ari: Where are you? It sounds like you're getting fucked with a jackhammer.
      Ari's Daughter: Ten dollars in the curse jar, daddy.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music Credits

      "Bump" by Spank Rock
      "JR Track 3, Vol. 5" by Jonathan "JR" Roten
      "Don't Do That" by Saigon
      "Ms. New Booty" by Bubba Sparxx
      "Four On The Floor" by Spiderbait
      "Don't Do That" by Saigon
      "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix

    • Location Credits

      Vince purchases some gifts for his Entourage
      Aston Martin of Beverly Hills
      8845 W. Olympic Blvd.
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Turtle (for Saigon) and Drama (for himself) try to earn Ari's representation.
      176 N. Canon Drive
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Dinner for Alan, Vince and E
      The Palm
      9001 Santa Monica Blvd.
      West Hollywood, CA 90069


    • "Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated."

      Part of the theme song from Laverne and Shirley staring Penny Marshall.

    • Penny Marshall's "Encyclopedia Brown Trilogy"

      Encyclopedia Brown is the main character in a series of child mystery novels written by Donald J Sobol since 1963.

      Such a movie trilogy is not known to actually be in the works by Penny Marshall, and is probably just a plot for this show.

    • Turtle says A&R guys are calling him about Saigon.

      A&R stands for "Artist and Repertoire." Major labels have a staff a high-profile point men, A&R guys, who attempt to bring prospective bands and artists to sign with that label.

    • Max Ballard's parents were out skiing Gstaad

      Gstaad is a Swiss ski resort which is part of the Glacier-Alpes Vaudoises Ski Area. It is highly rated by Snowboarders and there are a total of six Snow and Terrain Parks.