Season 1 Episode 4

Date Night

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 08, 2004 on HBO

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    Entourage hasnt had a bad episode yet...and this isn't an example of one either. The big day didn't dissapoint and if it werent for the slowish night club scene at the end I think it could have been one of the best episodes of the season. I liked seeing everyone with there respective dates and the woman drama was with got a lot of laughs from the guys. The jokes on the show tend to be a spur-of-the-moment whatever is happening kind of thing as opposed to something that you wouold have to remember from a previous epsiode. I think thats a good tactic to bring in new viewers without confusing them. I thought the ending to this episode was okay, with the good news of the movie being brought to the guys. I would have thought it was going to be much worse then that. Either way - solid episode overall, hope to see Eric continue with Emily in the next couple of episodes.
  • Best Episode of the season so far

    After hearing positive reviews about the show, i checked in to watch it every friday hoping that it got better from the first three episodes which I didn't really get.

    This episode was much better however, I could just sit down and relax. I finally get what the show is based around - hot girls, celebrities and drugs. Even though the storyline wasnt exactly amazing, the acting was pretty solid. The actor who plays Ari does a really good job.

    I loved Armstrong who played that guys (sorry) date. I remembered from the OC and she did a superb job here.

    Overall, I found this episode easy viewing and will definitely tune in next week.
  • Entourage manages to please me yet again. Storyline and women wise.

    Call me dumb but the humour in this show appeals to me. Now, from what I can tell this type of humour is generally only liked by young males and old fat guys sitting on their couch with a crate of beer next to them. But you've got to admit that you got a chuckle out of the scene where Johnny comes walking down the stairs with a woman that really doesn't look all that like the women we've previously seen.

    This episode is far from exciting, even though the header says otherwise. This episode seems to focus a lot on the personality aspect of our main characters.

    Ah what the heck, the women were hot, so the episode was good. You need to see it to believe it, words don't work.