Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 25, 2006 on HBO
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The gang have no idea what to think when Vince decides to hang out with his old friend who happens to be an ex-con and wants them all to be friends. Meanwhile, Ari's daughter ends up becoming friends with an up and coming movie star.

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    I was about to hand Season 3 an Emmy for the best written / most comedic show on television until this episode came and screwed up all of the momentum that it was building. The character of "Dom" through the entire episode off and this show will suffer until the day he does not come back. I dont see the writers game plan of bringing a player like Dom into the game. Perhaps its to begin to drag Vince down under sometime down the road. Maybe Dom will get Vince in trouble and his movie stardom will suffer. Either way - in the short term (this episode) he was a horrendous addition to the cast members. his personality is everything not like our guys and I was so upset by how bad the writing was in this episode I didnt laugh once. How can you go from having back to back perfect episodes followed by this? The storyline for a third consecutive perfect epsiode was all there. Still no new story arch with the guys going to a waterpark for the opening of a new ride? PERFECT STORY if "Dom" was not included and they filled in some random scenes with the four main guys. Terrible episode and terrible addition to the cast. Counting the episodes until he isno longer there.moreless
  • We are introduced to the long "incarcerted" lost friend of the boys from back home. He quickly disrupts all dynamics of the show.

    Dom, the Queens friend, breaks into the gangs house while they are at the Aquaman celebration dinner. He's is found watching porno in their living room and welcomed into their house with open arms. They take him out on the town and Eric quickly picks up on the dangers of having Dom around. Turtle and Drama come around on the downsides of having Dom in the house when Dom takes the jobs of cooking and driving. And not to mention the fact that he has house awakening sex with prostitutes at all hours of the morning.

    Eric and the guys, besides Vince, end up coming to terms with the fact that Dom needs to go. But all plans come to a halt when Vince proclaims Dom as his new "Head of Security", thus giving Dom a job in order to prevent his parole termination.

    Ari is faced with family problems as well in this episode. He has to protect his little girl from Max, the child movie star that lives across the street. As a result, his relationship with his daughter might suffer.moreless
  • I smell trouble...

    And it has a name: Dom.

    That Dom is quite the character, and I hope the writers will use him wisely.

    I was on my toes the entire episode, and I have a feeling that this entire story arc is gonna end bad.

    It totally creeps me out, the way he infiltrated to the gang, and he is here to stay (and if not, it won't be easily...).

    The episode ends with a cliff hanger per-say, when everyone is on the roller coaster, and E hears that Vince gave Dom a regular job without consulting with him first.

    It was also hilarious to see Ari Blacking out, and that annoying Hollywood kid cliche who doesn't gives a **** about his threats :-)

    Great episode !

  • Introduction of a new and uneccesary charachter Dom

    Entourage is a great show when watched back to back on the season DvD's but now that im all caught up, the 30 minutes every sunday just isnt doing it for me. The show could definatly use an 30 minutes to keep its fans watching espiecially with an episode like this one. All we got to see was the introduction of Dom, he wasnt funny, he was rude, abnoxious, and he made new yorker people look bad. I dont write much reviews, but i felt as if i had to. This show is amazing, and i know Mark Whalberg has it in him to stretch the show a little longer and give his fans what they want. No DOM!!!moreless
  • Decent idea for an episode, but something wasn't right

    This episode seemed much shorter than they usually are. Perhaps because nothing substantial happened. The "entourage's" old friend,m Dom from NYC gets out of jail and at first everyone is thrilled to have him around except for E. Later, he becomes a real PITA and Turtle and Drama want him gone. One of the most memorable lines from this episode is when Drama is talking about how having 5 guys doesn't work and then Turtle says "Yeah, what are we supposed to do, get a mini-van?". Unfortunately that was one of the few funny moments in this episode.

    The new Aquaman ride opened at Six Flags, but I thought they said it was supposed to be a water ride. When they showed it, there was no water.

    And it looks like Dom will be hanging around for atleast another episode, since Vince made him the head of his security. Hopefully he gets out of there soon.moreless

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    • In Latinamerica, this episode aired on November 7, 2007, on HBO OLE.

    • Music Credits

      "I've Got the World On A String" by Frank Sinatra
      "I Love My Bitch" by Busta Rhymes feat. Kelis and Will.I.Am
      "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz
      "Ride Wit Me" by T.I.
      "Red Hot" by Jurassic 5
      "Banquet" by Bloc Party
      "Alsatian" by White Rose Movement

    • Location Credits

      Ari takes the guys to a nice dinner to celebrate.
      Mastro's Steakhouse
      246 N. Canon Dr.
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Dom talks about his time and how Vince was partly responsible
      Spider Club
      1735 North Vine St.
      Hollywood, CA 90028

      New ride is opened to the public, Aquaman the Ride
      Six Flags Magic Mountain
      26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy.
      Valencia, CA 91355


    • Dom's nickname for Eric is Ebola

      Ebola is the virus that causes the fatal disease, Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Vince later incorrectly uses the name E. coli. E. coli is a common bacteria that lives in the lower intestines of mammels, and in certain situations, can cause illness.

    • "Break out the Löwenbräu."

      Löwenbräu is a premium German beer brewed in Munich.

    • "The tribe has spoken"

      Drama states "the tribe has spoken" when discussing kicking Dom out of the group. This is the line told to contestants when evicted from the reality show Survivor.

    • Turtle jokes that Dom hooked up with a Aileen Wuornos type.

      Aileen Wuornos was a serial killer sentenced to death in Florida in 1992. She claimed to be raped by seven different men while she was working as a prostitute. She was put to death in 2002.